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In this course, you’ll increase your knowledge of and experience with relational tables as you explore alternative ways of getting data into tables. You’ll also look at some of the advanced features that can give relational tables super powers. As you learn about the new features, you’ll use SQLiteStudio to apply them to your tables. Those features will enable your tables to more efficiently manage data—while keeping your data safe and accurate. Tables are great for data storage. The concept of organizing data in rows and columns is familiar to most people. Accountants use spreadsheets to organize financial data, making it easier to budget and track expenses. Parents use lists with columns to track their family’s schedules so that everyone gets to participate in outside activities. Even the Internal Revenue Service gets in the game by using tax tables to provide tax amounts for a variety of incomes. Even a simple grocery list is tabular in nature. Each row is an item, with one column having the item's name/description, and a second column noting the quantity needed. It’s no surprise that database designers like to use tables in a relational database to organize and store data. In the Design and Create a Relational Database Table Using SQLiteStudio course you learned about tables. You created and populated a relational table using the SQLiteStudio database management system. That was a great beginning. Now it's time for the next step!...
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교육 기관: Umbare A B

May 09, 2020

Nice course of vpcsc thanks

교육 기관: Dr. I R

May 19, 2020

This is useful one

교육 기관: Warnakulasuriya S A F

May 23, 2020

Would have been great if we had some sort of a data sheet or a pdf file that reminds us what we had done during this guided project.

교육 기관: Challa m

May 12, 2020

Excellent course to learn ....