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권장: 4-6 hours/week...


자막: 영어, 러시아어

100% 온라인

지금 바로 시작해 나만의 일정에 따라 학습을 진행하세요.

탄력적인 마감일

일정에 따라 마감일을 재설정합니다.

완료하는 데 약 15시간 필요

권장: 4-6 hours/week...


자막: 영어, 러시아어

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Week 1

7 videos (Total 42 min), 1 quiz
7개의 동영상
1-1 Introduction1m
1-2 Familiarity and Its Neural Instantiation2m
1-3 Age of Acquisition7m
1-4 Beyond Language1m
1-5 Plan for this course8m
1-6 Toward a Bilingual Metaphor4m
1개 연습문제
Week 1 Quiz10m
완료하는 데 2시간 필요

Week 2

8 videos (Total 87 min), 1 quiz
8개의 동영상
2 The Nature of Learning18m
2-1 AOA In A Single Language12m
2-2 AoA and Sensitive Periods20m
2-3 AoA and Language4m
2-4 Digging into the Depth of Language4m
2-5 Building a Grammar6m
2-6 The Sensorimotor Nature of AoA1m
1개 연습문제
Week 2 Quiz14m
완료하는 데 2시간 필요

Week 3

11 videos (Total 95 min), 1 quiz
11개의 동영상
3 Laying Down Two Languages Across Time2m
3.1 Let There Be Sound16m
3.2 Phonology in a Second Language16m
3.3 Grammar1m
3.4 Critical Periods in a Second Language3m
3.5 AoA and Orphaned Language10m
3.6 Grammatical Proccessing and AoA11m
3.7 Isolating AoA2m
3.8 Grammatical Gender3m
3.9 Camparing First and Second Language7m
1개 연습문제
Week 3 Quiz18m
완료하는 데 2시간 필요

Week 4

8 videos (Total 97 min), 1 quiz
8개의 동영상
4 Proficiency, Efficiency and Expertise1m
4.1 Expertise9m
4.2 Perceptual Expertise16m
4.3 What Makes Expertise17m
4.4 Deliberate Practice and Language11m
4.5 Learning Without Knowing18m
4.6 Expertise and Language Proficiency 5m
1개 연습문제
Week 4 Quiz12m
완료하는 데 2시간 필요

Week 5

14 videos (Total 91 min), 1 quiz
14개의 동영상
5 Practice What You Speak6m
5.1 Language Loss4m
5.2 Catastrophic Loss4m
5.3 Can a Lost Language be Found3m
5.4 Plasticity and Language Acquisition5m
5.5 Restructuring Plasticity9m
5.6 The Dichotic Nature of Language6m
5.7 What is Predicted by Language Proficiency3m
5.8 From Everyday to Academic Language5m
5.9 Academic and Everyday Grammar2m
5.10 Language and Memory System3m
5.11 Speech in a Second Language12m
5.12 Language Learning as a Building Process1m
1개 연습문제
Week 5 Quiz24m
완료하는 데 1시간 필요

Week 6

9 videos (Total 69 min), 1 quiz
9개의 동영상
6 Controlled Adjustments3m
6.1 Control and the Brain9m
6.2 How Do We Learn Control?16m
6.3 Brain Development and Control45
6.4 From Control to Flexibility5m
6.5 Changes in Task Switching Across Development4m
6.6 Aging and the Eroding Prefrontal Cortex5m
6.7 Control And Language8m
1개 연습문제
Week 6 Quiz14m
완료하는 데 1시간 필요

Week 7

9 videos (Total 73 min), 1 quiz
9개의 동영상
7 Control, Flexibility and the Two Language Dilemma6m
7.1 The Language Switch13m
7.2 In Search of the Language Switch7m
7.3 The Bilingual Advantage6m
7.4 The Bilingual Disadvantage7m
7.5 A Couple of Caveats5m
7.6 Bilingual Control and Language Proficiency3m
7.7 Beyond Control8m
1개 연습문제
Week 7 Quiz16m
완료하는 데 3시간 필요

Week 8

7 videos (Total 57 min), 2 quizzes
7개의 동영상
8 The Final Frontier2m
8.1 AoA, Proficiency and Control Interact3m
8.2 The Nonlinear Dynamics of Bilingualism8m
8.3 From Cognitive Principles to Brain Principles5m
8.4 Metaphors of the Mind6m
8.5 The Bilingual Brain5m
2개 연습문제
Week 8 Quiz12m
Final Exam58m
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대학: ZRJan 18th 2018

This course helped me in understanding various aspects of how brain and mind works and how we can use these knowledge for studying different languages and also when we multitasks

대학: SCOct 31st 2016

A great course for those who are interested in the fascinating bilingual research going on in area. Clearly stated, up-to-date literature shared.



Arturo E. Hernandez


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