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토론토 대학교의 Aboriginal Worldviews and Education 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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Intended for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal learners, this course will explore indigenous ways of knowing and how they can benefit all students. Topics include historical, social, and political issues in Aboriginal education; terminology; cultural, spiritual and philosophical themes in Aboriginal worldviews; and how Aboriginal worldviews can inform professional programs and practices, including but not limited to the field of education....

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2021년 9월 14일

This course was amazing, I first took Indigenous Canada and this was my 2nd course. I felt I had to learn all I can on these important and current issues - a better understanding is what we all need.


2021년 3월 25일

I really enjoyed this course and I learned a lot. Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into creating it and providing it in this way so people from all over can enhance their learning.

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Aboriginal Worldviews and Education의 185개 리뷰 중 176~185

교육 기관: Joy S

2018년 8월 27일

lots of good info. Always wondered what Canada called their natives.

교육 기관: Nancy P

2020년 12월 27일

that was informative and enjoyable

교육 기관: Nicky B

2022년 4월 26일

very informative.

교육 기관: Joel T

2022년 3월 1일

very good

교육 기관: Michelle J

2022년 8월 9일

I think the scope of the course is excellent. Another informed viewpoint, another method of learning the importance of cultural sensitivity and another perspective of educating myself. It was excellent in that regard. However, I found the course material hard to follow and I was only able to access the notes, not the videos so relied on those to assist with my learning.

I felt like there were elements that could have been explained better especially when the narrative went off on a tangent and never recovered. I feel like there are pieces of information missing from the whole course and I am left hoping that I just missed something. It seemed to ramble a bit in places, but then my learning style may not be wholly suited to this teaching style.

교육 기관: Val H

2017년 7월 1일

The information presented in the course was great. I found many of the lectures dragged and at times were repetitive. The thing I found most frustrating was links that did not work or were not there. I was able to search for links to suggested websites and was able to find most of them.

교육 기관: Deleted A

2017년 5월 16일

This was not a bad course. However, in all honesty, having completed the MOOC 'Indigenous Canada' prior to this demonstrates that this course could be improved in so many ways. The course is worthwhile, please enroll if this is your area of interest.

교육 기관: Kyla M

2022년 4월 8일

T​his has such potential, yet the lack of updates, the difficulty of finding readings and supplementary videos is frustrating and takes far too much time.

I​ am surprised that OISE is leaving a course from 2012 with now outdated facts and information in the recordings. They should look to the Univeristy of Alberta for a high quality MOOC course.

P​aul as a lecturer is interesting and it is sad that his recordings from 2012 are being touted as a course to take now, in 2021.

I​f I knew how to unenroll and get my money back I would do that immediately.

교육 기관: A. E S

2021년 8월 6일

I was disappointed with this course. It appears to be filmed circa 2012, making it 9 years old. A number of the links to content were broken. The content and how it was delivered were dated. Some of the videos were in low resolution. It is a topic I am interested in. MOOCs have evolved since 2012. The course could be improved by refreshing the materials.

교육 기관: Karen A

2021년 10월 28일

I am very disappointed with this course. I am only on Week 1 and many of the videos are unavailable and article links are not provided. I also noticed there are very few responses to chat questions.