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If you want to break into competitive data science, then this course is for you! Participating in predictive modelling competitions can help you gain practical experience, improve and harness your data modelling skills in various domains such as credit, insurance, marketing, natural language processing, sales’ forecasting and computer vision to name a few. At the same time you get to do it in a competitive context against thousands of participants where each one tries to build the most predictive algorithm. Pushing each other to the limit can result in better performance and smaller prediction errors. Being able to achieve high ranks consistently can help you accelerate your career in data science. In this course, you will learn to analyse and solve competitively such predictive modelling tasks. When you finish this class, you will: - Understand how to solve predictive modelling competitions efficiently and learn which of the skills obtained can be applicable to real-world tasks. - Learn how to preprocess the data and generate new features from various sources such as text and images. - Be taught advanced feature engineering techniques like generating mean-encodings, using aggregated statistical measures or finding nearest neighbors as a means to improve your predictions. - Be able to form reliable cross validation methodologies that help you benchmark your solutions and avoid overfitting or underfitting when tested with unobserved (test) data. - Gain experience of analysing and interpreting the data. You will become aware of inconsistencies, high noise levels, errors and other data-related issues such as leakages and you will learn how to overcome them. - Acquire knowledge of different algorithms and learn how to efficiently tune their hyperparameters and achieve top performance. - Master the art of combining different machine learning models and learn how to ensemble. - Get exposed to past (winning) solutions and codes and learn how to read them. Disclaimer : This is not a machine learning online course in the general sense. This course will teach you how to get high-rank solutions against thousands of competitors with focus on practical usage of machine learning methods rather than the theoretical underpinnings behind them. Prerequisites: - Python: work with DataFrames in pandas, plot figures in matplotlib, import and train models from scikit-learn, XGBoost, LightGBM. - Machine Learning: basic understanding of linear models, K-NN, random forest, gradient boosting and neural networks. Do you have technical problems? Write to us:

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2018년 3월 28일

Top Kagglers gently introduce one to Data Science Competitions. One will have a great chance to learn various tips and tricks and apply them in practice throughout the course. Highly recommended!

2019년 2월 18일

Really excellent. Very practical advice from top competitors. This specialization is much more information-dense than most machine learning MOOCs. You really get your money's worth.

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How to Win a Data Science Competition: Learn from Top Kagglers의 273개 리뷰 중 101~125

교육 기관: Mukesh R

2019년 7월 15일

A very well made course and it has lots of useful information related to field of data science. Thank you for making it available to us.

교육 기관: Nikolay C

2019년 3월 25일

Excellent course! Previously I had a small experience in Kaggle competitions, but this course really charged me with new superskills! :)

교육 기관: David H G

2020년 10월 16일

is quite hard at some points since the jupyter notebooks demand quite advanced skills but is very detailed in the techniques to apply

교육 기관: Regi M

2018년 8월 14일

This course stands out as the instructors provide details of all concepts they discuss. It is also supported by numerical exercises.

교육 기관: Diego E P M

2020년 4월 10일

Awesome course on practical Data Science. If you are a Data Scientist this is a course you will not regret taking, 100% practical.

교육 기관: Grant S

2021년 6월 18일

Very dense content in predictive modelling. Will take a lot of time to learn all the content if you are not already an expert.

교육 기관: ahmed a

2018년 8월 27일

Very interesting course that gives you a cutting edge in public competitions. Many ideas that rarely seen in class rooms.

교육 기관: Adolfo M

2020년 10월 25일

Very powerful content. The course is full of meaningful and detailed information. Challenging as it sounds. Great work!

교육 기관: Yhoiner O M R

2020년 7월 5일

Es un curso con un montón de información

util que requiere de conocimientos de base y mediana comprensión de inglés

교육 기관: Vishal B

2019년 1월 25일

Really great course, with so great insights! I really enjoyed the talks on feature engineering and ensemble methods!

교육 기관: Oleg O

2018년 12월 8일

Very handy course, except I wasn't motivated enough to do home assignments. However, I gained a lot of new concepts

교육 기관: Evgeny K

2018년 10월 18일

Learned many interesting moments in competitive ML! The course is systematic and structured very good, recommend!

교육 기관: Murat O

2019년 5월 21일

It is a well prepared course which includes lots of tips and trick and theoretical background to be successful.

교육 기관: S V

2019년 6월 11일

Strongly recommended. The course did not seem appealing at first, but it was challenging and I learned a lot.

교육 기관: Jose M N d O J

2020년 10월 21일

A great course, learned a lot and I'm not a beginner at data science! I hope there's more courses like that!

교육 기관: Pablo V I

2018년 6월 1일

Challenging and fun. Perfect course in order to learn advanced machine learning techniques for competitions.

교육 기관: Diego D

2020년 9월 13일

Excellent Course.

It was tough, but it is amazing all the information shared by the instructors. THANKS!

교육 기관: Sylvain D

2019년 10월 6일

One of my favorite courses, you learn a lot of extremely practical things !! Not so easy, need hard work.

교육 기관: Aditya C

2020년 10월 9일

Really Great. Got to learn so many amazing things. EDA, stacking, boosting, time series and many more!

교육 기관: Angel M

2020년 4월 24일

It is the most demanding course I have ever had and in which I have learned the most. Excellent course

교육 기관: Karthikeyan S

2018년 2월 22일

Brilliant course. Thanks a ton for all the instructors. They are a real inspiration.

Regards - Karthik

교육 기관: Nadarasar B

2019년 8월 10일

Excellent course! Brilliant to gain a strong understanding of applying machine learning principles.

교육 기관: Frédéric G

2019년 6월 11일

Great ! I learned a lot with this course and a lot of things will be useful for my daily business

교육 기관: Jens R

2021년 1월 21일

It's a really great course, giving a broad overview of usefull approaches, methods and tools.

교육 기관: Shanaya M

2018년 10월 12일

Very informative course. Aspiring data scientists could benefit greatly through this course.