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Explore how to integrate works of art into your classroom with inquiry-based teaching methods originally developed for in-gallery museum education....

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2019년 2월 25일

Its an amazing course for teaching strategies not only classrooms but also informal teaching techniques. I enjoyed the course and it create an experience with artworks and museum learning.


2020년 5월 28일

Great instructor and inspiring content. Inquiry is an essential way to approach life. With this course you will realize how applicable and necessary art is in any field/subject/context.

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Art & Inquiry: Museum Teaching Strategies For Your Classroom의 94개 리뷰 중 76~94

교육 기관: merit s

2016년 10월 10일

Really useful with great ideas.

교육 기관: Taliah N

2021년 9월 21일

i​ loved this course.

교육 기관: Regiane A

2015년 8월 31일

Wonderfull course

교육 기관: Daniela O

2019년 2월 20일

Excelente curso!

교육 기관: Sadhana M

2016년 9월 11일

Amazing course!

교육 기관: Shaimaa G E

2015년 8월 8일

Amazing course!

교육 기관: Elizabeth M G

2020년 7월 3일

Amazing course

교육 기관: Ck T

2017년 10월 2일


교육 기관: Anastasia M

2018년 7월 9일

The grading system could meet some enhancements. I'd love to receive course authors feedback on my final assignment, it would be incredibly useful! I also had to wait really long time till my work was graded by other students. Online students could lack an opportunity or willingness to grade their virtual classmates and that can stop someone from getting a certificate. There also can be a situation when there is not enough students enrolled in a session and that could be an obstacle too. Furthermore, course forums seem a bit deserted.But aside from the grading system the course is brilliant! Thank you MoMa!

교육 기관: Carlos I C L

2018년 10월 1일

The course is very interesting and simple enough to make it compatible with daily life. The readings where useful and generally fun. I would only argue that the third week of the course is incredibly short in comparisson to the rest of it, which in my opinion makes the last class too long for a regular MOOC. Aside from that, I think the design of the course was balanced and enjoyable. Would recommend.

교육 기관: Inés D l P T

2020년 6월 8일

I loved having a theory + practical approach to a new teaching strategy. Seeing and reading actual examples of how this dynamic works gave me the confidence to try it myself in my classroom.

교육 기관: Pedro Z

2017년 6월 20일

Gosto da proposta do curso e do conteúdo, porém creio que deveriam pensar em incluir legendas em diversos idiomas incluindo o Português.

교육 기관: Kanna B

2015년 12월 17일

I like the concept but I was expecting for more video lecture.

교육 기관: Marina M M

2018년 5월 23일

I really enjoyed it

교육 기관: Melanie G

2017년 10월 5일


교육 기관: Jennifer J

2016년 1월 13일


교육 기관: Michael G

2021년 5월 24일

great intro to Inquiry Based Teaching! Some useful tools and resources, later lessons could use more rigor to enforce learning but otherwise interesting

교육 기관: Seth T

2015년 10월 13일

It's seemingly a great course for K-12 teachers but lacks relevance for higher education.

교육 기관: Matthew R

2016년 1월 30일

The articles that were limited were actually somewhat helpful. The google hangouts seemed lackluster and draining. I would recommend more substance in the videos, or MoMA might switch to an article/book MOOC that doesn't rely as much as people talking about their opinion without a ton of evidence or support. Wouldn't recommend participating in this MOOC