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This is a course about addiction to drugs and other behaviors. It will describe what happens in the brain and how this information helps us deal with and overcome addiction. It will also discuss other topics, such as government policy and our vulnerability to take drugs....

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2020년 7월 23일

One of the best course. Before I took up this course I have negative feelings towards the drugs addicts. But this course completely change my behavior and opinions towards them. Thank you so much.

2018년 4월 1일

I learned a lot from this course that I have been able to use in a ministry capacity. If you are trying to help others with addiction or understand it for yourself, this is the course for you.

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교육 기관: MITESH S

2015년 10월 18일

This is a very good introductory course on the various aspects of addiction. I wish they would introduce a second part with more comprehensive information.

교육 기관: Deborah M

2015년 10월 8일

This is a very interesting course. Some of the material is pretty difficult, but it is presented in a clear manner. I learned a lot from the professor.

교육 기관: Anna C

2015년 9월 18일

Real interesting and useful course, but since it's not my major, though sometimes hard for me to understand some concept. Still quite good! Nice teacher!

교육 기관: Christopher E W

2015년 10월 25일

Fairly interesting course. I learned quite a bit I can say from taking this class. Some of the content seemed irrelevant. But overall a great course!

교육 기관: Josh B

2015년 9월 29일

A great insight into the addicted brain and what can be done about it all. A great broad introduction into drug addiction and the brain.

교육 기관: Erica B

2015년 9월 8일

Great course. It could have been a little more dense with technical information, but it was excellent for a broad overview of the topic.

교육 기관: mohamed h G H

2020년 7월 30일

sincerely. it was a great trip that was so fun .I had learned a lot of things that change whole picture about addicts , thanks so much

교육 기관: Holly J

2016년 9월 26일

The information was great. My only complaint would be how dry the lectures were, and I do not meant the content, I meant the delivery.

교육 기관: Kathy S C

2016년 4월 27일

This was very informative and right on the mark with how society feels and what is available in the lines of treatment/help.

Thank you.

교육 기관: John M

2016년 10월 24일

A great overview of relevant material and a well negotiated outline of how harm reduction can positively impact longterm drug abuse.

교육 기관: Prince s

2021년 6월 5일

The course give me a clear picture of addiction,what kind of addiction, treatments i feel the course ia an informative

교육 기관: Dominic S

2017년 5월 12일

A very interesting course with a wide range of educational material. Perhaps could be a little more challenging though.

교육 기관: Alqassem Y H

2016년 12월 25일

Great course, wish if it was focused more on the glutamate and dopamine roles in addiction and relapse. thank you

교육 기관: SOFIA G

2020년 12월 15일

very interesting course. i learnt many things about drugs, addiction and how affect the whole body. thank you!

교육 기관: Gerald B

2017년 6월 24일

quick course, focused on how rehab could work - insightful and thorough for the length - good clear professor.

교육 기관: monet0203

2015년 8월 18일

Great course into the physiological aspects of addiction and brain psychology. Please have expand the course.

교육 기관: Fiona M S

2020년 8월 4일

a very in depth course at times the technical jargon could get a bit confusing for the average lay person

교육 기관: Yael L B

2016년 6월 8일

Very comprehensive but easy to follow. I only regret the "pro animal testing" proselytism here and there.

교육 기관: Yushan S

2015년 9월 10일

Briefly introduce some concepts of the drug use and some in neuroscience, a good introduction course.

교육 기관: Christin J

2016년 1월 14일

I learned a lot in this course. I thought the rat experiments were very interesting and revealing.

교육 기관: golnaz h

2015년 12월 1일

The content was great, the presentation was a bit dry, but I feel I got a lot out of this course.

교육 기관: Maria G V

2016년 11월 20일

Interesting overview. The teacher is clear and competent. Lacks opinion of differents sources

교육 기관: Alfred C S

2015년 11월 1일

Well-structured and very factual. Also many resources made available for further learning.

교육 기관: Abhilasha S

2015년 9월 26일

So far, very educational , would appreciate if the videos would be little more discriptive

교육 기관: Andrea C O

2020년 7월 26일

Hay información muy valiosa, sin embargo se debería de profundizar más en todos los temas