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지금 바로 시작해 나만의 일정에 따라 학습을 진행하세요.

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권장: 5-6 weeks of study, 2-6 hours/week...


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  • Biologists
  • Teachers
  • Social Workers
  • Economists
  • Psychologists

100% 온라인

지금 바로 시작해 나만의 일정에 따라 학습을 진행하세요.

유동적 마감일

일정에 따라 마감일을 재설정합니다.

초급 단계

완료하는 데 약 10시간 필요

권장: 5-6 weeks of study, 2-6 hours/week...


자막: 영어

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"그녀가 세상을 바라보는 관점이 세상을 바꾸었습니다."

저명한 Jane Goodall 박사에게 배울 기회를 놓치지 마세요. 사명감을 가지고 나아가는 인간이 다른 사람과 지역 사회에 어떤 영향을 미치는지 알아보세요.

강의 계획 - 이 강좌에서 배울 내용

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6개 동영상 (총 21분), 3 readings, 3 quizzes
6개의 동영상
Roots & Shoots 1015m
What is Compassionate Leadership?4m
Developing a Compassionate Leadership Identity2m
Understanding the Fundamental Concepts6m
Reflections with Dr. Jane25
3개의 읽기 자료
Monday Motivation10m
Additional Resources and Studies on Service Learning10m
Compassionate Leadership Skills & Traits10m
3개 연습문제
Introduction to Roots & Shoots12m
What is it?10m
Fundamental Concepts20m
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Step 1: Engaging Young People

6개 동영상 (총 25분), 6 readings, 1 quiz
6개의 동영상
It's All Interconnected7m
Step 1: Engaging Young People9m
Take a Virtual Field Trip to Gombe National Park1m
Using Esri Story Map to Engage Learners3m
Reflections with Dr. Jane1m
6개의 읽기 자료
Hello Dr. Jane! An Inspirational Biography10m
Videos to help get students engaged10m
Monday Motivation10m
Practice Using Reflection (Ungraded Activity)10m
Compassionate Leadership Activities10m
Additional Resources10m
1개 연습문제
Engaging Young People20m
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Step 2: Making Observations & Mapping Your Community

9개 동영상 (총 51분), 7 readings
9개의 동영상
Step 2: Community Mapping6m
Community Mapping Tools Overview3m
Pen & Paper Mapping5m
Mapping with Google My Maps6m
Mapping with Esri ArcGIS Online8m
Reflections with Dr. Jane3m
Mapping with Google My Maps - Advanced (optional)7m
Mapping with Esri ArcGIS Online - Advanced (optional)7m
7개의 읽기 자료
Mapping Curriculum Resources10m
The Value of Mapping10m
Monday Motivation10m
Pen & Paper Mapping Tutorial10m
Mapping with Younger Learners10m
Digital Mapping Tutorials10m
Make Your Own Community Map10m
완료하는 데 3시간 필요

Step 3: Taking Action

7개 동영상 (총 15분), 3 readings, 1 quiz
7개의 동영상
Step 3: Taking Action1m
Identifying Needs in Your Community3m
Choosing a Service Campaign3m
Planning a Service Campaign3m
Collaborating with the Community1m
Reflections with Dr. Jane56
3개의 읽기 자료
Additional Resources10m
Monday Motivation10m
Additional Resources10m
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Compassionate Leadership Through Service Learning with Jane Goodall and Roots & Shoots의 최상위 리뷰

대학: SBAug 23rd 2019

I loved this way of working, especially with young students, love that they have all control of it. the course was easy and very understandable. it has great material available.

대학: ASMar 22nd 2018

This course outlined and provided great examples of the easy to follow Roots & Shoots process for engaging youth in helping identify and execute true service learning projects!



Hope Martinez

Youth Leadership Council Manager, Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots
the Jane Goodall Institute

Dr. Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE

Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute
the Jane Goodall Institute

Brad McLain

Research Scientist, Co-Director Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative, University of Colorado, Boulder
Center for STEM Learning

Erin Viera-Orr

Vice President, Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots
the Jane Goodall Institute

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자주 묻는 질문

  • 강좌에 등록하면 바로 모든 비디오, 테스트 및 프로그래밍 과제(해당하는 경우)에 접근할 수 있습니다. 상호 첨삭 과제는 이 세션이 시작된 경우에만 제출하고 검토할 수 있습니다. 강좌를 구매하지 않고 살펴보기만 하면 특정 과제에 접근하지 못할 수 있습니다.

  • 수료증을 구매하면 성적 평가 과제를 포함한 모든 강좌 자료에 접근할 수 있습니다. 강좌를 완료하면 전자 수료증이 성취도 페이지에 추가되며, 해당 페이지에서 수료증을 인쇄하거나 LinkedIn 프로필에 수료증을 추가할 수 있습니다. 강좌 콘텐츠만 읽고 살펴보려면 해당 강좌를 무료로 청강할 수 있습니다.

  • Founded in 1991 by Dr. Jane Goodall, Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is a youth service program for young people of all ages. Our mission is to foster respect and compassion for all living things, to promote understanding of all cultures and beliefs, and to inspire each individual to take action to make the world a better place for people, other animals, and the environment.

  • Roots & Shoots has been used in every single grade and subject matter (even physical education!). We have adaptations of our resources for younger children and the types of R&S campaigns that you develop will vary based on the age and abilities of your young people.

  • No. Roots & Shoots is global with individual groups and offices in more than 100 countries. Visit http://bit.ly/2w1TFfA to find the office closest to you.

  • This course is designed for K-12 formal and informal educators in the United States. However, we welcome individuals from all professions (and from anywhere in the world) to participate. Our resources and service learning model are easily (and often) adapted for use by other audiences. If you are located outside the U.S., we encourage you to check in with the Jane Goodall Institute office closest to you; as they may offer resources and materials specific to your country or region. You can find a list of offices here: http://bit.ly/2w1TFfA.

  • Visit our FAQ page at https://www.rootsandshoots.org/faq to learn more about Roots & Shoots and how to start your own Roots & Shoots group.

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