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I am an adult developmental psychologist by training and a career counselor by trade, currently the Director of the Gordon Career Center at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. In this course, I draw from my decades of experience as well as research from the fields of psychology, organizational behavior, and sociology to help you understand best practices for making career decisions. This content will help you develop the tools you need to make the right choices for you, from deciding an area of study to exploring potential lines of work to pursue—and knowing when to pivot at any time in your career....

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2021년 5월 19일

I loved this course! As a young professional, this course really helped me think about new ways to approach my career choices and provided great tips to help pursue what I truly want to do.

2021년 4월 20일

A course that helps to understand the realities of today & the challenges that need to be overcome.\n\nSome very simple practical issues that help to mould the thoughts and future plans.

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Career Decisions: From Insight to Impact의 115개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Pip C

2020년 1월 13일

After module 2, to submit your assignment, you have to upgrade and pay, without this step it is not possible to continue the course.

교육 기관: Lina H

2020년 1월 21일

The course is interesting but Each video is a bit long. The problem is her explanation is hard to understand. She talks for so long about her, then her family and then blah blah blah, then into theory and at the end, end with no conclusion (no coherence). I go confused most of time. Sometimes she uses unnecessary technical words.

교육 기관: Dilek A K

2021년 5월 23일

I think about what I learned and how I felt during the course. Obviously, this course was very informative for me. I gained insight into my own career. Also, as a consultant, I am thinking of using this course material in career counseling to my clients. First of all, I liked the way the lessons were taught. I think the lessons are considered quite global. The existence of different language options, the use of visuals, video, listening, reading, writing and note-taking methods make learning easier. Participants' evaluation of each other was also a good reflection tool. On the other hand, language options can be expanded. This will further globalize the course.

I learned about a lot about myself through the course material. First of all, I learned to have an insight into my choices in life. There are many ways to gain insight into my life history right now. For example: Test out options, look ahead, maintain relationships, little personal sacrifice, intrinsic motivation. These methods are essential for a good career plan.

Secondly, in my career, I realized that my brain could play some fooling on me. Until now I was a psychological counselor working in schools. The thought that I can only be successful in schools may be a delusion in my brain. This may be a kind of vividness bias. After all, teaching and being a student are things I've known since my childhood. I am just discovering academics. I decided to go on this discovery.

Third, I saw a relationship between success, identity consanance, and habitus. People can sometimes decide according to their emotions and sometimes according to their logic. I think the common side of success in every situation is the result of identity consanance in the situation experienced. There may be dissonances on the way to human identity consanance. These dissonances can sometimes be positive and sometimes negative. The important thing is to come out with dissonances and use it to their advantage. Moreover, habits also affect success. Habitus such as being late for appointments, delaying things to do, not being open to new pleasures, and being prejudiced in human relations prevent success.

Fourth, I focused on the relationship between my skills and my personal projects. The recommended books on the subject were good for me. So, some skills I have that oral and written communications, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and collaboration, leadhership, professionalism and work ethic, global and interculturel fluency. But I don't think I'm very good about career management and digital technologies. Thanks to this course, my career management skill is better. On digital technologies, I have to work a lot.

Fifth, I learned to create a mind map like the example of Tamara. These include mind map de skills, inluences, core projects and key experiences. Chaos theory and the interview with Barbara Oakley also broadened my perspective. As a result, when I look at my mind map my core personal project is this: My core personal project is to produce my own theory in social sciences and to publish a useful and permanent publication for humanity. There are many theories in psychological counseling. All very special and important. But all of them have some incomplete and criticized ones. If I can form my own theory, I think it will make a serious contribution to the psychological counseling literature. This core personal project requires deliberative practice rather than a craftsman mindset. I hope I can make this happen at some point in my career.

교육 기관: Srinivasan V

2020년 6월 9일

Very interesting insights on Career Choices. This course gives an opportunity for individuals to introspect and understand where they stand in their World of Work. I would recommend this course for all young professionals who get a feeling that they are not getting the best out of their professional lives. The course does not provide any solutions but does provide some pointers towards

교육 기관: Maram

2018년 11월 27일

I don't know why I didn't watch this before! This was an excellent course, it answers so many questions, and made it clear to make a career decision. If you feel confused, and don't know what to do next this course is for you.

교육 기관: Kerry H

2019년 4월 23일

A really fascinating and useful course - it has not only helped me to start asking myself some of the right questions, but to step back and reflect on / assess some of the less conscious influences that got me to where I am and break down the actions I need to take to move myself forward in a more conscious and meaningful way. I haven't worked out exactly what is next, but I have some great tools to work with and in particular, I am finding the Design Thinking concepts to be a great mechanism for applying system 2 thinking (interestingly, not my first time using this approach, but applying it to 'me' is a whole new direction!). I also loved the overlaps into thinking about how we learn and mindset. Further, I see linkages into positive psychology/wellbeing.

교육 기관: Rawikan K

2018년 12월 13일

I am so lucky that I found this course and decided to enroll. It is a life-changing course that one could learn from. Dr. Sharon provides the knowledge from different perspectives not limited only in the filed of psychology but also sociology as well, so it makes this course so valuable and important for people to understand how people make their career decisions or how they define their success in life.

교육 기관: Shubham S

2020년 5월 3일

The Course is really Insightful and Interesting, it helped me analyze my inner potentials and how one can turn there passion into a Profession. It has a blend of both theoretical and Practical approach towards ones career development.

교육 기관: İlke Ö

2021년 2월 2일

Dear Ms.,

I did not expect that much different perspectives and motives on career decision making behaviour. The entire course has fulfilled my expectations and now I know some great books to read. Thank you!


İlke Begüm Ögel

교육 기관: Srijani R

2021년 4월 28일

Loved how each of the modules had certain practice questions to delve deeper into our thinking and understand the process that goes behind our decision making.

교육 기관: Cristela W L M

2021년 4월 23일

Totally relatable whatever transition you are in right now! This explains your career and what influences your decision as well as how you can improve them.

교육 기관: jimmy c

2019년 2월 2일

Very very insightful and thought provoking, really helps to open my mind to the career decisions that I make and will make in the future. Highly recommended

교육 기관: Chuks-Osuji C

2020년 6월 22일

This course impacted greatly in me. I learnt a lot that can help anyone in life from this course. It is a really nice and helpful course,

교육 기관: Jen C

2021년 5월 20일

This course is extremely beneficial for students entering college or are currently in college discovering a career path that suits them.

교육 기관: Ketmany V

2020년 12월 9일

This course helps me find out more about myself and my values to make the right decision in career.

교육 기관: Opufou O J

2020년 7월 1일


교육 기관: Anna Y

2020년 11월 2일

Very nice course :) I enjoyed the exercises/assessments, because they make you think

교육 기관: Okpe J O

2020년 6월 30일

this is a great course

교육 기관: mofeyisope o

2020년 6월 30일

such a great course

교육 기관: Annika D

2019년 7월 6일

helpful first step

교육 기관: Ulvi A

2021년 4월 27일

People have to be guided to contribute to goals with zeal and confidence. “Zeal is ardor, earnestness and intensity in the execution of work; confidence reflects experience and technical ability.” The ability to influence the behaviour of others is known as leadership. Leaders exploit human potential and transform it into output.

Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organisation to make it cohesive and coherent. It is the ability to build confidence and zeal among people and create an urge to be led. It inspires confidence and support among group members to achieve the organisational goals.

Leadership is the process by which an executive imaginatively directs, guides and influences the work of others in choosing and attaining specified goals, by mediating between individuals and the organisation in a manner that both obtain maximum satisfaction. Dynamic and effective leadership leads an organisation towards success.

“A leader is one who conducts, acts as a guide to others in action or opinion, one who takes the lead in any enterprise or movement, one who is ‘followed’ by disciples or adherents, the most eminent member of a profession, a person of eminent position and influence.”

교육 기관: Evguenia L

2021년 5월 17일

I've had a great experience with this course, thanks to which I feel very motivated and ready to take action towards my life goals. The information was well structured and precise. I'm not a student and have been thinking about a career change for a while. I can say with a 100% certainty that this course suits not only young people who aren't sure about their career choice but also adults who are entering the stage in life when they are thinking what is next and how to improve their quality of living. Thank you for great insights and a push to analyze and act!

교육 기관: Jillian N

2020년 10월 5일

Absolutely wonderful! The instructor speaks clearly and at a nice, easy pace which makes it simple to follow. The course includes interesting introspective activities with tools for effective decision-making which teach students to consider all influences, interests, values, and any other crucial components when making decisions. I've learned so much more about myself and my career development path by taking this course. I'm grateful to have found such a great gem!

교육 기관: Vo M T

2021년 5월 30일

With full of expertise, Sharon the lecturer has helped me go through a self-realization process and gain new values, enlightening me both personally and professionally in areas I think I already knew well enough. This course is highly beneficial not just for young people who are about to enter the world of work, but also for people struggling in the world of tough choices in life, whether it be work or family.

교육 기관: Juliane

2021년 5월 10일

This course has taught me a lot not just about career decisions but also about myself — my skills, interests, and strengths. If you are having a hard time with deciding or choosing your career or even an identity crisis, you'll definitely have a lot of learnings, realizations, and such. I'm super grateful to have attended this course that will surely help me in college and in the future.