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>>> By enrolling in this course you agree to the End User License Agreement as set out in the FAQ. Once enrolled you can access the license in the Resources area <<< This course, Applied Artificial Intelligence with DeepLearning, is part of the IBM Advanced Data Science Certificate which IBM is currently creating and gives you easy access to the invaluable insights into Deep Learning models used by experts in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Time Series Analysis, and many other disciplines. We’ll learn about the fundamentals of Linear Algebra and Neural Networks. Then we introduce the most popular DeepLearning Frameworks like Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, DeepLearning4J and Apache SystemML. Keras and TensorFlow are making up the greatest portion of this course. We learn about Anomaly Detection, Time Series Forecasting, Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing by building up models using Keras on real-life examples from IoT (Internet of Things), Financial Marked Data, Literature or Image Databases. Finally, we learn how to scale those artificial brains using Kubernetes, Apache Spark and GPUs. IMPORTANT: THIS COURSE ALONE IS NOT SUFFICIENT TO OBTAIN THE "IBM Watson IoT Certified Data Scientist certificate". You need to take three other courses where two of them are currently built. The Specialization will be ready late spring, early summer 2018 Using these approaches, no matter what your skill levels in topics you would like to master, you can change your thinking and change your life. If you’re already an expert, this peep under the mental hood will give your ideas for turbocharging successful creation and deployment of DeepLearning models. If you’re struggling, you’ll see a structured treasure trove of practical techniques that walk you through what you need to do to get on track. If you’ve ever wanted to become better at anything, this course will help serve as your guide. Prerequisites: Some coding skills are necessary. Preferably python, but any other programming language will do fine. Also some basic understanding of math (linear algebra) is a plus, but we will cover that part in the first week as well. If you choose to take this course and earn the Coursera course certificate, you will also earn an IBM digital badge. To find out more about IBM digital badges follow the link

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2020년 10월 23일

I learned many things from this course. However, I think in some points it could have been instructed much better. But all in all, it is a very worthy course for the price offered. Thanks a lot!


2018년 4월 25일

It was really great learning with coursera and I loved the course. The way faculty teaches here is just awesome as they are very much clear and helped a lot while learning this coursea

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Applied AI with DeepLearning의 186개 리뷰 중 176~186

교육 기관: Kleuber R A

2021년 7월 15일

Disappointing! The IBM name associated with the course raises a very high expectation. However, right from the start it is clear that it was done in a hurry with many typos, bad videos and recorded inside the car (amateur thing), the didactics of some instructors is terrible to be understood and translated into other languages. I believe the IBM name is associated with the courses to bring more credibility, but it's disappointing in the end. The material is very interesting, but the way it was delivered in this course leaves a lot to be desired.

교육 기관: Estevão L

2020년 6월 10일

Terrible course, it looks like it was made in a hurry (this whole IBM specialization does): a LOT of typos, videos recorded with many mistakes, A LOT of very, very ugly and nonsensical code, bad didatics... honestly, it looks like someone planned this whole entire thing during lunch and then the instructors just recorded the videos in their spare time, if anything, this is IBM marketing (and bad marketing).

Don't bother with this course, there are many other good courses out there and this one is not one of them.

교육 기관: Felipe M

2019년 9월 18일

Videos are old. It feels like he had a bunch of material and put them together to create this course. For example: There are assignments that they give you the answer because the questions are not supposed to be there. He doesnt teach, instead, he reads a script. The assignments are not challenging and you dont feel like you learned. Horrible and painful.

교육 기관: Nikat M

2020년 5월 29일

course material and tutorial not in sync, assignment and software not in sync, no support or help available, poor or no explanation of problem that is being solved, the instructors maybe technical but do not display understanding of business solution, poor story boarding approach

교육 기관: mathias s

2018년 3월 16일

The instructions are missing a lot of things and repeating them self with some modifications, that changes some things that you have to do.

There is also general problems with the IBM setup, when using the services, due to missing selection setup.

교육 기관: Chiara P M

2019년 7월 2일

poor expalined. Too many things threw there without proper explanation. Poor exercise with the notebooks. Better less things with higher focus

교육 기관: GJ

2020년 9월 4일

I am just not able to get started on IBM Cloud. Spent many hours trying to make it work!!

교육 기관: amin s

2019년 3월 31일

even after getting financial aid i am not able to upload my submissions.

교육 기관: guoqiong s

2018년 9월 19일

The video quality is very low, it is impossible to see the screen

교육 기관: Serdar M

2019년 3월 22일

materials offered are not enough, and it is confusing.

교육 기관: Francisco J G L

2019년 7월 2일

Very bad course