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This course is designed to provide a full overview of computer networking. We’ll cover everything from the fundamentals of modern networking technologies and protocols to an overview of the cloud to practical applications and network troubleshooting. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: ● describe computer networks in terms of a five-layer model ● understand all of the standard protocols involved with TCP/IP communications ● grasp powerful network troubleshooting tools and techniques ● learn network services like DNS and DHCP that help make computer networks run ● understand cloud computing, everything as a service, and cloud storage...

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2019년 8월 5일

This was a very fun course! I really enjoyed the style and pace of the information given. A lot of technical information was given while the course made it easy to take in and comprehend the material!


2020년 11월 8일

Great overview of the technical aspects of networking that, once again, started from the very "I know nothing basics" and moved to more advanced topics at a rate that this beginner could keep up with.

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교육 기관: Walberto R

2022년 7월 1일

h​aving an issue with week 6 that has not been resolved by coursera. The issue has been there in one of the last excersices without a resolution. I am dissapointed at the potential for this certificate

교육 기관: Ryan W

2021년 6월 14일

This networking section does not teach for comprehension. I feel like the topic is too broad for this certification and the lessons resort to teaching you fragments of protocols for you to memorize without any real understanding of how they apply to the real world. I had to do a ton of reading on my own to make connections between the information that was being offered, and even then I found the final test difficult to pass. All this and I have no idea how to configure a router or troubleshoot any kind of connection.

교육 기관: Chris D

2021년 6월 9일

This doesn't feel like a class so much as a poorly written technical manual being read out loud. The material begs for a walk-through of a real-life scenario. Too much jargon is introduced before the end-to-end concept is explained clearly and simply. Many of the details need to be added only after the big picture is clear. This should be a lot easier to grasp.

교육 기관: Ethan B

2021년 9월 30일

F​Illed with tons of concepts that you can't really get hands-on experience from, at least not through the Coursera outline. Seeing the same "instructor" reading the script at you is just not engaging, especially when he attempts to be engaging with puns. Hopefully the rest of these courses have more tangible lessons.

교육 기관: Perrin B

2021년 8월 7일

This course has v​ery difficult material and videos do not cover everything that you are tested on in the quizzes. It says it is a "beginner" course but they do not teach the material as if you are a beginner. Maybe instead of trying to be relatable with the jokes, etc. take the time to explain the material better.

교육 기관: Toma S

2022년 6월 26일

It was good till I got to the Ipv6 compression quiz/exam and it glitched out not giving me the correct grade after I got all 10 correct.

교육 기관: Joshua C

2022년 6월 25일

Module 6 final exam defaults to a 0 percent after successful completion. The bug is detrimental to all progress in the course.

교육 기관: Peter C

2020년 9월 17일

I attempted through both the course forums and contacting Coursera tech support to rectify a problem with a question in the graded quiz portion of the week 4 content. Both methods failed for various reasons.

There is a question in the week 4 content that either is incorrectly worded, or does not have the correct answer as an option. This is not to say that there is not an answer that is coded as correct. This is to say that even if there is a coded correct answer, that answer is wrong, because all of the available answers are wrong.

The question is what kind of packet is sent when a client sends a DNS request. The answer is UDP. The options available include one packet type, TCP, and 3 answers listing various flags for TCP that are used during the three way handshake.

While it is true that if the DNS server responds with a UDP packet indicating that the DNS response is too long, then the client will establish a TCP connection, which would involve a TCP packet, and the first packet would include a SYN flag. None of that answers the question asked.

I've given this review 1 star in the hopes that someone somewhere will take note and actually fix this problem. Tech support at Coursera repeatedly informed me that they were "not content experts" and the mentor who responded on the forums either failed to comprehend my issue, or just didn't know what they were talking about.

The course is actually very good outside of this single error, and I hope if you're reading this review trying to decide whether to take the course that you choose to do so.

교육 기관: Sabrina A

2021년 2월 19일

There is no way someone who has no experience in this field is able to learn and finish this course in the estimated timeline. There were no pictures of the talked about items, nothing to show us what things looked like, we interacted with these topics on the minimum, there wasn't any way for us to associated these topics with anything. There aren't even any kind of recommendations to practice these skills. I struggled so much throughout this whole course and was more so frustrated. I felt so underprepared and as if there was no way this was worth my money. 50$ a month just to have a vague idea about anything taught in this program? I think in these times, money could be better spent than trying to catch up on all the teaching I'm not getting with this course.

교육 기관: Jacob S

2020년 10월 18일

From the page for the Google IT Support Professional Certification program:"Upon completion of the certificate, learners eligible to work in the US can directly share their information with Google, as well as employers like Hulu, Infosys, Intel, Walmart, and more. "

The wording of this implies that UPON COMPLETION of the course, there will be opportunities for applications for WORK that were NOT AVAILABLE PRIOR. Saying this is MISLEADING. OF COURSE I can 'share my information with [these companies]", I COULD DO THAT BEFORE. The wording of this sentence was the ENTIRE REASON I took this course! I WASTED TWO MONTHS ON THIS! I COULD'VE JUST STUDIED FOR A+! THANK YOU FOR WASTING MY TIME.

교육 기관: Lee U

2021년 10월 14일

Absolutely terrible.

Disorganized. Frustrating. Information is very in-depth. Impossible to understand and follow. I learned more by looking things up on the internet on my own. How is anyone supposed to learn this, truly understand, and apply the concepts?

I have a BS in Psychology, specifically cognition and how people learn things best. Not nearly enough practical application in this course. Things are not explained well, simply read from a slide. I'm willing to bet many googlers do not now this ridiculous amount of information. Supplemental readings, terms and acronyms is not learning or teaching. I'd give this course zero stars if I could.

교육 기관: Hussein M R

2021년 2월 28일

HelloHope this email reaches you wellOkay My Problem is this, I finished all 6 courses related to "Google IT Support" two months ago, but I didn't receive my certificates because I wasn't able to verify my account since I didn't have a passport back thenafter contacting with "Islam Soliman" and finally with "Caleb" he said that i can claim my certificates anytime in the future, once i have my passport and i can verify my account.i signed in today to claim them...i couldn't or i didn't know how, since there wasnt any verify your Id thing related to "Google IT support" but instead there was "Purchase your Certificate".a little help pleasethanks

교육 기관: Bruno M

2021년 6월 24일

I lost count on how many times I fell asleep while watching this module videos, the teaching method is beyond boring, the instructor can't captivate your interest, you can clearly see he's reading what he says in the videos, and I seriously couldn't listen to him anymore, they use the same instructor for the 6 weeks of the course on almost every single video! it really seems like they're more interested in making you memorize everything or quit, than to actually make sure understand it, really not the best way to teach this, didn't enjoy this course at all.

교육 기관: Nabil C

2020년 6월 21일

I almost give up this course. For me horrible teaching. found in YouTube more information and better explanation to the materiel then this course. Better teaching . The quiz sometime doesn't work, especially the last one. IPv6 Compression quiz should taken out. we should not waist our time and money in such as thing. a child can do the exercise. need better and better than. I do not understand how this course got a better review. the first course " Technical Support Fundamentals" I took was great. However This one is not at all great.

교육 기관: Anthony R

2021년 7월 19일

Most courses are filled with mistakes and errors, the modules don't work well, the information is outdated, and annoying jokes and liberal politics are forced on the student. This course should in no way be labelled as preparation for the CompTIA A+ exam. In information and conciseness, this course is far worse than Professor Messer's free YouTube series. The only thing this is good for really is the badge and credential, though I'm still not sure how much benefit this provides.

교육 기관: Saba S

2022년 1월 6일

Hi, This is the same issue from over 6 months until now not solve so please solve it as soon as possible. When I'm in the "Partitioning and Formatting a Disk Drive in Linux" Lab I pushed "Start Lab" button I get this message: Sorry, your quota has been exceeded for this lab. I asked for help from the Help center but I got worthless help so I tried again and again and this is what I got after all: {"status":500,"error":"Internal Server Error"} So now What should I do?

교육 기관: mark w

2022년 6월 24일

although the course is good the ipv6 compression quiz has not worked for three days. I get a confirmation that I have compressed all 10 addresses correctly but when I submit the quiz, it says I have 0 correct. It is a required quiz and you do not get credit for the course until you successfully pass the quiz. Other students are having the same issue. I have submitted 4 trouble tickets for that issue but I have had no response and it is still not working

교육 기관: Jacob B

2019년 12월 15일

The first part started off great! Now I have started on week one of module two and every time I take week 1 test I receive a zero! Statistically there is no way I wouldn't get at least one right! I know some of them were correct but the format seems off and now I am locked out. Once this matter is resolved I will give a better rating but as of now it is ZERO stars!

교육 기관: Nick F

2021년 10월 24일

It is just a primer. This will get you a job in the chat-box helping people perhaps. Very unhappy worst $40 I ever spent. I have had zero job responses even from employers since taking this course. If Coursera can find me a job in this field granted the chat-box is all it qualifies you for then I will re-write this review.

교육 기관: Zarea S

2022년 6월 29일

IPv6 Compression quiz will not let me move foward and says "failed" even though I got all 10 answers correct. Can you guys please fix this quiz on your end. I've taken it 3 times, passed each time and "failed" keeps coming up after completing the quiz and clicking on "submit" regardless of a 10/10 grade. HELP PLEASE!

교육 기관: Kameron G

2022년 6월 24일

Extremely buggy. If you do a project completely right it will still mark it inorrect and make you do it again. Having the right answers will not help you if the assignment is programmed incorrectly. Even after furiously googling the bugs and how to get around them, the workaround solutions don't always work.

교육 기관: Monica H

2021년 5월 21일

The Quiz on Routes and Paths was a joke. Even when I clicked on the correct path and it was highlighted in green, I still received a 0. I tried at least 10 times or more. Went through the chat and I was a given a link to follow for help. I have yet to go to the links. Attempting to follow the links now.

교육 기관: PUNIT K M

2022년 6월 29일

don't even bother with this course. There's a glitch with IPv6 compression graded assesment which will always give you 0% even if you give all the correct answers and you won't be able to complete this course or get a certificate. Really feels bad considering this is provided by google.Pathetic!

교육 기관: Sean T

2021년 8월 24일

The courses truly are an expensive version of free information you can find online, there was no additional value that any of these courses offered than any other learning outlet would have.

It is seriously putrid that that any of these courses are being lauded as a worthwhile endeavor.

교육 기관: Heather S

2022년 6월 23일

If I could give this course negative stars I would. It's all because of the quiz at the end, IPv6 compression. I've probably tried this quiz at least 8 times already and even though I have all of the correct answers it says 0%, try again and failed. It ruined the entire course for me.