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This course is designed to cover subjects in advanced high school chemistry courses, correlating to the standard topics as established by the American Chemical Society. This course is a precursor to the Advanced Chemistry Coursera course. Areas that are covered include atomic structure, periodic trends, compounds, reactions and stoichiometry, bonding, and thermochemistry....

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Jul 24, 2016

This is a great course. The primary feature is the number of worked and practice problems. Instead of memorizing, one learns by doing. Short of being in the lab, this is the next best thing.


Mar 17, 2017

This course was intriguing and eye opening for me. It was relevant and broadly useful.\n\nI hope I took the advantage of it and that it will help me in my future learnings of chemistry

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교육 기관: Miljana

Jul 27, 2017

perfect reminder of general chemistry, i really do recommend!

교육 기관: Fernando O

May 23, 2016

Very good course, congratulation to University em Professors.

교육 기관: Fhahim J

Aug 28, 2019

Great course, gives a great insight into the topics covered.

교육 기관: Peter H

Oct 15, 2016

Loved it! Some Organic chemistry courses coming up then? lol

교육 기관: mohammad h m

Aug 13, 2016

big biig thanks to my dear helpful teacher and university :)

교육 기관: Mouhannad R

Nov 25, 2019

It was one of the best chemistry courses I have ever done.

교육 기관: George B

Nov 07, 2018

great teachers! focus on the facts, with clear examples.

교육 기관: Zharbekov D I

Oct 07, 2019

Thank you very Much for this great COURSE in CHEMISTRY!

교육 기관: Taeho K

Nov 17, 2018

Great instructors and good course material provided.

교육 기관: Maram A

Nov 08, 2018

Awesome!! Thank You Very Much!! It is a lot of help.

교육 기관: Lukman P

Dec 18, 2016

I am very happy i have learn new things in chemistry

교육 기관: Lars T

Apr 05, 2018

Very good introductory course to general chemistry.

교육 기관: Oscar N R G

Nov 12, 2019

excelente me gusto la explicación, muy entretenido

교육 기관: Mani H

Nov 08, 2017

Great teaching , excellent pace.

Thank you so much.

교육 기관: Nydia R

Jun 09, 2018

Complete course and very helpful! Thanks a lot...

교육 기관: abeer m h

Oct 06, 2019

Very helpfull course for begginers in chemistry

교육 기관: Rick M

Nov 30, 2019

thank you guys! fantastic format, very helpful

교육 기관: Hamza I

Feb 05, 2018

very helpful thanks for sharing your knowledge

교육 기관: Melissa W

Mar 19, 2017

Great course to learn the basics of Chemistry!

교육 기관: Sandra G S

Sep 24, 2016

Great course, complete and very well explained

교육 기관: Carol R

Aug 14, 2017

Great resource, explanation and good review

교육 기관: Duncan R

Jan 13, 2017

clear progressions and simple explanations.

교육 기관: Michael z

Sep 20, 2018

its a good chem brush-up class for college

교육 기관: Andre C

Aug 26, 2018

This was a great investment in the subject

교육 기관: Ephraim q

Oct 19, 2016

the best explanation so far , thank you !!