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상트 페테르부르크 주립 대학교의 Commercialization of innovation activity results 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course was created in the partnership with StPetersburg Electrotechnical University ETU “LETI”. This course provides the basic knowledge of the patent law, innovation management, and basic marketing methods in the sphere of intellectual activity results. The course examines some issues related to the assessment of the technologies completeness using the methods LIFT and TAME; assessment of the commercial potential of the intellectual activity results based on the business-planning methods and Due Diligence strategy, as well as the classic strategies and key practices of this commercialisation. The course aims at providing learners with the skills in the sphere of legal regulation of the commercialisation in the implementation of the innovative projects. The course introduces learners to the basic terminology, examines the main approaches to assessment and implementation of the project economic efficiency indicators. The issues are considered both from the point of potential investor and the future customer. The course examines the key methods of evaluating the cost of the project and the product, which is to be introduced to the market. Upon completion of this course, learners can solve a variety of problems related to the project management in the sphere of commercialisation of intellectual activity results....
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