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Client Needs and Software Requirements , 앨버타 대학교

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About this Course

This course covers practical techniques to elicit and express software requirements from client interactions....

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대학: VB

Jul 06, 2016

Excellent! There is a lot of great practical info you can apply in real life. I would suggest instructors include some more info about SPM in the framework of startups (rather than client framework).

대학: RK

Jan 31, 2018

It is very good knowledge. But my English poor for that, was, sometimes. So was hard to understand and catch information. As a result 90% for grade. It is ok. But it is ok.\n\nViam supervadet vadens

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282개의 리뷰

대학: Niraj Hande

May 21, 2019

I would recommend this course to the BA's and Product Managers who are dealing with the client requirements day in day out.

대학: Marina Vuković

May 11, 2019

A lot of useful information and examples which I liked the best. The assiements are quite interesting for someone who is just starting to learn about the subject. The explanations are simple and understandable.

대학: Luis Alberto Guerrero Echegaray

May 09, 2019

Este es un curso fabuloso. Las explicaciones teóricas son de alta calidad y siempre vienen acompañadas de ejemplos bien relacionados con casos de la vida real

대학: shenlie

May 05, 2019

Is is very good to learn this course to know the basic skill to lead to the customer

대학: Rakesh Singh

Apr 22, 2019

Good, detailed course. Basics to understand software development business requirements.

대학: Javier Arturo Velandia Yepes

Apr 19, 2019


대학: sumit agarwal

Apr 07, 2019


대학: Priyanka D'souza

Apr 06, 2019


대학: Megan Bute

Apr 04, 2019

So far this is my favorite course Specialization. I also find it most applicable to my job. As a new Product Manager I was finding it very difficult to get a sound understanding of eliciting client needs and writing user stories. There's much written about it out there on the web, but I found it assumed more prior knowledge. This course was invaluable in this process, with hands on assignments that were great practice and very enlightening to see how other learners around the world had different takes on the same problem! I've bookmarked several discussion forum posts I know I'll refer to again and again. I strongly recommend this course to new PMs!

대학: Pablo Puente Garcia

Mar 27, 2019

This is a amazing course