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자막: 영어, 그리스어, 일본어, 중국어 (간체자)

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AnimalBehavior Problems Diagnosis And TreatmentAnimal BehaviorDog

100% 온라인

지금 바로 시작해 나만의 일정에 따라 학습을 진행하세요.

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자막: 영어, 그리스어, 일본어, 중국어 (간체자)

강의 계획 - 이 강좌에서 배울 내용

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The Appliance of Science

In week 1, we provide 'an insight into cats and dogs behaviour: through their eyes'. We will explore cats and dogs of the world and ask you what you cat and dog mean to you, as well as what you feel is important to your cat and dog. At the end of the week, you will be able to complete the first of the graded quizzes. We hope you enjoy the MOOC as much as we have enjoyed making it!

10 videos (Total 32 min), 5 readings, 2 quizzes
10개의 동영상
Dogs in the World3m
Dogs, cats and humans5m
Voxpops - what our cats & dogs mean to us3m
Unrealistic expectations for animals to cope with unnatural situations - part 11m
Responsibilities of pet owners2m
Responsibilities of the Veterinary Profession2m
Voxpops - what's important to our cats and dogs2m
5개의 읽기 자료
How To Use This Course10m
Statement of Ethics10m
Overview: week 110m
Ask the experts - audio response10m
Additional Resources10m
2개 연습문제
Sentient beings2m
Week 1 assessment20m
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In week 2, we will we explore ethology, which is the scientific and objective study of non-human animal behaviour, rather than human behaviour, and usually with a focus on behaviour under natural conditions. There will also be an opportunity to look at different breeds of cats and dogs and some of the possible issues that arise from breeding. At the end of the week, you will be able to complete the second of the graded quizzes.

8 videos (Total 77 min), 2 readings, 5 quizzes
8개의 동영상
Breeds and their uses6m
Alpha Dog5m
Ethology and Domestication6m
Genetics of a Cat9m
Ask the experts - video response27m
2개의 읽기 자료
Overview: week 210m
Additional Resources10m
5개 연습문제
Test your knowledge: dogs10m
Test your knowledge: cats10m
Praising dogs2m
Cats and their environment2m
Week 2 assessment20m
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Sense and Sensibility

In week 3, we aim to explore cat and dog sensory capabilities and how they interact with their world. We will explore how our cats and dogs communicate with us and each other. We will also examine how their specific senses work and how they use these to operate effectively such as to solve problems, hunt, and play. At the end of the week, you will be able to complete the third of the graded quizzes.

7 videos (Total 44 min), 3 readings, 3 quizzes
7개의 동영상
Dog senses4m
Canine Communication7m
Dog Intelligence3m
Ask the experts - video response8m
3개의 읽기 자료
Overview: week 310m
Video references: Cat intelligence: hunting, problem solving, play and human Intelligence10m
Additional Resources10m
3개 연습문제
Happy/content cats2m
Happy/content dogs2m
Week 3 assessment20m
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Living with humans

In week 4, we explore the domestic environment and how our cats and dogs adjust to this (or not). We will also discuss what behaviours may arise due to the unrealistic expectations that we may impose on our pets. The videos this week, will help you recognise the signs of fear, frustration, and anxiety, as well as other behavioural problems in cats and dogs. At the end of the week, you will be able to complete the fourth graded quiz.

9 videos (Total 57 min), 2 readings, 3 quizzes
9개의 동영상
Problems for our pets – what is the their experience?6m
Cat myths13m
Modern challenges for modern dogs5m
Dog Aggression7m
Street Dog5m
Ask the experts - video response8m
2개의 읽기 자료
Overview: week 410m
Additional Resources10m
3개 연습문제
Anxious/scared cats2m
Anxious/scared dogs2m
Week 4 assessment20m
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The Truth About Cats and Dogs의 최상위 리뷰

대학: CNMar 4th 2018

This is a very informative, interesting and well prepared on-line course with lots of documentation that one can read later on in order to get more knowledgeable about dogs and cats. Thanks!

대학: XSMay 24th 2017

A quick stab at some base concerns of animal welfare issues nowadays focus on cats and dogs, good start point to view with objective and scientific measures for anyone that is interested.



Miss Hayley Walters, RVN

Welfare and Anaesthesia

Dr Heather Bacon

Veterinary welfare edcuation and outreach
Jeanne Marchig International Centre of Animal Welfare Education

Professor Nat Waran

Professor of One Welfare
Eastern Institute of Technology, Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Dr Amy Miele

Lecturer in Clinical Animal Behaviour
Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education

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