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This course covers practical techniques to elicit and express software requirements from client interactions....

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2016년 7월 5일

Excellent! There is a lot of great practical info you can apply in real life. I would suggest instructors include some more info about SPM in the framework of startups (rather than client framework).

2018년 1월 30일

It is very good knowledge. But my English poor for that, was, sometimes. So was hard to understand and catch information. As a result 90% for grade. It is ok. But it is ok.\n\nViam supervadet vadens

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Client Needs and Software Requirements 의 535개 리뷰 중 51~75

교육 기관: Kai B K

2016년 2월 11일

I highly recommend this entire specialisation. It's clearly taught and requires your practical application throughout. I've learned a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed the process. Many many thanks Uni of Alberta.

교육 기관: Yuichi S

2021년 3월 6일

This course covers basic methods to elicit and express software requirement. It's easy to understand for non-native English speakers. Working items like creating simple wire frames and user stories are fun to do.

교육 기관: Nicolai A

2019년 7월 8일

Excellent, how to manage all requerimients life cicle from the very start to the end of the process, I really recommend this course for people having trouble on how to organize requierements in a professional way

교육 기관: Marina V

2019년 5월 11일

A lot of useful information and examples which I liked the best. The assiements are quite interesting for someone who is just starting to learn about the subject. The explanations are simple and understandable.

교육 기관: ZIAFAT A

2019년 10월 6일

First time ever I really understand that how important the user requirements are ? How we collect, manage and fulfill to satisfy the customer's need. I will suggest all of the professional to join this course.

교육 기관: Luis R

2018년 12월 27일

Identifying ambiguous requirements early is one of the most valuable topics I learned from this course. Also, the hands-on approach to create wireframes and work on user stories helped me learn the concepts.

교육 기관: Omkar G

2018년 1월 4일

Very Comprehensive course which covers all aspects of client needs and software requirements.

A great refresher for all software professionals to test their understanding levels and gain a lot more knowledge.

교육 기관: Bibiana M

2021년 1월 13일

Es excelente, como la forma de enseñanza, vas aprendiendo, dedicando 2 a 3 hrs semanales, me parece que cualquier lider tecnico o manager de desarrollo de software, deberia de tomar este tipo de cursos

교육 기관: Kattia C

2017년 9월 13일

What an excellent, detailed, and professional course. I learned so much about requirments, and let go some beliefs about my previous "knowledge" on how to create clear requirments. Thank you!

교육 기관: Slisenko K

2015년 12월 1일

Very useful course to build up a theoretical base for software requirements management. Relevant for every member of a software development team, especially analysts and product managers.

교육 기관: Lê N Đ

2021년 8월 13일

Thanks to this course, I have learnt a fundamental knowledge to start for new job as Business Analyst. I will continue to learn full course of SOFTWARE PRODUCT MANAGEMENT SPECIALIZATION.

교육 기관: Caitlin D

2016년 12월 8일

I have stumbled into Agile project management, but I have no background in it whatsoever. So I'm learning on the job, and this course has filled in some of the details for me. Thank you!

교육 기관: Ahmad I S

2020년 7월 18일

What I very appreciate from this course that we get feedback from your mistake so can learn from it. That's why it suitable for newbie or professional and programmer or non programmer.

교육 기관: Sameer G

2020년 1월 8일

Of the three courses that I have taken - Introduction, Agile Processes and Client Needs, this course was the most fun course. In fact, I am pumped up to use these learnings in my work.

교육 기관: Oliver G

2016년 2월 26일

One of the best coursers I have seen on Coursera so far. The video production quality, course structure and content is extra ordinary compared to other courses that I've seen so far.

교육 기관: joy y

2020년 6월 30일

Very Good Courses! I do learn a lot from it. I would say, it's one of the best, you should take it. Thanks for all the staff who worked hard to provide us this cool specification.

교육 기관: DEVESH B

2020년 6월 16일

This was one of the toughest topic i have ever encountered to, but the instructors made this course very simple, I respect their effort in teaching. I really loved this course.

교육 기관: Ryan P

2018년 12월 12일

It's a solid addition to get the specialization certificate. I may give it 4.5+ stars, but the course resources are exceptional - its like they wrote their own textbook almost.

교육 기관: Michelle H

2018년 2월 22일

Very informative and gives a clear and complete understanding of how to identify and process client requirements for the whole team. Easy to understand, even for a beginner.

교육 기관: Shyamala P

2017년 3월 22일

I enjoyed this course. Loved to learn from peers how same thing can be done in different ways, with different approaches. Excellently designed course.Thank you-



교육 기관: Sunny L

2016년 12월 5일

What makes this Specialization of such high quality is the pacing; each separate course is thorough for its own sake, but the courses build the knowledge base excellently.

교육 기관: Maria T

2020년 9월 6일

I love the instructors. Bradly and Megan are great professionally dressed and their accent and tone is outstanding. I have never seen such a great professionally classic.

교육 기관: Lindsay R

2019년 1월 27일

Very thorough review of the considerations and techniques available for ensuring quality requirements and client engagement. A little nitpicky on the semantics at times.

교육 기관: Alaa M S

2017년 11월 12일

This course was very nice, informative and joyful. Instructors are very good and knowledgeable. It provides major principles for clients needs and software requirements.

교육 기관: Sholpan I

2021년 1월 3일

This and previous courses tremendously helped me in my work. I made several extremely helpful changes in our project which improved the project progress considerably.