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By the end of this project, you will be able to create a stock monitoring tracker using only Google sheets, which will help you track all your stock investments. The stock monitor list will automatically give you the live updated stock price as well as the percent change since a day ago. In addition to that it also provides the market capitalization of the stock as well as the 52-week high and low and the percentage that the current price is off of those 52-week high and lows. You can use a stock monitor like this for help categorizing your investment types as well as laying out potential buy or sell price thresholds that you might use to enter or exit out of a position. Based on these target buy or sell prices the monitor list will automatically calculate a stock rating for you determining whether the stock is a buy hold or sell and how far off each of those stocks is from the buy price. In addition to this you can use this information on the stock monitor list to create useful graphics and tools to get a quick visual sense of the information provided in the monitor list Along the way, you will be applying and practicing the basic features of spreadsheets such as formatting and calculations, as well as create tables and charts to use in your financial management that are efficient and versatile. This project will help you better manage your stock finances....
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