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The basic biology of the virus, HIV, and the disease it causes, AIDS. The economic, social and political factors that determine who gets sick and who remains healthy, who lives and who dies. The progress of scientific research and medical treatments. The reasons for hope; the reasons for fear. (To get a glimpse of some of the materials that students have been posting on the course forums, go to @AIDSFAH or #AIDSFAH.)...

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Nov 27, 2016

I thank Dr. Meisler, and everyone else involved in this course for their excellent work and for enabling me to obtain the knowledge that I have acquired studying this course. Well done.


Feb 01, 2016

Amazing course! It opens our mind to the world in which all people are equal nonetheless what disease they have. Everyone should consider taking this course.

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교육 기관: Kyle D M

Mar 22, 2019

Amazing course ! Thank you for all the wonderful knowledge.

교육 기관: Akhilesh J

Aug 23, 2018

It was a very educative experience to understand the science and the social context of HIV/AIDS. The interviews with different people made the course feel more personal and humanized the disease, rather than simply presenting it as a medical problem to be researched on. The lived experiences of people give us hope.

교육 기관: Roxanne J

Sep 05, 2018

I Really enjoyed this course. It was well taught and easy to follow and understand.

교육 기관: Tushar s

Feb 01, 2016

Amazing course! It opens our mind to the world in which all people are equal nonetheless what disease they have. Everyone should consider taking this course.

교육 기관: Paula E M M

Sep 27, 2017

Creo que es un excelente curso introductorio para dar a conocer la infección,

el orador me gustó mucho!

교육 기관: Tyler S

May 04, 2017

Dr. Richard Meisler did a great job at engaging the student about this very current and pressing matter. I want to thank him and those who he interviewed over the whole course for taking the time to make this available online. I am inspired to help others who are effected by HIV/AIDS. I hope to one day be able to utilize my time into helping others.

교육 기관: Deleted A

Jun 01, 2016

Course content has been presented in an excellent manner.

교육 기관: Joseph S

May 07, 2018

This course would give you a comprehensive approach to HIV and AIDS. You will learn a lot about this history of the epidemic, the stigma associated with it, the political forces around the world that were involved and what their response was, and the academic literature in terms of research and treatment available. I loved it!

교육 기관: Daniel L

Aug 16, 2016

it was very fun

교육 기관: Diego A L

Apr 26, 2016

The course gives a whole perspective of the phenom of AIDS and its impact

교육 기관: Joseph P H

Jan 01, 2016

Very much enjoyed the knowledge obtained and the additional reading material.

교육 기관: Jennifer M M

Jun 23, 2017

I learned a lot from this course.

교육 기관: Eliana T

Apr 18, 2018

The lecturer is simply outstanding and the interviews are really insightful. I've learned so much more than I expected.

교육 기관: ana m a

Oct 29, 2016


교육 기관: Cecilia S O

Jun 15, 2016

Wonderful course, a lot the information and resource!

교육 기관: Jody L

Jun 20, 2016

This course provides a concise and balanced look at the aids epidemic,and social responsibility and response to it. I think it is comprehensive in the resources that we can access, additional videos, books, professionals, advocates and patients. Definitely a good starting off point for someone who wants a detailed introduction to the topic. I will review the materials again and again. Thank you. Good job.

교육 기관: Jenna K

Jul 15, 2016

This is an amazingly thoughtful and thought provoking course. The care and time taken to build this course is nothing short of incredible especially as it is offered free of charge to students. This was a wonderful educational experience that has solidified my educational goals of going into the field of epidemiology with focus on persons living with HIV/AIDS. Words cannot express my gratitude for Dr. Meisler and the amazing participants in this course; it is nothing short of a blessing.

교육 기관: LUIS E G G

Jan 19, 2018


교육 기관: huzaifa a r

Jan 16, 2016


교육 기관: Eliseo R S

Jul 28, 2017

Excellent course!! I love it!

교육 기관: Shreyas M

Jun 23, 2016

Enjoyed this course. It is a course I would recommended to anybody who wants to learn about politics, Government, Medical research and Activism that is formed from the characteristics of a disease. I wish for a cure to come up faster.

교육 기관: Madisyn T

Oct 23, 2015


교육 기관: Rosario A Q

Jan 17, 2017

It is just everything in one course: wisdom, social issues, history, story, biology (simply explained), health, drugs, stigma, families, people, lives! It goes around the world, it kills ghosts for people who's been followed by years of uncertainty.

교육 기관: Jamesa H

Oct 23, 2016

Great course! Thoroughly enjoyed lectures and learning more about HIV/AIDS from various perspectives.

교육 기관: Jay S

Jun 21, 2017

Excellent course! Great insight into the early history of AIDS.