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Want to make sense of the volumes of data you have collected? Need to incorporate data-driven decisions into your process? This course provides an overview of machine learning techniques to explore, analyze, and leverage data. You will be introduced to tools and algorithms you can use to create machine learning models that learn from data, and to scale those models up to big data problems. At the end of the course, you will be able to: • Design an approach to leverage data using the steps in the machine learning process. • Apply machine learning techniques to explore and prepare data for modeling. • Identify the type of machine learning problem in order to apply the appropriate set of techniques. • Construct models that learn from data using widely available open source tools. • Analyze big data problems using scalable machine learning algorithms on Spark. Software Requirements: Cloudera VM, KNIME, Spark...

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2020년 10월 24일

Excellent course. It teaches the basics with a great method and with practical exercises, involving real data. The sctructure is clear and it covers a good amount of topics. Well done San Diego!


2018년 7월 18일

Excellent course, I learned a lot about machine learning with big data, but most importantly I feel ready to take it into more complex level although I realized there is lots to learn.

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Machine Learning With Big Data의 488개 리뷰 중 376~400

교육 기관: alvaro a

2020년 10월 25일

El curso es bueno, falta mayor soporte por parte de los tutores para la resolución de problemas .

교육 기관: Federico S

2018년 3월 2일

It fullfilled my expectations, and created the motivation to further increase my knowledge of ML


2017년 6월 14일

Good course.It would be really completed if we go on in details of different analysis algorithms

교육 기관: David P G

2019년 12월 6일

The didactic qualities of the lecturer greatly compensate the lack of support and maintenance.

교육 기관: Andrés A H G

2020년 6월 22일

Good but too much theory without practicing at the same time. It gets boring sometimes.

교육 기관: Harshith

2019년 10월 30일

It was brief and comprehensive , Got to learn various technologies like Knime and Spark

교육 기관: Ripunjay K

2020년 1월 24일

Needed more clear instructions in each module else a very good course to understand ML

교육 기관: Gabriel T

2018년 2월 3일

The course was great. Lost of great content, pedagogically sound! I leaned a whole lot

교육 기관: Kairsten F

2016년 12월 5일

This was a good introductory class to machine learning, but I wish it had more depth.

교육 기관: Gokul K

2020년 8월 5일

Mentors please reply in the discussion forums so that we can clear our doubts

교육 기관: Jumled L

2021년 2월 19일

Buen curso para iniciar el entrenamiento en logaritmos de machine learning.

교육 기관: Antony C

2018년 4월 5일

I enjoyed learning theory and technical knowledge and tools used within ML.

교육 기관: Shunichiro M

2017년 1월 7일

Easy to follow. Good resource to understand the basic concept of big data.

교육 기관: Jin L

2021년 8월 9일

Great course but hard to hear from the instructors with questions raised.

교육 기관: John F P

2020년 9월 5일

Buen curso, un poco más de análisis en los ejercicios. Pero buen curso.

교육 기관: Ashish A

2017년 10월 4일

Good coverage of concepts and hand's on. More Hands-on can be included.

교육 기관: Muhammad T

2017년 7월 17일

it great course and it help me a lot to understand Machine Learning.

교육 기관: Laurent C S

2019년 7월 6일

great course, all examples with Spark and Knime were working for me

교육 기관: Chaitanya J

2019년 4월 9일

Very good course but not getting course certificate. Please help!

교육 기관: Nicolas I

2017년 2월 11일

I think its a good introductory course, but lacking in exercises.

교육 기관: Juan J R M

2017년 6월 27일

It's necessary to get in some themes deeper to understand more

교육 기관: Harsh O

2018년 8월 11일

The course was really informative .I got new things to learn.

교육 기관: Huber M

2019년 9월 19일

Thas good course for learn the machine learning and big data

교육 기관: 李诗瑶

2020년 10월 7일

It seems that there are problems with the dataset of Spark.

교육 기관: Velavan S

2020년 8월 27일

The course is easy. Expected more algorithm detailing.