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This course covers practical techniques to elicit and express software requirements from client interactions....

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2016년 7월 5일

Excellent! There is a lot of great practical info you can apply in real life. I would suggest instructors include some more info about SPM in the framework of startups (rather than client framework).

2018년 1월 30일

It is very good knowledge. But my English poor for that, was, sometimes. So was hard to understand and catch information. As a result 90% for grade. It is ok. But it is ok.\n\nViam supervadet vadens

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Client Needs and Software Requirements 의 527개 리뷰 중 451~475

교육 기관: Claudia A

2020년 8월 26일

All content of this course it's very useful. Now I realize the important that understand the client needs to produce a good software solutions. I am glad to have enrrollmented and I am going to keep learn more about it.

교육 기관: Dumidu H

2016년 11월 27일

A good course to revise the concepts of capturing software requirements learned during a software engineering bachelors and to gather some of the newer techniques used in the industry such as use of user stories.

교육 기관: Keith v E

2019년 9월 23일

Overall the content is good - I have found going through the process and the rather challenging peer review assignments does reinforce the concepts and at least makes sure one is focused on the material!

교육 기관: monica r

2015년 12월 18일

Good overview. Wish there were more take away documents as well as links to additional information that summarized content in each section so you had a course book with terms at the end.

교육 기관: Masood N

2019년 11월 12일

I found weeks three and four a bit difficult to grasp. Lots of vague definitions that were a bit too close to one another to be distinct. Overall however, very useful course. Good work.

교육 기관: Sharie S

2017년 4월 3일

I like that it took the knowledge I'd acquired over 20 years of working in the technology field and applied it to the new organized business analysis field that has become the norm.

교육 기관: Loni W

2018년 1월 30일

Client Needs and Software Requirements is extremely informative and really identifies many of the "gotchas" when eliciting requirements. Excellent for beginners and i

교육 기관: Feriel G

2020년 11월 3일

Les cours sont clair dans un format court, on a pas le temp de s'ennuyer. grace à ce cours j'ai confirmer certainnes techniques et j'en ai appris d'autres nouvelles

교육 기관: Juan F

2020년 6월 10일

it was good, and really need to check many times videos due to not bee a english native speaker, is it possuble to have subtitles in spanish our portugueese?

교육 기관: Luna L

2017년 9월 22일

It's a great course for complete newbies. However, I think that management of changing requirements is an important topic and it wasn't included in the course.

교육 기관: Mara A

2017년 9월 19일

Very good overview of software requirements. This course will help business analysts who are member of development teams employing the agile methodology.

교육 기관: Manjula K

2019년 3월 3일

Great course where I learnt many practical aspects about requirements. I would definitely apply some of the tips I learnt from this course in my career.

교육 기관: Alia A

2021년 7월 24일

one of the greatest courses in this field, but i didn't recieve my certification till now as there is no one in peers reviewed my assignments.

교육 기관: Omayra P C

2016년 1월 11일

Ciertas tareas deberían mejorarse para que se practiquen casos reales del negocio y así aprender de los problemas que comúnmente se presentan.

교육 기관: Dhivya C

2020년 1월 1일

This course gives deeper insights on how requirements should be processed as this is one of the most important steps in building a product.

교육 기관: Van T

2015년 12월 20일

That's interesting course - a practical method of learning a theory topic. I like the way people interact in assignments. Thanks so much.

교육 기관: Arnaldo T

2020년 6월 2일

I Enjoyed this course, and learning more about requirements and client needs. Well presented session, and very clear and useful material

교육 기관: Natalia Z

2017년 3월 11일

To depended on peer graded tasks, when all course is done an you are still waiting for others to rate you. This is really annoying part.

교육 기관: Niraj H

2019년 5월 21일

I would recommend this course to the BA's and Product Managers who are dealing with the client requirements day in day out.

교육 기관: Chapla N R

2020년 5월 29일

It is very helpful to me and I learned many things specially how to deal with clients in terms of eliciting requirements.

교육 기관: Ricardo L T

2016년 11월 27일

Great overview of the subject, appropriate homework assignments to understand de value of the concepts we ar talking about

교육 기관: Perit H

2019년 7월 23일

Course notes need to have more info, like a small handbook to back to it as needed (during and after the course)

교육 기관: Muhammad Y

2016년 1월 16일

Good course with an excellent assignment.

Just if more details are supplied then the course be more valuable.

교육 기관: Halim B

2018년 6월 7일

Les principales notions pour le recueil des besoins ainsi leur gestion notamment avec les écueils à éviter.

교육 기관: Travis P

2016년 1월 13일

Great production values and useful techniques and assignments for eliciting and expressing client needs.