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This course, Additive Manufacturing, is the third course in the Coursera Specialization, Digital Technologies and the Future of Manufacturing. In this course, learners will be introduced to the concept of Additive Manufacturing, learn how it is applied in manufacturing, and what businesses should consider as they decide to implement this technology. Considerations include the economics of the technology, information technology infrastructure, manufacturing ecosystem partners, the business value of implementing Additive Manufacturing, and what needs to happen across the organization to ensure successful implementation. Learners will hear from industry experts as they share their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of implementing Additive Manufacturing, how Additive Manufacturing is being implemented in their companies, and insights on the future of this technology within their industry and across manufacturing. The content presented in this course draws on a number of real-life interviews and case studies, and was created through a partnership with Siemens....

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교육 기관: Āmōgh S

2022년 1월 7일

the course was really helpful for gaining the knowledge apart from the acadamics, thank you for the valuable knowledge

교육 기관: Abdulaziz S A

2022년 6월 20일

It was a very useful and very interesting course

교육 기관: DUMPALA S H

2022년 1월 5일

nice,course i have learned

교육 기관: 198W1A1032-Sec-A M J S

2021년 12월 30일


교육 기관: Nuthansai b

2022년 6월 7일

overall i am very satisfied with the outcome of this course

교육 기관: Ernani R L

2022년 1월 2일

The course is good and easy to follow the lecture