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Google 클라우드의 Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course equips students to build highly reliable and efficient solutions on Google Cloud using proven design patterns. It is a continuation of the Architecting with Google Compute Engine or Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine courses and assumes hands-on experience with the technologies covered in either of those courses. Through a combination of presentations, design activities, and hands-on labs, participants learn to define and balance business and technical requirements to design Google Cloud deployments that are highly reliable, highly available, secure, and cost-effective....

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2020년 9월 10일

Thanks Phillip! Excellent feed back after practice, always show new way how!\n\nReally good material, is a real open door for a Google concepts! Is a way to start to thinking in Google Cloud Architect

2019년 8월 27일

It was a wonderful course were I got to understand principles involved in business logic, determining youreaSLA, SLI and SLO and so many other design principles relevant for an end product scale.

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Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process의 622개 리뷰 중 576~600

교육 기관: SHAHIR S

2021년 5월 13일


교육 기관: Sipho M

2019년 10월 24일


교육 기관: Muhammad A N

2019년 2월 6일


교육 기관: Ying K N

2018년 7월 15일


교육 기관: Nuril F R

2021년 4월 23일


교육 기관: Aris I

2021년 2월 12일


교육 기관: Vishwa S

2019년 3월 3일

Good informative, but too long compared to previous courses. I recommended breaking it into 3 weeks instead of 2. Would like to see Jason Baker speak a little slow without talking too fast. I had to watch few times to grasp the all the information. However, the slides are really good. The challenges and that logging application idea gives a good understanding. The lab is kind of disappointing, I expected it to have more content with better organization.

교육 기관: Henrik H

2019년 10월 4일

The course was good. Good content, but there was so many errors and corrections in the slide decks, transcript errors and video errors. I find this unprofessional considering this is a recorded course and there should have been so many opportunities to correct those.

Also so many anecdotes that just made this course longer than necessary.

교육 기관: Marko V

2019년 1월 2일

Jason Baker is a great teacher. Finally a course in this certification that had a real teacher instead of human robots. Other instructors in the this course were just another robots making noise and not really contributing or teaching much.

교육 기관: Tyler W

2021년 5월 26일

Didn't like it. Doesn't quite fit, and requires a TON of repetitive tasks. The k8s pieces should be broken out and separated from the rest and delivered with the rest of the compute options earlier in the learning path.

교육 기관: Neil S

2021년 2월 24일

the design activity videos were difficult to really get into - coming up with an application and each part of it and how each thing works is a good excercise but don't think it works in a digital training course

교육 기관: Zlatan B

2019년 4월 25일

A lot of technical problems, the sound volume between two speakers is 80% off, the first quicklab makes no sense, does not let you move forward, the lectures are kind of butchered etc.

교육 기관: Ranjith K

2019년 10월 9일

this course was the most boring of all. All the other courses were nice and flawless. I had much interest throughout other courses in this specialization but this one held me back.

교육 기관: hleb v

2019년 2월 16일

one trainer is speaking too quietly. another one is speaking in a hurry, swallowing sound and words, making mistakes. without subtitles it's impossible to understand them.

교육 기관: Dilip K

2021년 5월 17일

When I initiated this session, it started with wrong module somewhere in between. It is not a good sign for google. Connect with me if you need any details.

교육 기관: John E

2018년 7월 12일

If you went through the other five courses, the lectures and lab here are overlap.Also the labs are harder to follow in this module that the prior 5.

교육 기관: Vinicius O

2020년 7월 22일

The premise is good, but the course and activities are kinda boring. Maybe it would be good to have practical exercises in each module.

교육 기관: Qingsheng L

2019년 10월 1일

It's too fast... I know you guys want to zip in as much information as possible but this course is really too hard to catch up with.

교육 기관: Marco M

2019년 4월 29일

Some labs were not working at the time I tried... issue seemed resolved by the time I reached the end of the course.

교육 기관: Aakash K

2019년 10월 22일

This course is not good as other than in which we are not able to under stand quick lab what he is want in his lab

교육 기관: Nishant

2018년 6월 6일

Lab3 deployment didn't work. Followed the lab. Gives me something to troubleshoot later if I use that template.

교육 기관: Giovanni V

2020년 3월 22일

Useful because it's a summary of the first four courses.

The LAB activities are very trivial, not so interesting.

교육 기관: Weikang S

2019년 2월 21일

course content could be refined and edited; currently it is more of a presentation.

교육 기관: Dhruv S

2019년 8월 29일

This course is cool but labs and practical learnings could have been more better!!

교육 기관: Davit B

2019년 12월 8일

It should have more practice, but turned out to be more theory.