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Behavioral Investing, 인도 경영 대학

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About this Course

Through this course, you will learn how individuals and firms make financial decisions, and how those decisions might deviate from those predicted by traditional financial or economic theory. We will explore the nature of these biases and their origins, using insights from psychology, neurosciences and experimental economics on how the human mind works. From these biases, you will be able to examine how the insights of behavioral finance complement the traditional finance paradigm. We also look at the micro and macro biases. Finally, we will explore how these insights describe more complicated topics such as fat tail events and financial crises....

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대학: AG

Dec 28, 2016

An informative course ; helps in understanding the fundamentals of Behavioral Investing.

대학: AK

Apr 08, 2018

This course is very good in introducing the various biases of investing.

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대학: soumya saha

Aug 23, 2018


대학: Monica Hernandez

Jun 08, 2018

I learned so much! The instructor is engaging and provides examples to illustrate the concepts. I recommend it 100%. It also gives you food for thought for applying theory beyond investing into other areas where you might have behavioral biases, i.e. in business, negotiation, etc.

대학: Nurgul

Jun 05, 2018

Thank you very much! Nice course! It was very interesting and useful for me!

대학: Amit Kumar

Apr 08, 2018

This course is very good in introducing the various biases of investing.

대학: arpit jain

Dec 26, 2017

Well structured course but doesn't provide comprehensive notes at the end of course to refer whenever in doubt

대학: Araya Wuttawanit

Nov 11, 2017

The content is very informative!

대학: Parth Maheshwari

Aug 01, 2017

There could have been a bit less focus on theory and use of better examples

대학: Saikrishna Enjapuri

Aug 01, 2017

Tutor is not so enthusiastic and concepts are not well explained.

대학: Karthik

Feb 04, 2017

Excellent course and practical approach

대학: Varun Aggarwal

Jan 16, 2017

Great Learning experience & informative!