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In this second course, you will dive deeper into the world of bookkeeping and focus on accounting for assets. If you are familiar with bookkeeping basics, such as double entry accounting, you are ready for this course. You will gain an understanding of common asset types, learn how to account for inventory, calculate cost of goods sold, and work with Property, Plant, and Equipment (PP&E). Upon completing this course, you will use your new knowledge of assets to record transactions and produce financial statements for increasingly complex business situations. By the end of this course, you will be able to: -Summarize the common types of assets a business may have -Describe the importance of control over inventory -Outline how depreciation expense is reported on an income statement -Illustrate how transactions can be recorded in terms of the resulting change in the elements of the accounting equation. Course 1 Bookkeeper Basics, or the equivalent, is a recommended prerequisite for this course....

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2022년 6월 7일

Cool course!

Guys, who can't answer question #3 in the last test check this: Trial Balance is a representative of each nominal ledger account and will hold either Debit or Credit Balance, not both.


2022년 7월 10일

Again.....I have been working as a bookkeeper for almost 20 years. I have an associates in accounting. This program explains things much better than anything I have heard to date. :)

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교육 기관: Lenora W

2021년 7월 19일

There are a lot of errors made in this course, especially when it comes to the material provided and answers to the quizzes and the workbooks you need to do before the last test of each section. It just appears that this was just thrown together and not proofread for errors. It has been very frustrating that the students are paying for this and all the errors.

In my honest opinion, I would tell others to not waste their money. To just get a Bookkeeper Certification from NACPB or the AIPB.

교육 기관: Sara C

2021년 6월 23일

There were some glitches where I answered questions correctly on the quizzes but I was told I was incorrect. Also, some questions didn't actually specify which answer they were looking for. Or, in what format they wanted, comma necessary in an answer, $ sign, etc, and I was marked incorrectly. I put a lot of hard work into this course and it was frustrating to see that I "failed" a quiz when in actuality I passed it.

교육 기관: Nicole N

2021년 7월 27일

Lots of errors and typo's in the course, not sure who put this online without proofreading it but Intuit should get on this or pull the course. Not effective.

교육 기관: Sheena M

2021년 7월 29일

The grading is very much off. It constantly mark problems wrong when they are correct. I should get a refund. Not worth $49

교육 기관: Sara L

2021년 7월 13일

I wish this showed more explanations or feedback on the correct answers.

교육 기관: Aaron W

2021년 8월 19일

This course started well but has several critical issues:

Content further in the course comes with activities but no explanations of new material.

Answers in both practice quizzes and on the final exam are often wrong, using incorrect accounting equations and arithmetic.

Spreadsheets provided have multiple issues.

Overall, this course needs to be reviewed by an accounting professional for both precision and accuracy.

교육 기관: Cassandra J

2021년 7월 21일

The case studies/spreadsheet activities lack any sort of feedback or grading but are necessary to pass the following quiz which makes it frustrating because as someone else stated on here " you don't know what you don't know" so for someone learning who is most likely going to make a mistake some feedback is necessary.

교육 기관: Radhames M

2021년 8월 5일

There are a few errors on some of the questions in the test. In regards with the correct format to write your answers to question 4 and 5.

교육 기관: Anna C

2021년 8월 18일

This course is poorly-formatted, with many video lessons coded incorrectly, missing or incorrect transcripts, activities that don't work correctly, and assessments that ask questions that can't be answered with available information.

교육 기관: Jessica R

2021년 9월 27일

There are several errors in the worksheets and quizzes for this course, so when you get the correct answer it's marked wrong, or the information in the worksheets is not actually teaching you what it's supposed to. This course really needs to be gone over with a fine-tooth comb and corrected, because it's very frustrating to not know which answers I'm getting wrong because I don't understand and which I'm getting wrong because the actual course is in error.

교육 기관: Kay S

2021년 7월 31일

This course is similar to the Bookkeeping Basics course before it, very affordable but with some drawbacks. I still really dislike the time taken to listen to the animated characters, and I still like the experts that share but wish there were more graphics to go with what they are covering. Most of the material in this course was very basic with the exception of making journal entries for depreciation, operating leases, and capital leases; for these subjects the instruction was too brief and unclear for me, so I will have to try to figure out how to learn more about that elsewhere. Still some glitches with some of the practice sessions and quizzes and exams.

교육 기관: S P A

2021년 8월 2일

Really not well thought out, some statistical errors in presentation does not help learners. And the presentation is less than professional.

교육 기관: Paula L

2021년 7월 29일

None of this actually helps me with my bookkeeping work I currently do. I need formulas provided to me in order to solve for current amounts and the case study was very confusing.

교육 기관: Lesley C

2021년 10월 20일

Overall great course. Still unclear about some things and there is no way to clarify. That would make it better. But besides that this course is well done.

교육 기관: Patrick v d W

2021년 11월 15일

good course and content but not enough emphasis and explanations on formulas in the inventory section. To many description were not clearly explained.

교육 기관: Shamshad A

2021년 7월 11일

not easy to pass.

교육 기관: Kelly K

2022년 3월 28일

Should include how to do a TRial Balance when it is part of the homework. The last project I did the trial balance, however my totals did not equal the totals on the test, and there was no way to find out the right answer so I could go back and learn what I did wrong. I am the type of person who wants to learn from my mistakes.

교육 기관: Kanice F

2021년 9월 26일

If you are a numbers person - question #3 on final quiz will drive you insane. I haven't found anyone who has gotten the correct answer. It was an informative course.

교육 기관: Joshua L

2021년 7월 23일

The directions to format entering numbers for answers is incorrectly given.

교육 기관: Ariana P

2022년 4월 26일

The course is very buggy and hard to follow at times. a lot of concepts are ill explained. i wish there was an example case study to look at so i know what went wrong on mine.

교육 기관: Alexandria R

2021년 11월 4일

Teaches you good things, but quiz questions are often badly worded or sometimes just plain wrong? Still worth it, but extremely frustrating

교육 기관: George T

2022년 5월 10일

Terrible. Every individual part of this is poorly made. It's very clearly slapped together from a lot of advertising and training material that they already had lying around. It spends an absurd amount of time advertising Quickbooks as software meant to automate a lot of the tedious processes of bookkeeping, but the tests are designed around using extremely poorly formatted prefabbed excel spreadsheets that look like they're purposefully designed to manufacture eye strain. The videos have very little educational content but run on endlessly, somehow managing to say the same thing over and over again without making anything clearer. There are many interactive activities that are genuinely broken, there are many times you will be quizzed but receive no feedback about what you could do better, and there are many errors riddled throughout the course that will make some assignments/tests impossible if you actually try to follow the instructions as intended.

Overall this course is needlessly tedious, provides extremely little actual education for the time you need to put in and will often leave you wondering why you're being educated in double-entry bookkeeping by people who clearly do not care about doublechecking their own work.

교육 기관: Darryl E M

2022년 3월 10일

Really poorly designed. Many exercises have incomplete information, or are so unclear in their instruction, they leave the student GUESSING at what's NOT stated. The Excel exercise at the end was god-awful. Took me way too much time because the "Equipment Loan" piece was not thought out and they didn't explicity state that the interest was $27.77 EVERY period (like there's no amortization - lame!). So I used my experience to back into an interest rate of 1.333% APR and made an amortization table to get the July interest amount - only to learn during the Inventory correction exercise, that (because it divulges the correct total expenses amount) the interest was the same for June and July (not realistic).

I hope that someone takes the time to read my NUMEROUS feedbacks and content improvement suggestions, then ACTUALLY has some who didn't write the exercise complete it.

Bad. F

교육 기관: Alexia D

2022년 3월 23일

I am continuing to enjoy this course, I very much look forward to completing it! All in all, it was nice. I really like and appreciate the way it is structured. There were a few things, however. I had some trouble getting a few of the videos to play and ultimately they did not work-the audio cut off after a few minutes. Thankfully I was able to just go off of the typed transcription of the video to do my notes. Also, there seemed to be another glitch with the final quiz. I was able to figure most of the questions out, but like many others, question #3 and another one posed issues. Not sure what the answer/issue is there, but I hope our reviews are able to provide help in getting things worked out!

교육 기관: Jennifer A d S

2022년 4월 3일

I followed the course and found the assessment quizzes very relevant. I however, had answers that were correct being marked as incorrect. There is noone to answer queries. I have been only directed to an automatic FAQ section. Where can someone talk to a Coursera person? There is no communication at all.