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This course was produced by the Algae Technology Educational Consortium and UC San Diego with funding from the Algae Foundation, the National Renewable Energy Lab, and the U.S. Department of Energy. Algae are an extremely diverse group of organisms that can be found in almost every ecosystem on the planet, and they play an essential role for life on earth. They are little bio-factories that use the process of photosynthesis to create chemical compounds that we can utilize for food, feed, medicine, and even energy. We’ve brought together some of foremost algae experts from industry and academia to teach you the fundamentals of algae. This course will cover what algae are, why they are important, and why we are interested in them for both their environmental benefit, as well as their use for products. You will also explore the vast diversity of algae including the characteristics and applications of some of the main types of algae that are in commercial use today. Later you will learn about algal ecology and how interactions with environment, including pests and predators, affect algal productivity. And finally you will examine the processes of algae bio-manufacturing including production processes, as well as some of the products, benefits, and challenges that impact our ability to make commercially viable products from algae....

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Apr 10, 2019

one of the best course to know everything about algae. I recommend all people who decided to work on algae pass this course. I learnt about different aspects of algae and seaweed. thanks Coursera.


Apr 16, 2020

Very interesting and inspiring course! So cool to learn about the history and great diversity of algae, as well as the potential uses of algae in renewable energy and for sustainable materials.

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Introduction to Algae의 191개 리뷰 중 101~125

교육 기관: ANU M J

Jul 23, 2020

This is really good course.I improved my knowledge in this course.

교육 기관: Fabio R M

Dec 21, 2018

Very good course, i have learnt more of algae and how to use them.

교육 기관: Tonmoy R

Jul 07, 2020

It was an amazing course to learn. I love this course very much.


May 10, 2020

its to be very use full and good teaching thank for our teaching

교육 기관: Arman P

Apr 05, 2020

Thank you very much. It is very informative and straightforward.


Dec 01, 2018

IS A wonderful and useful course specially for environment engs

교육 기관: Carlos I Z T

Sep 08, 2020

Really informative, about the industrial production of algae.


Jun 05, 2020

Much Needed course enlightened me with importance of algae.

교육 기관: Mai N

Aug 17, 2020

Great overview of algae, farming methods and applications

교육 기관: Alex T

Oct 30, 2019

great intro the biology and business of algae cultivation

교육 기관: Matthew P

Sep 15, 2019

Good introduction course on algae and its potential uses.

교육 기관: Paul M

Sep 08, 2018

A confident first step in taking this possiblity forward.

교육 기관: PhD. J C C C

Jun 20, 2020

Excelente curso, Excelente profesores. Aprendí bastante.

교육 기관: saravanan A

Jun 04, 2020

its very good syllabus and gained more about the algae

교육 기관: Johanna

May 12, 2019

Excellent Material, very updated and well explained!

교육 기관: Francesca L M

Sep 26, 2019

So interesting and informative! Loved every moment.


Jul 08, 2020

I learnt so much. I trully recommend this course

교육 기관: Bryan D S R

Jun 19, 2020

A very useful course to enter the world of algae

교육 기관: Md. R A C

Jun 13, 2020

Intermediatory useful for Agricultural science

교육 기관: Andres F B s

Feb 26, 2018

Excelente curso, muy util y fácil de entender

교육 기관: RAICHEL T J

Jun 15, 2020

Excellent class and very much informative

교육 기관: মশিউর র

May 31, 2020

Great teachers, great course,

Thank you

교육 기관: B G

Aug 11, 2020

It was really good. Thank you so much

교육 기관: Harini

Jun 23, 2020

It's very useful for me to understand

교육 기관: Shaun P M

Mar 30, 2018

Excellent!! Very clear to understand.