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Blockchain will bring about profound changes to business, and even to the nature of business itself. This technology will disrupt how enterprises are funded and managed, how they create value, and even how they perform basic functions like marketing and accounting. In this course you will learn how blockchain technology will penetrate into the structures of organizations. You will explore how blockchain will transform the roles of the C-Suite, and how a blockchain can be used to manage and protect intellectual property. You will be able to identify the different layers of the blockchain technology stack, and explain how these affect the governance of blockchain systems. As well, you will be able to identify seven qualities that a region in the world needs in order to attract technology startups and to build a vibrant blockchain ecosystem....

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2020년 7월 3일

Fantastic overview of blockchain technology, how it's being used today, and may be used in the future as well as implications. It is a great prerequisite to building DApps, purchasing coins, etc.


2019년 9월 25일

Great Course on Blockchain capabilities with applications, regulation, and governance. Definitely, a great summary of why Blockchain can be a disruptive technology if things are done right.

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