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Welcome to English for Business and Entrepreneurship, a course created by the University of Pennsylvania, and funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of English Language Programs. To enroll in this course for free, click on “Enroll now” and then select "Full Course. No certificate." This course is designed for non-native English speakers who are interested in learning more about the global business economy. In this course, you will learn about topics and language necessary to succeed in the international workplace. You will explore business English through authentic readings and video lectures, while learning about business vocabulary, concepts, and issues. Unit 1 will provide an introduction to entrepreneurship by examining ideas, products, and opportunities. In unit 2, you will learn about the basics of market research, including how to identify an opportunity. The next unit in the course will focus on business plans, why these plans are important, and will give you a chance to practice composing a business plan. In the final unit of the course, we will present basics for funding a business and will help you create a persuasive presentation, or pitch, based on a business plan. Unless otherwise noted, all course materials are available for re-use, repurposing and free distribution under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license. Supplemental reading materials were provided by Newsela, which publishes daily news articles at a level that's just right for each English language learner....

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Oct 02, 2020

All thanks to Mrs Nichols and Mr. Redeil.\n\nI am looking forword to be in physical touch with Mrs. Nichol and Mr. Redeil. , I have lernt so much from them and their education method was so effective.


Jun 19, 2020

This is a great course and best opportunity for anyone who wish to start business. A knowledge and skill imparted in this course will definitely help anyone to start a business and become successful

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교육 기관: Ganesh

Apr 29, 2020

This course was very useful for me as i could learn some new skills like writing a Business plan, Principles of Entrepreneurship, Effective Use of English language for Business and Entrepreneurship, correct use of English grammar in Business Communications, learnt to conduct effective market research survey using questionnaires, learnt to carry out analysis, and write effective Business and Market reports.

교육 기관: Jinyong L

Feb 09, 2018

This course is very helpful for both who wants to study English and for whom to study the basic of business especially in Entrepreneurship. As an experienced worker in the field, the level of English and the contents of business/Entrepreneurship were not too difficult but were really essential and helpful to review. I now am more confident to use the knowledges at work and feel eas to explain to others.

교육 기관: Neema E M

Jun 19, 2020

This is a great course and best opportunity for anyone who wish to start business. A knowledge and skill imparted in this course will definitely help anyone to start a business and become successful

교육 기관: RESHMA P U

Jun 07, 2020

I was so much excited when I enrolled for this course, not only because of this was my first online course but also the contents it has. English for business and entrepreneurship has given me a lot of knowledge about the business world. When I started my week 5 class my computer got damaged so I was worried that I would lose all my progress but Coursera account has given me a wonderful opportunity to complete it when I got my desktop back. I am very thankful to each of the members of the Coursera community for providing us with a wonderful space to learn. I am especially thankful to my dearest mentors AMY NICHOLS & JAMES RIEDEL for their instant support and encouragement throughout this journey. I don't know they would read this review or not but I really want them to know how grateful I am to them. And also my fellow members for reviewing my assignments and I really enjoyed learning with them. Even though I enrolled for free I didn't know this would so much interesting. But for me, the knowledge is more than the certificate. I am indebted to the University of Pennsylvania for bringing this course. Once again Thanks to all. So I give 5 stars.

교육 기관: Kim L

Sep 30, 2020

I really liked the course. The teachers explained very well and I have learnt a lot. The course contains a lot of interesting subjects and helps you to understand more about becoming an entrepreneur. What I missed in this course is the reliability of the tasks and exercises. If you are a serious learner you want to get some feedback from your teachers. This is not included and you get feedback from other students who aren't always serieus. Besides this, the course is free but you have the option to pay for a certificate, which costs €41. Because of my doubt of the reliabilty of this course I didn't buy it. That's a pitty because the course by itself is definitly worthwhile!

교육 기관: Anabella S

Sep 06, 2020

Well deserved the five stars. The course falls short with only five ...

Huge congratulations to Amy Nichols and James Riedel, great teachers. EXCELLENT all the videos made by them, with images and more icons. All the instructions and samples of the assessments were well explained and organized. I understood EVERYTHING that they explained throughout the course and they did it in an animated way, so that all students were motivated. I finished the course very happy, with many skills in English and knowledge in Business & Entrepreneurship.I am speechless to describe this online experience. Thanks to both of you.


Anabella Sotillo from Caracas, Venezuela.

교육 기관: Sean C

Oct 09, 2020

At first, I thought this wasn't what I expected and I thought I wasn't going to learn much from this course based on the way it started but then quickly realized that the slower pace helped me to actually understand things a little better and I came to actually learn a lot of terms I didn't know to well. I'm very glad I took this course and I would recommend to anyone new at the English language or just a high school drop out like myself who wants to learn the terminology and languages of Business and Entrepreneurship so they can start their future as a new entrepreneur.

교육 기관: ALVARO Y O

Jul 28, 2020

This course was very exciting and beneficial for me, the platform coursera is very good, I or we ( the classmates) had can write our opinion, ideas, or examples in some topics and give or received feedback about the homework of other classmates even if we didn´t send the homework on time.

It was very great for me because the instructors, Amy Nichols and James Riedel, explained every topic clearly and interactive, I´m really completed satisfied with the course offered by them, and by Harmon Hall for giving me the opportunity to access the coursera platform.

교육 기관: Rania G

Jun 08, 2020

I benefitted a lot from this course which clarified for me several things. Indeed, I learned the fundamental strategies of preparing and thinking for a project plan and project idea. Moreover, the lectures I attended online made things clear to me and facilitated for me the searching operation of my project idea and how to have a strategic plan for marketing fruitfully and efficiently.

I thank a lot the course instructors for their great efforts to clarify the skeleton of entrepreneurship and its strategies of success and management.

교육 기관: Manjit K C

Jul 21, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, though it was not very easy and little time consuming. But the instructions, videos, quizzes and assignments were quite interesting. They made you think. The interaction on discussion forum was very healthy and learnt to communicate with different thinking people. I would recommend this course to those who wish to learn English skills and writing skills for business proposal. The instructors were very clear in giving lessons, ideas and motivating.


May 27, 2020

I love this enrollment, it has broaden my knowledge on entrepreneurship. Please how can I apply for a free Certificate, I know I have learnt a lot and I am grateful. It's just the situation of economy in my country now cannot make me afford to pay for the certification.Thank you for making me gain more knowledge during this global Pandemic .I can Express myself more confidently English and business-wise.

Hoping to get feedback from you soon.Thank you in anticipation.

교육 기관: Chairo D J

Jun 05, 2020

I like how the course assumes that the student has no background about the topic. Everything is thoroughly explained. It even provides definition of terms. Comprehension Checks are fun to answer :) There are plenty of Articles to read and there are well-designed, short quizzes after every video/topic. I suggest taking advantage of this course if you have plans of starting a small business but never get the chance to do so.

교육 기관: Fadeyibi T O

Aug 06, 2020

Very exciting learning period! What an interesting insight to the language of business. Having a science background, I never knew I could learn and enjoy business and Entrepreneurship terms like I did. My dream of being an entrepreneur unfolding. My profound gratitude and appreciation to my tutors for the great impact.Looking forward to obtaining more knowledge with Coursera with my certificates.Thank you.


May 21, 2020

This course if definitely a great learning experience especially to those who are clueless about the world of Entrepreneurship! This was a great start for me as an aspiring Entrepreneur! Now I'm more confident talking about Business to anyone. Purchasing the certificate was also worth it especially if you're just starting off your career in the corporate world that involves a lot of Business speaking.

교육 기관: Nash M - S

Mar 15, 2017

Another brilliant course from University of Pennsylvania. I had earlier passed and received a certificate of accomplishment for English for Journalism. Yet another certificate of accomplishment to do with English for business and entrepreneurship is for a complete cycle. Trust me it was not easy but dedication and hard work never disappoint. Is worth every effort I have had to put in.

교육 기관: Riyo U

Apr 28, 2020

I recommend this course for everyone who are interested in starting business but never learned about business! There are a lot of words related to business, but explanation of tutors and illustration are very helpful to understand the all contents. So, now I know the basic of marketing and can write a very simple business plan. I enjoyed learning the course. Thank you!

교육 기관: María P Á C

Aug 10, 2020

This is a highly recommended course for anybody who want to start a business. I took this course expecting to amplify my English vocabulary, but I did not only learn new word but a whole structure to start a business. Special mention to the lecturers, through the whole course I felt how they encourage you to follow your dream and be successful with your idea.

교육 기관: V.M. T

Jan 05, 2020

I will definitely purchase this course! I am just waiting for my salary. =) I tried to finish it and now, I am super happy with everything that I have learned! Thank you so much to my instructors,

Mr. James Riedel and Ms. Amy Nichols!

Thank you University of Pennsylvania and Coursera!

I will keep on studying and apply everything I learn in actual situations.

교육 기관: Kanwara G

Apr 04, 2019

I recommend this course for someone who works in business area. There are many words that I thought I had been using them correctly, but I was wrong. Additionally, there are many techniques for you to write some important things within a short period of time. I love how they organize this course. Thank you all the teachers and the supporters of this course.

교육 기관: Ganapati K

May 03, 2020

Excellent course, While there are plenty of courses by doing which one can learn and become fluent in English, this course combines the language skills necessary with basic knowledge required for Business and Entrepreneurship. The teachers did it in a lucid and simple style, can be easily grasped even by those for whom English is not their native tongue

교육 기관: Jose A R N

Jul 13, 2017

My name is Jose Antonio from Brazil. I am looking for a new Data Scientist career (

I did this course to complete my CV in English to the area of Data Science.

The course was excellent and the classes well taught by teachers.

Congratulations to Coursera team and Instructors.


Jose Antonio.

교육 기관: Karen S

Apr 26, 2020

Me gusto mucho, la verdad es que ya tengo una carrera profesional donde vi clases de ingles, pero esta clase junto a temas relacionados con negocios me ayudo mucho a entender como manejar el ingles en mi carrera. Realmente lo recomiendo y me gusto la tematica de los profesores son muy profesionales y se les entiede el ingles perfecto.

교육 기관: Sandra N

May 11, 2020

It was a very useful experience for me to follow this course. I needed this type of course since very long. I have been working with children studying Enterprise who have difficulties to communicate in English. These very clearly explained notes, with simple and straightforward vocabularies were very helpful. Thank you very much.

교육 기관: Irene S

Jun 04, 2020

This course has really provided me with some of the most crucial information about entrepreneurship. I love how the articles are mostly based on study cases. The videos also help us to gain insight into some of the most basic skills that an entrepreneur should have. The English lesson is also integrated well within the curriculum.