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In this course, you will learn to design the computer architecture of complex modern microprocessors. All the features of this course are available for free. It does not offer a certificate upon completion....

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2016년 10월 11일

Excellent course! It was really nice to have a high-level course, and I feel like this course makes a great substitute for the Computer Architecture course offered in my university.

2021년 9월 5일

I have a slight background in computer Architecture, taking this course allowed me to have a refreshier. Espeically being able to download the videos and do it all on my own time.

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교육 기관: Savo P

2017년 8월 24일

The course material (lecture slides) for "Computer Architecture" is almost identical to that of the other top universities, so you can be confident in its quality. Professor is clearly experienced in both teaching and the subject. I really enjoyed the lectures. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to take this course.

All in all, it was a very satisfying experience.

교육 기관: Rutuja W

2019년 9월 8일

The way of Professor is teaching is fabulous !!

Content of the course is amazing.

He has planned the course in such a way that new students can also understand the concepts.

교육 기관: Pedro P B d O

2017년 5월 8일

Quite intense but also quite rewarding. Dr. Wentzlaff's class are captivating and well prepared. The exames are a little bit exhausting, but effectively measure what was learned.

교육 기관: Ido G

2016년 10월 12일

Excellent course! It was really nice to have a high-level course, and I feel like this course makes a great substitute for the Computer Architecture course offered in my university.

교육 기관: Ry A

2018년 4월 7일

The course presents advanced material, not easily found elsewhere. Labs would have definitely facilitated the learning in this case and I hope they will be added in the future.

교육 기관: Duncan E

2016년 12월 15일

This course was a very helpful for filling in gaps in my knowledge between high level software development and details of processor architecture and instruction sets (MIPS mainly). I didn’t have the exact prerequisites for this advanced course so it was hard work especially at the beginning (hadn’t done the earlier architecture course recommended and am not an electrical engineer, but have trained and worked in software development and physical sciences). The concepts are not unduly difficult but the course is VERY detailed and the sheer volume of recommended reading somewhat overwhelming: I got by with buying a Kindle version of the Hennessy and Patterson text book (plus a few peeks into a digital logic book). I appreciated Prof Wentzlaff’s insights: he was clearly teaching from experience.

The course is however not really designed bottom-up for online teaching. The lectures are videos of actual Princeton lectures, with a few multiple choice questions hacked in. It helps to keep a copy of the slides when watching as when the camera pans out it is difficult to read the diagrams on the board.The course homework was quite difficult, even after the brief solutions were given. The mid-term and final tests exams were however well constructed and instructive and much clearer as to what was required. So all in all a real bargain for the cost of a text book!

교육 기관: Artem Y P

2018년 11월 24일

the course is extremely useful in giving an overview of the existing technologies and introducing needed terminology and basic blocks.

It is tightly bounded to existing technologies and is very valuable.

교육 기관: Vishal G

2017년 8월 24일

Nice course, learnt a lot of new information. If practical part is also included in this course, this this course will even be more good.

교육 기관: Franco V F

2016년 8월 7일

Excellent. The best COURSE very formal.

교육 기관: CHEN Y

2019년 8월 26일

Very well-structured Computer Architecture course.

As it says at the beginning, this course is an advanced computer architecture course. The first 3 lectures revision really helps refresh the basic knowledge and the later parts dive deeply in professional computer architecture areas as well as their applications.

I think the most excellent thing of this course is that in every part, the instructor lists down the corresponding pages from the textbook. This really helps me find the relevant knowledge from the book so that I can understand the lectures notes better.

Prof. David Wentzlaff's instruction style is very engaging. Hope to learn from from him : )

교육 기관: Balakrishnan K

2017년 2월 8일

Very good overview course for CPU micro architecture.

교육 기관: Md. J U

2019년 9월 6일

I am so excited for enroll this course.

교육 기관: Raveesh G

2018년 12월 27일

The curriculum is excellent and I found the lecture slides extremely helpful.

교육 기관: bhanu p

2019년 10월 11일

Very informative and nicely structured content

교육 기관: Mare B

2016년 10월 23일

Excellent course, provide real knowledge.

교육 기관: Ilyas A

2018년 7월 10일

Excellent, definitely not for beginners.

교육 기관: Saahil

2018년 12월 15일


교육 기관: Divant J

2020년 9월 2일

This course was really helpful and informative to gain knowledge on Superscalar Out-of-Order Processors. Besides the theoretical part, I was also able to design and simulate the Out-of-Order processors in Verilog HDL. The course content on Branch Prediction, Advanced Caches, Vector Processors & GPUs, along with introduction to Network Interconnects was really insightful and provided a holistic and comprehensive view of the computer architecture field.

Besides the coursework content, it was the teaching style of Prof. David Wentzlaff, that really bound me and motivated me to progress towards the completion of this course. He taught this course with so much vigor and enthusiasm, that at times when I just wanted to pause this course, it kept me going. A big thanks to Prof. David Wentzlaff and Coursera for providing this course for no cost. I will be forever indebted to Prof. David Wentzlaff for the knowledge he has provided to me.

I am now more confident in Computer Architecture and it will surely help me in my journey to become a computer architect!

교육 기관: Timothy

2016년 8월 29일

Fantastic course in Computer Architecture. I highly, highly recommend this course along with the hardware/software interface by U Washington. Advance level course - high level of background knowledge required.

교육 기관: Алексей К

2019년 2월 13일

The course content is of a very very good quality and is definitely useful for professionals. The lector presents info in a pleasant comprehensible manner. At the same time, it's an extremely challenging course because of plenty of sophisticated practical knowledge. Really recommend to accomplish optional homework if you plan to pass exams.

교육 기관: Akash S

2020년 9월 15일

No certificate

교육 기관: SHIVAM S

2020년 7월 2일

I was really a beginner in computer science I read all the recommended books, Computer architecture by Morris Mano and By Harris and Harris. It took 4-5 Books to understand the course but was worth it. I am able to think of design of newer data structure and I am able to implement it. Worth it, Just keep in mind to read books before the lecture else everything will go Beyond your head.

교육 기관: Adithya B

2020년 7월 2일

Course quality was top notch. Certainly one of the best courses on coursera. Exams are hard but are a good mirror of how you can expect the actual univ exams to be.

교육 기관: Pedro I P R

2017년 8월 7일

Excelent, thanks because I have empty my knowledge for this subject.

교육 기관: John G

2017년 3월 4일

Absolutely amazing course! Thank you Dr. Wentzlaff and all the mentors that created this course. I would take exception to the number of minutes that are in the syllabus as far as the reading time (it took me significantly longer!)