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In this course, you will learn best practices for how to use data analytics to make any company more competitive and more profitable. You will be able to recognize the most critical business metrics and distinguish them from mere data. You’ll get a clear picture of the vital but different roles business analysts, business data analysts, and data scientists each play in various types of companies. And you’ll know exactly what skills are required to be hired for, and succeed at, these high-demand jobs. Finally, you will be able to use a checklist provided in the course to score any company on how effectively it is embracing big data culture. Digital companies like Amazon, Uber and Airbnb are transforming entire industries through their creative use of big data. You’ll understand why these companies are so disruptive and how they use data-analytics techniques to out-compete traditional companies....

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2020년 6월 11일

It is a business centred course that will help you understand the most important metrics. It includes comprehensive glossaries and lectures that will help you in the process and a lot of case studies.

2018년 11월 2일

really good bases for business metric if you already have a background you are going to enjoy and refresh you memory and if you don't have previous experiences is really easy to understand the concept

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Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies의 1,574개 리뷰 중 1551~1574

교육 기관: Joan H

2016년 2월 6일

I an very disappointed that DUKE hits your up for $79 just to grade the fist quiz (which should cost them $0). This is the fist time I have seen an Institution do this. I can understand charging for a certificate, or for a Final project, but not right out of the gate. I hope that the spirit of Coursera is not changing to a "pay to play" site. There are other higher rated Universities that take a more noble approach. I wonder if all the reviewers paid $79 day 1 for this class, or did DUKE recently changed their pricing policy after the reviews...

교육 기관: Jeremy B

2020년 7월 20일

Absolutely did not click with the first week lecturer, and did not understand the relevance of some of his lessons to the bigger picture. The quizzes ask questions about the material that maybe demonstrate that I paid attention, but again, the relevance of the quizzes to the larger topic was occasionally not clear.

Course material aside, someone please also tell the instructor that it's okay to do a second take if he stumbles over his words or coughs. Super glad I didn't pay for this or I'd be annoyed at the low production value.

교육 기관: Anna S

2020년 9월 25일

This course is badly structured and contains too much information from various poorly related areas, neither of which is explained properly. They tell you about private equity funds, Google AdWords, skills needed to become a Data Scientist, cash flows and the amount of time it takes one to learn SQL (this question was even included in test!). Some of the content includes recorded Skype interviews with poor image and sound quality. I would not recommend paying for this course

교육 기관: Grant V

2019년 4월 12일

I have done a lot of online classes, and this is boring and very dull. There are so many better resources out there, and this lecture doesn't teach you anything. I wish this had better content and videos coming from Duke, and this is a very interesting subject as well. I am very disappointed in this product.

교육 기관: Lehar K

2016년 7월 11일

The quality of videos is not good. There is some absurd voice in between. Also the course for week 3 has information related to finance which is beyond understanding levels of a person with no financial background.

교육 기관: Neha A

2017년 7월 9일

While the content is good, limiting grading of the tests to metrics that appear in the limited list of metrics offered in the glossary is pretty formulaic without actually considering actual business scenarios

교육 기관: Benjamin C

2015년 12월 2일

This is no real need for this course. Everything sounds like bits and pieces from magazine articles.... I suspect the sole purpose of its inclusion in the specialization is to fund Coursera. $79 at a time....

교육 기관: Rahul R

2021년 2월 8일

I've completed the course duly investing so much time and hardwork, but I've still not received my certificate. Please sort this thing out and provide me my certificate, I need it for my resume.

교육 기관: 罗俊婵

2016년 6월 2일

What's the point of online education if one can only access the assignments if him has purchased the course? With no access to assignments, how could one evaluating his efficient of study?

교육 기관: Victoria M

2017년 5월 25일

Course is poorly taught, topics covered much too quickly without enough explanation, must have a background in statistics, high level mathematics (calculus) and or finance. Ridiculous!

교육 기관: Luis J G R

2020년 5월 4일

It is the most mediocre course I have ever taken. I don't understand why people rate this course in such a good way. It is literally a waste of time.

교육 기관: Edward B

2018년 5월 14일

This is an incredibly misleading course name. Excel to MySQL for there are no exercises with either program or any other coding language or platform.

교육 기관: Nick S

2016년 11월 7일

Quizzes don't match what's been taught in the video lectures. Very poorly-designed questions, where there is more than one correct answer.

교육 기관: Joanna W

2021년 2월 28일

Terrible, do not recommend. Useless and outdated examples. General knowledge course, things you can learn from reading newspapers. Avoid!

교육 기관: Divya K

2016년 7월 18일

The instructor is VERY bad at presenting. SO dry and monotonic. Omg, I really want to learn all this but can't stand him talking.

교육 기관: Enrique S

2016년 1월 21일

Very difficult to apply the knowledge without some support material with the content, e.g. PPT slides.

교육 기관: Ville L

2016년 4월 23일

The course could be completed in a matter of a few hours. Super basic stuff. Waste of money.

교육 기관: Nicole T

2020년 10월 28일

Why so much time spent on stock metrics? Completely unrelatable data for many businesses.

교육 기관: Ekat

2020년 2월 18일

Very bad explanation of economic concepts, inadequate use of mathematical description

교육 기관: Georgy

2015년 12월 30일

Coursera does not want to give me a Certificate. I've got 95% for this course

교육 기관: Angelic R

2020년 11월 15일

Proper information not provided for mathematical equations. Waste of time.

교육 기관: Ashenafi N

2017년 11월 6일

Low on substantive content. The course promises high and delivers low.

교육 기관: Shani K

2016년 7월 16일

The course is very superficial in nature and there is no difficulty...

교육 기관: johnatan j m v

2020년 8월 13일

buen curso