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Stanford's Short Course on Breastfeeding was designed for new mothers and the people who support them. This engaging, one-week learning experience, provides participants with everything they need to know to more successfully establish breastfeeding – or support a new mother who has decided to breastfeed. We created the course because we recognize that there is a very small window in which successful, exclusive breastfeeding can be established, and that many new mothers are mastering this skill during a busy and sometimes stressful time. Brought to life by beautiful illustrations and interviews with international mothers, we hope to reach the broadest spectrum of mothers, helping them understand the current recommendations, challenges, benefits and practical considerations around breastfeeding - while simultaneously inspiring them to consider breastfeeding as the first choice for feeding their babies. And now for the legal stuff... Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability THE INFORMATION IN THIS COURSE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY REPRESENTATION, OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. DIGITAL MEDIC AND STANFORD MEDICINE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY TYPE OF LOSS OR INJURY, OR ANY DAMAGES WHETHER DIRECT OR INDIRECT, ARISING FROM USE OF THIS COURSE. This course is not a substitute for the advice, diagnosis or treatment by an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. Copyright 2018 Stanford University. The course videos must be used according to the term of our Creative Commons License available at free distribution with attribution, no commercial use, no derivatives....

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2018년 3월 19일

This course is very helpful to me to prepare for my baby's arrival. I have learned a lot from the benefits of breastfeeding and will absolutely choose this practice in raising my own child.


2018년 3월 24일

Excellent course! The information given in the course is relevant, accurate and very important for the health and future of our babies. Congratulations on the 100% Breastfeeding campaign!

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교육 기관: Nina

2018년 3월 22일

Although I enjoyed this course, I must say I haven't learned a lot of new information. This was very disappointing to me, because I expected much more scientific explanations and information since this is a university course. The information I was looking for was for example: what exactly is in the breastmilk, which live cells, enzymes, vitamins etc, instruction videos about the right way to latch, which medicine, illnesses etc influence breastmilk and why, what to do in these situations, what happens when a pregnant mother is still breastfeeding her first child, how does a breast milk (specifically with details) change when a child is sick or has some other needs in that phase of growing, why stopping breastfeeding is hard and what to do in these situations etc...

This course is just general and although I agree all these details I mentioned above should maybe not be included in the quiz, I do expect more specific and in depth knowledge from this course.

I applaud the promotion of breastfeeding 100%, as well as delivering the basic information to people that do not know it, but in the time of Google and keeping in mind these courses are usually taken by people that want to learn more, I find this course is just not enough.

교육 기관: Gideon M

2019년 11월 20일

This is an eye opening course to the benefits of breastfeeding and how the same came be done.

I will strive to follow the advice given herein and support my partner once we get children. 100% Breastfed

교육 기관: Lily L

2018년 3월 19일

This course is very helpful to me to prepare for my baby's arrival. I have learned a lot from the benefits of breastfeeding and will absolutely choose this practice in raising my own child.

교육 기관: Silvana S

2019년 3월 8일



교육 기관: Kristen S

2021년 1월 6일

The course was thorough although quite aggressive when dealing with the fact that 100% breastfed children are the gold standard. I also paid $29 and have not gotten my certificate.

교육 기관: Tiana J

2020년 5월 18일

This is an interesting course, but it basically only covers some history and the benefits of breastfeeding. It also really centers on women in developing countries. It does go over some challenges, which I felt were important to know so you can prepare for them, but ultimately I would have preferred to have more practical information about breastfeeding, like what a proper latch should look and feel like, how to know when to switch sides, complications from breastfeeding (such as a clogged duct) and how to handle them, etc. Overall still a nice little course to take for a few days, but not what I expected.

교육 기관: Luann T

2019년 6월 11일

This course covers the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months and continued breastfeeding thereafter until 2 years and beyond, how the body works to allow during breastfeeding, the dangers of not breastfeeding exclusively especially for those who have financial worries or live in underdeveloped countries, how a varied nutritional diet is important, how to breastfeed after returning to work, what to do if you are unable to breastfeed, and how important a support system is for the breastfeeding mother. As a short course, this course covers the necessities minus gritty detail.

교육 기관: Deborah L W

2018년 4월 2일

The content for this course is easy to understand. There's a good blend of research based information and personal experience from mothers. I would recommend this course to any woman who is not fully aware of the advantages of breastfeeding. I would also recommend this course to individuals who are working as advocates for breastfeeding as a resource to help support their work. This is my second course with Dr. Maya . She has a talent for making everyone feel at ease and delivering information that is useful for everyone who participates in her courses.

교육 기관: Yun D

2018년 3월 20일

Through the course, I have learned some basic science knowledge about breastfeeding. Right now, I know Breastfeeding is the best choice for mother and baby. It's not just some experience from old generation. It's fine to have some challenges at the beginning. But the mother and baby could do well after practice. I think the course would help a new mother to release some pressure when she have some difficulties in breastfeeding. The last but very import thing is about the support from family and community. Thanks for the course and share!!

교육 기관: Nati B

2020년 4월 19일

This cource is very helpful for any woman. for those who aren't mothers yet, but they are planning to be, newmoms, or moms who already have children but they are going to have som emore, or just who has a wish to get an information about Breastfeeding to be supporters of another mothers. Whats the most important, This cource is free as long as you don't need to get any certificate and get just a knowledge. this cource gives a chance to everybody to learn or increase their skills. Thank you !

교육 기관: Mehul A

2018년 6월 10일

This course helps understand the benefits behind breast feeding and it's advantages for both mother and child. Even in today's modern times breast feeding is not supported in general public and even looked down upon in some places, this course gives a brief idea why it may be so. Being of a male gender it helps me understand the female body and provides a glimpse of the world of motherhood.

교육 기관: Daiana H

2020년 4월 17일

Muy buen curso, recomiendo para conocer un poco sobre la vida de la lactancia materna, en Argentina donde vivo, es muy común dar leche materna y amamantar, las madres lo hacen en la calle y en cualquier lugar donde su hijo necesite comer. Pero siempre es bueno conocer otras comunidades y aprender, me llevo muy buenos conocimientos, pero el curso es muy acotado pero con información concisa

교육 기관: Цегельник С И

2019년 12월 2일

Спасибо большое за Ваш труд и любовь к детям всего мира. Ваша робота чрезвычайно важна . Я очень благодарна, что такой жизненно важный вопрос изучается в рамках университетской программы.

С уважением, Стефания Цегельник.

교육 기관: ARVIND V

2018년 3월 25일

I'm really thankful to Maya Madam who came up with such an Informative Capsule Course on "Exclusive Breastfeeding" to help New-Mothers, To-Be-Mothers, Family Members, community Members etc. to be aware of right and necessary way of practicing breastfeeding and Formula feeding their babies when breastfeeding isn't possible!

교육 기관: 罗芳

2018년 3월 22일

Like all mammals, human beings have evolved to be able to feed their young. A mother's breasts are designed to feed her baby. I would like to share all info I have learnt after the completion of the course and by knowing risks of use formula only attitude, the course is very important to be spread to all mothers around me.

교육 기관: Matilda I

2019년 7월 10일

It was a really practical course for mothers, supporters or educators. It was filled with information regarding the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding, challenges women and couples may face, alternative approaches to feeding babies, and ways to approach difficult conversations with mothers. Really enjoyed it!

교육 기관: Oliviane F

2018년 6월 30일

Nice course; a good ressource for those who look for basic informations about breastfeeding and/or who support parents (-to-be). The videos provide clear informations with nice graphics and the discussions lead us to reflect about the way we can be good advocates and supporters. Thank you for this course.

교육 기관: V A K

2018년 3월 26일

First of all a big thankyou for putting together this wonderful course. It is an awesome course which is well structured , with the required information , free from overload of information as you would find in most parent / baby sites. It is a must have course for all parents and parents to be.

교육 기관: Divya V

2020년 3월 17일

The course was very informative. It provided useful insight for mothers on breastfeeding. It was good to hear breast feeding mother's share their experiences. I would recommend the course to anyone interested in gaining knowledge about Breast feeding.

교육 기관: Nancy I

2018년 3월 24일

I just hope so many Mothers around the world would get to see this course, it will go a long way to increase the exclusive breastfeeding ratings even in low income countries, like my country Nigeria. Thanks you guys for this knowledge!

교육 기관: Demetra V

2020년 4월 15일

Very informative course on all the benefits of breastfeeding as well as the disadvantages of formula (originally created for mothers who could not breastfeed for medical reasons). Very thorough explanations to support breastfeeding.

교육 기관: Nabila Z

2018년 7월 3일

The course was very interesting. We've given video not like the other courses given by lecturer which was very boring. They provide attractive videos so I really enjoy the course. And of course very informative. Recommended course :)

교육 기관: Giannina M M P

2020년 4월 6일

Muy educativo y nos ayuda a entender los obstáculos de la alimentación de leche materna exclusiva, en resumen la mejor opción para nuestros bebés siempre es la lactancia materna con mucho esfuerzo y dedicación a nuestros hijos .

교육 기관: Monica

2018년 5월 20일

Thank you so much for the opportunity. Not only was this class super reaffirming as a new mother, but it also helped me understand a little more about how I can assist other mothers in the future. Thank you for all you do <3

교육 기관: Pratyu M

2020년 3월 17일

I thought this was really useful and has good information for anyone who wants to learn more about breastfeeding. It's definitely an introductory course, though, and can be skipped by people with advanced knowledge.