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Anatomy of the Abdomen and Pelvis; a journey from basis to clinic. (으)로 돌아가기

레이던 대학의 Anatomy of the Abdomen and Pelvis; a journey from basis to clinic. 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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In this anatomy course you will explore the organs involved in our food digestion and discover the common causes of abdominal and pelvic pain. The latest graphics and animations will help you to find new insights and understanding of this part of the body, that has been the focus of anatomical research for centuries and presently arouses renewed scientific interest. You will explore the 3D anatomy of the organs from a basic level, providing thorough anatomical understanding, to its advanced application in surgical procedures. This course will challenge you to discover and help you to understand the anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis in all its aspects, ranging from its embryological underpinnings, via digital microscopy to gross topography and its clinical applications. The course is unique in that it continuously connects basic anatomical knowledge from the lab with its medical applications and current diagnostic techniques. You’ll get the chance to discuss anatomical and clinical problems with peers and experts in forum discussions and you will receive guidance in exploring the wealth of anatomical information that has been gathered over the centuries. Follow us on an exciting journey through the abdomen and pelvis where you digest your food but also where new life starts!...

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2016년 4월 5일

Excellent course and well designed. Even though some of the concepts where harder for me to understand I now have a basic understanding of the structure of the abdomen.


2017년 10월 7일

This is a great course for anyone who's interested in the abdomen. The instructors are both engaging and informative. I learned a lot from this course.

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Anatomy of the Abdomen and Pelvis; a journey from basis to clinic. 의 122개 리뷰 중 76~100

교육 기관: Amanguli S

2016년 5월 17일

very good .

교육 기관: adriana d

2018년 4월 30일


교육 기관: Anna Y

2016년 6월 21일


교육 기관: Tatheer Z

2020년 6월 17일


교육 기관: Julio C N P

2018년 5월 2일


교육 기관: Bjørn R

2018년 4월 1일


교육 기관: fefe

2018년 4월 6일


교육 기관: Alessandra M B A d M

2017년 4월 9일


교육 기관: Joao G

2016년 9월 4일


교육 기관: Kadija O

2021년 7월 4일


교육 기관: عاطفه م

2021년 5월 29일


교육 기관: Kenneth J

2016년 4월 11일


교육 기관: Ina K

2016년 5월 19일

The course itself is 10 out of 10: overwhelmingly informative, presented in a totally engaging manner, lots and lots of visual aids. Fly in the ointment: teaching assistants (called mentors here) apparently have come from very different (including hierarchical) societies and learners are required to take the mentors' diversified background and attitude into consideration. Not vice versa.

교육 기관: Angelina W

2016년 4월 21일

Not meant for learners new to the medical field. Despite the challenges, the material is very fascinating and anyone interested in anatomy will learn something. The course utilizes outside research. I might enjoy the whole course experience more if the design were not so technical. I do, however, appreciate the challenge and seriousness of the topic.

교육 기관: Sofia K

2016년 5월 16일

Nice course, a difficult one but very challengeable. Nice structure and easy to understand.

I wanted to refresh my knowledge in anatomy and in such gained a whole lot more in return.

Thanks to the Professors for their time and effort in making this MOOC.

Very pleased.

교육 기관: Kesha M

2016년 10월 23일

A good refresher in abdominal anatomy. Though with some negatives. The accent was difficult to understand at first. Most of the course content is for beginners in undergraduate level. Yet it is still good.

교육 기관: Rhiannon F

2020년 5월 1일

The information on on the abdomen was very through and I really enjoyed being able to work with the 3D model of the pelvis. I would have liked to have spent some more time covering the pelvis.

교육 기관: Fabricio C

2020년 8월 6일

Fácil de llevar, requiere pocas horas al día , sigue tu ritmo y te explica detalladamente lo básico para entender la anatomía del abdomen y pelvis

교육 기관: Lorena S

2017년 2월 26일

I'm so glad Leiden University is working with Coursera. Such a great course!

교육 기관: Juan J S B

2018년 5월 10일

good course

교육 기관: RICARDO P

2020년 4월 11일


교육 기관: Aboudalal M

2016년 7월 11일


교육 기관: Emily W

2018년 7월 4일

In some quizzes, the correct answer is graded as incorrect. This gravely affects our grades.

교육 기관: Pavel R

2017년 4월 3일


교육 기관: Grainne H

2020년 12월 29일

This is not what I expected from this course and is not relevant for my job

More important I have allready paid for this course and I am been asked to pay again in order to earn a certificate