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This course introduces you to the design and implementation of Android applications for mobile devices. You will build upon concepts from the prior course, including handling notifications, using multimedia and graphics and incorporating touch and gestures into your apps....

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Aug 06, 2017

I really enjoyed this course, since it posed some challenges to me and I even end completing and building interesting projects (a mini-game, a selfie app, etc.). Nice job on creating this material!


Feb 21, 2018

Learned a ton already in the first part. Part 2 has a lot of very useful topics, like multi-touch, graphics, sensors, and so on. Challenging, but very much worth the time. Highly recommended.

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Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 2의 33개 리뷰 중 26~33

교육 기관: Filipe B d S

Aug 29, 2016

O conteúdo poderia ser revisado e atualizado, visto que a plataforma como o SDK evoluem com muita rapidez, ficando assim desatualizado.

교육 기관: Marco A A V

Jun 28, 2017


교육 기관: Mary L W

Jan 23, 2018

a bit slow at times, but a damn good introduction to Android programming!

교육 기관: Ioannis V

Jul 30, 2016

Moves too fast

교육 기관: Miah J C

May 27, 2017

I like that this time while watching the video, there is ample time to import the project mentioned while explaining what it will do before running it. There should be links on how to add things to the emulator such as ringtones. I would have to stop and try to research these things online. Some of the code in the app displayed in the video were a bit different than in the course documents. I also liked that we ad to build an app from scratch at the end which incorporates/combines all that we had learnt. I always like the forums which answers most of the problems I come across with.

교육 기관: Renad K

Apr 16, 2016

There are no lectures on Services, and Content Providers which are two key components of the Android system. It really disappointed me.

교육 기관: Christo P

Jun 25, 2016

Overall this course has some valuable information. Although, I found the pace was a bit fast, only covered enough to get by, not gradually building up to a point. Each assignment or lab you first have to struggle figuring out the skeleton code where they could have provided a bit more comments, tips and guidance. I would recommend this course for someone that at least have a basic Java or programming background. Not for complete new developers.

교육 기관: Theis N

Jun 13, 2018

poorly maintained exercises which require hours of fixing in order to submit and pass tests