Nikita Lomagin

Academic Director of the ENERPO program at European University in St. Petersburg, Professor


Nikita Lomagin is Academic Director of the ENERPO program at European University in St. Petersburg and Professor in the World Economy Department at. St. Petersburg State University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Davis Center for Russian Studies at Harvard and researcher at the Kennan Institute, University of Michigan Law School, Finnish Institute for International Affairs. He earned his doctorate at St. Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences and holds a diploma in law from St. Petersburg State University. He is the author of several monographs on the history of the Second World War and contributed chapters to collective volumes on Russian foreign policy: The Leningrad Blockade, 1941-1944: A New Documentary History from the Soviet Archives (Yale University Press, 2012, co-author); “The Soviet Union in the Second World War.” In A Companion to Russian History (Wiley Blackwell, 2017); “States and Dirigisme versus Markets: Hydrocarbons, Agriculture, and Russia’s Trade Policy, 1991-2017.” In Russian Trade Policy: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects (Routledge, 2019); “The Economic Tools of Russian security strategy.” In Routledge Handbook of Russian Security, ( Routledge, 2019); “A Cold Peace between Russia and the West: Did Geo-economics Fail?” In The Russian Challenge to the European Security Environment ( Palgrave, 2017); “Foreign Policy Preferences of Russia’s Energy Sector: A Shift to Asia?” In Russia, Eurasia and the New Geopolitics of Energy. Confrontation and Consolidation ( Palgrave, 2015); “ Russia’s CIS Policy and Economic and Political Transformations in Eurasia.” In Shifting Priorities in Russia’s Foreign and Security Policy (Ashgate, 2014 ); “Interest Groups in Russian Foreign Policy: The Invisible Hand of the Russian Orthodox Church.” International Politics, vol. 49, #4; “ Medvedev’s European Security Treaty Proposal: Building a Euro-Atlantic Security Community?” In Russia and European Security (Republic of Letters Press, 2012)