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Welcome to the second course in the Building Cloud Computing Solutions at Scale Specialization! In this course, you will learn to design Cloud-native systems with the fundamental building blocks of Cloud computing. These building blocks include virtual machines and containers. You will also learn how to build effective Microservices using technologies like Flask and Kubernetes. Finally, you will analyze successful patterns in Operations including: Effective alerts, load testing and Kaizen. This course is ideal for beginners as well as intermediate students interested in applying Cloud computing to data science, machine learning and data engineering. Students should have beginner level Linux and intermediate level Python skills. For your project in this course, you build a containerized Flask application that is continuously deployed to a Cloud platform: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP)....
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Cloud Virtualization, Containers and APIs의 7개 리뷰 중 1~7

교육 기관: ENUONYE D J

2021년 11월 15일


교육 기관: Timothy Z

2022년 3월 9일

r​eally well structured and detailed

교육 기관: Amna Y A

2022년 1월 27일

thank u

교육 기관: Umuhoza

2022년 3월 20일

I loved the hands-on experience!!

교육 기관: Stephan K

2021년 10월 29일

G​ood course, but covering all 3 major cloud platforms at the same time is sometimes a little bit confusing. Also the quizzes are far too simple since many wrong answers are too obvious.

교육 기관: Ilankumaran M

2021년 11월 21일

detailed explanation on all topics

교육 기관: Ka P ( Y

2022년 2월 2일

The teacher teaches too many things but they all are too superficial.