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In collaboration with the Rollins School of Public Health and the CDC's Division of Global Health Protection, Emergency Response, and Recovery Branch, this course introduces basic concepts and principles of communicating during a global crisis or emergency. It explores why communication during an emergency is different and the importance of adapting emergency messages to the needs of affected populations. Through sample scenarios, you will get the opportunity to identify information needs and develop useful messages using six guiding principles to help you communicate effectively and promote behaviors that reduce health risks during an emergency....

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2020년 5월 26일

The course was able to provide a simulation on emergency response mechanisms. The reading materials and video lectures provided are engaging and effectively introduces new concepts to a new learner.


2020년 4월 27일

I enjoyed this taking this course and found the information to be useful in any emergency, not just global ones. I have already begun using some the techniques and they have proven to be helpful.

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Communicating During Global Emergencies의 117개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Aigerim

2020년 5월 10일

It is a realy good practice and knowledge for those who work with safety as me and experience global emerfencies. It will be useful for people who also work in mass media and safety, Thanks for good professionals, tutuors.

교육 기관: Natasha V L

2020년 10월 18일

Great course! Give information about how to communicate effectively during an emergency situation. Even I'm not working in this field directly, I found this course helpful to increase my communication skill. Thankyou!

교육 기관: John E P O

2020년 6월 27일

I learned a lot about crisis and risk communication through this course. The instructional videos are easy to digest and I recommend government employees, especially information officers to take this course.

교육 기관: Atanur D

2020년 4월 29일

This course provides a good overview of how communication should be established before an emergency and how it should be communicated during a crisis.

교육 기관: Andrew H C

2020년 7월 20일

Great insights and key learning on communication during global emergencies. The right message at the right time from the right person can save lives!

교육 기관: Selame N T

2020년 4월 27일

This is such a fantastic course. It has been very informative and useful, especially given the current circumstance. I would 100% recommend it.

교육 기관: Rajesh D

2020년 6월 5일

This is a vital course.And it's very necessary at the critical situation.So help people during emergency situations it's a noble work.

교육 기관: Eric M F d l R

2020년 6월 4일

Excellent course! But, the peer review assignment questions sometimes have to be made less ambiguous, clearer, and more specific.

교육 기관: Christian A C

2020년 6월 19일

I learned valuable inputs from this course that are surely application especially during this pandemic-stricken time. Thank you.

교육 기관: Caroline L

2022년 4월 30일

T​his course has provided students a very intersting insight while connecting communication and emergency control together.

교육 기관: Kevin P K

2020년 6월 10일

This was a great course and I enjoyed all aspects of it. I found it very worthwhile, I learned a lot from this course.

교육 기관: Anoop H

2021년 6월 19일

Excellent content, must try course during these unprecedented time (COVID19 Pandemic) and fast changing geopolitics.

교육 기관: RIAZ A K

2020년 5월 15일

Very informative for organization as well as for people who want to serve the communities during Global Emergencies.

교육 기관: Anani K

2020년 4월 26일

Thank You. I find the course very relevant across years and very helpful to me as I work in the development sector.

교육 기관: Jamshid A

2020년 4월 1일

An eye-opening course! The right message at the right time from the right person or organization can save lives.

교육 기관: Peter K

2020년 5월 2일

Great content and presentations. Very useful information for anyone with crisis communication responsibilities.

교육 기관: Grace E W

2020년 9월 10일

This was an amazing class. I learned so much. I have shared this information to my friends and coworkers.

교육 기관: Khairoon A

2020년 8월 2일

Great way to understand the basics and essentials of communicating during global emergencies.

교육 기관: Chioma G

2020년 4월 17일

I love that the videos were straight to the point, brief and the instructors did a great job!

교육 기관: akash s

2020년 4월 20일

Detailed and to the point. great work by people who are involved in this course.Great Work.

교육 기관: Chloei C

2020년 5월 17일

Modules are very helpful and handouts and other documents are also very much appreciated!

교육 기관: Thomas B

2020년 4월 28일

Very very useful in case of emergency. I will carry with me things learnt here.

교육 기관: John M

2020년 9월 5일

The video topics are very concise, and the supporting materials are excellent.

교육 기관: John H

2020년 7월 20일

Interesting, helpful and very timely - with the COVID-19 crisis facing us.

교육 기관: Violet O

2020년 5월 19일

An excellent course. Very informative and well structured. Thank you!