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In this six-module course, you will learn how businesses and organizations behave in situations in which strategic decisions are interdependent, i.e. where my actions affect my competitors' profits and vice versa. Using the basic tools of game theory, we will analyse how businesses choose strategies to attain competitive advantage. This course is also available in Chinese. Please go to our course catalog to access the Chinese version of Competitive Strategy....

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Sep 23, 2016

It's a course that will develop your capacity of watch the company's decisions for a theoretical way, and be able to understand their choices.\n\nThese decisions will be needed for a sustainable firm.


Jan 11, 2016

I have no previous business experience and I really enjoyed this class. It gave me insight into game theory and marketing and product development concepts. Good pace and good explanation of topics.

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교육 기관: Belle S

Aug 10, 2016

Interesting and informative course!

교육 기관: Rickey S

Feb 10, 2016

Very Clear and insightful.

교육 기관: Henrico D D

Feb 06, 2020

very well explained

교육 기관: GLORIA H G

May 23, 2018

Intersante el curso

교육 기관: Johan G

Jun 15, 2016

Very nice course.

교육 기관: Varun G

Nov 16, 2015

Excellent course!

교육 기관: Aditya G P

Jun 20, 2019

content is less.

교육 기관: Nguyen Q H

Dec 21, 2015

That is good!

교육 기관: Arvind P

Aug 26, 2015

Very useful.

교육 기관: Naveed A

Sep 06, 2015

Good course

교육 기관: Olusanya O

Aug 26, 2015


교육 기관: Luana V

May 10, 2016


교육 기관: Lok W H

Aug 08, 2015


교육 기관: Maxime B

Aug 27, 2018

Interesting course, well structured, lots of new information (for me), still it remains theoretical and the real life examples are rare such as: in the theory of the course we would do that but in real life no one would do it because of other parameters we do not take into account. That being said I will head up to the advanced competitive strategy course hoping to see real life exemples.

교육 기관: Jonathan C H

Mar 04, 2016

So far , very interesting and covers much of the material that was covered in my Strategy Course in my MBA. It has been a delightful course as a refresher and putting more up-to-date examples than when I covered much of this material some time ago. Have another 2.5 weeks to go but I will look for more courses from LMU & Tobias !

교육 기관: Bavin M

Mar 06, 2016

Would have rated it 4 if i had received my certificate of accomplishment like i was told at the starting of the course. The course was very informative and explained thoroughly and all but when you put it down on your resume or something its good to have a document backing up the claim.

교육 기관: Matthieu B

Sep 21, 2015

Good introductory class to the topic. Much time spent on examples. However, each module feels somewhat a bit disconnected from the other ones. A case study or example which would navigate students through all 6 modules would greatly help students remembering it all.

교육 기관: Mitali K

Dec 13, 2019

It has been good to take up this course. It is a nice one. It was something like learning game principals before simply playing. A very great thanks to you sir

교육 기관: Derick T

Sep 01, 2015

Not a lot of practice problems and somewhat superficial information.

교육 기관: Jonathan S

Jun 20, 2017

Es algo confuso la forma de explicarlo

교육 기관: Jae H C

Jun 27, 2017

interesting but too light

교육 기관: Zuber A

Aug 27, 2015

Good Attractiveness

교육 기관: Mukhles R

Oct 30, 2015

Well done

교육 기관: mrinal c

Dec 28, 2016

Don't have the certificate to certify that I've undergone the course. It is sad. The content of the course is good. However, without the certificate it feels like all my efforts have gone in vain. Please look into it.

I would like to receive the certificate, I am willing to pay for it. But I don't know how

교육 기관: Raquel S

Mar 26, 2016

very slow and boring. needs better and more relevant examples. Instruction should be more fast paced.