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Blockchain Platforms, 뉴욕주립대학교 버펄로 캠퍼스

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About this Course

This fourth course of the Blockchain specialization provides learners with an understanding of the broader blockchain ecosystem. Learners are introduced to other blockchain platforms, details of two decentralized application use cases, and challenges such as privacy and scalability. They are prepared to discuss permissioned blockchain architectures of Hyperledger and Microsoft Azure's blockchain as a service model and analyze the Augur and Grid+ decentralized application platforms. Course material includes emerging alternative decentralization models such as IPFS and Hashgraph, challenges in broader blockchain adoption, and continuous improvement solutions....

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대학: LM

Mar 06, 2019

I think the course was very well planned. The videos were short and crisp. I also liked the additional reading material suggested which greatly helped understanding the detailed concepts.

대학: PR

Feb 19, 2019

indeed a great experience doing the course, as well as the specialization!! Definitely would love to venture into Blockchain as a career option!!

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52개의 리뷰

대학: Ganesh Hegde

May 17, 2019

Well structured course. Enjoyed learning!

대학: Jose Victor Pacajoj Mejia

May 12, 2019

Great know that Blockchain technology is inmense to investigate and still develop

대학: Lalithmohan Suryakumar

May 10, 2019

Excellent content coverage and good grading system

대학: Ambuj Kumar Sinha

May 09, 2019

Great Platform to start your Blockchain Journey

대학: Sourav K Chatterjee

May 04, 2019

This course is an eye opener for me to move into the world of blockchain. I really want to now contribute to the community.

대학: Srividya Natarajan

Apr 19, 2019

Excellent lecture by Mrs. Bina Ramamurthy!

대학: Ajay Chakraborty

Apr 18, 2019

I am learning with great experience!

대학: Dimitri Popolov

Apr 10, 2019

Very good course overall. Could not quite understand why so much attention to IPFS specifically though.

대학: Vinit Vijaykumar Mahajan

Apr 07, 2019

Really very helpful course, I got to know about various platforms and their workings. Thank you mam!

대학: Tanisha

Apr 01, 2019

good course best explanation