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By the end of this course, learners are prepared to identify and test the best solutions for improving performance and integrating concepts from operational excellence methodologies for optimum data-driven decision making. The course begins with a focus on deciphering the root cause of problems through a variety of tools before determining and assessing best-fit solutions. Learners discover how to apply ISO, Lean and Six Sigma in the pursuit of aligning organizational operations data with performance standards. Hospitality, manufacturing and e-commerce case studies help illustrate how to build data literacy while ensuring privacy and data ethics measures are in place. Material features online lectures, videos, demos, project work, readings and discussions. This course is ideal for individuals keen on developing a data-driven mindset that derives powerful insights useful for improving a company’s bottom line. It is helpful if learners have some familiarity with reading reports, gathering and using data, and interpreting visualizations. It is the third course in the Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) specialization. To learn more about the specialization, check out a video overview at

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교육 기관: Offer L

2021년 9월 23일

A very focused, informative, and helpful course.

The information is brought in an easy way to follow, and the knowledge is built step by step, until the final task of actual data analysis of a case using very advanced techniques.

Very recommended!

교육 기관: AJBE L A S G

2021년 8월 20일

This course is for everyone who wants to have a better understanding in data driven for Decision Making

교육 기관: Vikas G

2022년 2월 7일

A very good course for learning

교육 기관: Alshehrei, G A

2021년 10월 24일


교육 기관: Nasir U

2021년 10월 18일


교육 기관: Ghadeer A A

2021년 10월 20일

T​he course content is very nice. What would make it better is give out one uniform example across all modules so the learner can actually get a feel of a comprehensive project from the very first phase (root causes analysis) to the finish line (execution plan specifics). Another area of improvement that would make the course even more valuable is actual application per module providing and asking for more specifics on how to apply DOE, or Lean or Six sigma. All and all, very informative.

교육 기관: Ronald M R F

2021년 10월 10일

Bastante útil, se aprenden diversas estrategias y/o prácticas para mejorar procesos en cualquier organización

교육 기관: Tamer A

2021년 10월 24일

I think the course is excellent but we need more practics or resources for practics.

교육 기관: Mohamed B

2022년 1월 31일

This course very helpful in understanding the process of decision making

교육 기관: Thijs K

2022년 4월 4일

Not a completely terrible introduction, but there are no materials to refer back to but a few online articles. The course maybe takes 30 hours if you stretch it out. The assignments are terrible and for that reason alone this course should be suspended until amended. I hope that the actual university behind this produces better materials for the sake of their students.