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This course is designed to provide a full overview of computer networking. We’ll cover everything from the fundamentals of modern networking technologies and protocols to an overview of the cloud to practical applications and network troubleshooting. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: ● describe computer networks in terms of a five-layer model ● understand all of the standard protocols involved with TCP/IP communications ● grasp powerful network troubleshooting tools and techniques ● learn network services like DNS and DHCP that help make computer networks run ● understand cloud computing, everything as a service, and cloud storage...

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Aug 06, 2019

This was a very fun course! I really enjoyed the style and pace of the information given. A lot of technical information was given while the course made it easy to take in and comprehend the material!


Feb 19, 2020

Apply yourself to these terms and concepts and you will gain knowledge that is presented in a very understandable way. Watch and rewatch the course videos and I promise it will all start making sense!

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The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking의 3,640개 리뷰 중 226~250

교육 기관: Neharika B

Jul 06, 2020

The course was awesome. It covered from all basics we ever need to topics where we can troubleshoot ourselves. I'm very fulfilled with what I have learned. And thanks to google, for providing this opportunity and also for making me involved in networking.

교육 기관: Katelyn R

Feb 17, 2020

This course was more intricate than the first, but I was happy to kick my brain into next gear. I have a solid understanding of the many different moving parts of networking. I look forward to implementing my newfound knowledge in my future IT career.

교육 기관: Taher K

Jun 04, 2020

Great course! I learnt the working of internet in great depth. Even after studying a computer science in my university in India, I learnt a lot of practical aspects of networking which always troubled me while figuring out how it all worked together.

교육 기관: Joshua P

May 19, 2020

A lot of technical information, but very interesting! I am amazed how much goes on in the background when I visit webpages, watch movies on Netflix, and stream my favorite YouTube Videos. This course taught me how it all works and it was fascinating!

교육 기관: Suthiphan S

Apr 11, 2020

Loads of information essential for IT support specialist. The course is well-designed and easy to follow. The illustrations make it easier to understand abstract concepts. Instructors are also doing a great job with the explanation and encouragement.

교육 기관: Manuel A G P

Mar 18, 2020

Para mí fue muy difícil comprender tanta información técnica pero con el mayor esfuerzo que pude logré aprobar todos los exámenes, el material está perfectamente explicado y es muy satisfactorio que aunque haya sido un camino difícil y largo lo logré

교육 기관: Cristian

Nov 12, 2018

This course truly helps you understand the basics of networking and lays the groundwork/peaks curiosity for deeper exploration. I really enjoyed learning about the different networking layers and how they all come together to make the internet work.

교육 기관: Rakshit K

Jun 24, 2020

The course was super amazing to revise the basics of networking and also learn the networking techs in industry. The instructor makes sure, that you never loose the interest in the matter even though some of the lessons were just theory. Keep it up

교육 기관: ERNESTO C

May 24, 2020

It was a really good corse, and all of the subjects were well explained. Maybe, the only thing i would improve is to add some glossary at the end of each chapter, since there are way way too many acronyms to remember, and it so it could be helpful.

교육 기관: Sameer J

Jun 05, 2018

This course covers the technical details and the core functioning of computer networking, and its protocols. It touches history, various standards, and the infrastructure that maintains all those things. It is very informational and amazing course.

교육 기관: PAUL C

Jul 01, 2020

I learned a lot about the basic bits of computer networking through this course. The course was up to date with the latest technological information. I highly recommend to anyone who is curious how it works underneath the modern computer networks.

교육 기관: Michael R H

Jan 06, 2020

Having completed CompTIA Network+ also, this isn't a replacement but this rounds out the knowledge from that certification nicely, a great complement I will be recommending for any struggling in N+ studies or just those wanting to know a bit more.

교육 기관: Celia F

May 26, 2019

Wow, it's an amazing class. This course gives a lot of info, and also many leads on what to research further. I plan on setting up a great home network, and learning as much as I can about a future in networking. Thank you for this amazing course!

교육 기관: Denis M

Sep 04, 2018

A lot of information but good information. The 8+ minute videos got a little long. Maybe it would be better if it were cut down into smaller segments. What I found of interest was the information on IPv6 because that is the future of the internet.

교육 기관: Aaron W

Mar 29, 2018

Excellent video instruction and interactive media. I am really enjoying this course and overcoming the challenges it presents along the way. Thank you for putting this course together and providing the opportunity to get ready for a career in IT.

교육 기관: Estaben T

Mar 26, 2020

Overall, the course is very thorough and the videos make it a bit easier to understand. There are many difficult challenges to overcome, however, rewatching the content a few times will help retain and understand the information that is taught.

교육 기관: YASH P S

Feb 05, 2018

This course is one of the fantastic course that I ever participated via online mode. I admit that, this course is many times better in terms of content, practical approach and hands on training with other competitive online training platforms.

교육 기관: Parker Q

Mar 01, 2020

It was a phenomenal introductory course. It's not something that'll make you a networking guru, but as I said...its an introductory course. You'll get ample understanding about the underlying internet infrastructure that us humans have built.

교육 기관: Jean P D

Nov 19, 2019

I really enjoyed this course it has brought a lot in my professional life and especially in the field that I am improving that is the informative. I say a big thank you to the instructor and for these very valuable explanations. Thank you...

교육 기관: Enoch T

May 27, 2020

Overall it was okay just a bit challenging. You will need time, lots of attention and patience to go through this course if you're just a beginner. You might have to watch some of the videos over and over again to really grasp some staffs.

교육 기관: Niranjan A B

May 15, 2020

Great course to invest your time into and learn something interesting. Some concepts are tricky at first but when you revisit it ones or twice you get it all. Had a great time learning and experiencing it all. Thank you Coursera and Google

교육 기관: Everett J L

Jul 04, 2019

Not overly in-depth on all subject matter concerning Networking, it gives a solid fundamental understanding of the concepts and operations. Prior to this course, I did not understand the depth of knowledge needed for Networking operations.

교육 기관: Oscar A R Q

Nov 08, 2019

I am so happy with this training, when I am at the office or at home I imaging how the bits and bytes goes around the traffic in the router hahahaha, yes a more clear picture is taking place.

Great teachers and very concise topics. thanks.

교육 기관: Brett B

Mar 25, 2018

The material is very easy for someone new to technology to understand. I was motivated throughout the course to continue learning and even played around a bit with my command line to test out some of the tools and concepts - great course!

교육 기관: Samir C

Feb 19, 2020

I liked the network configurations and how they work. It was extremely interesting. I really enjoyed this course. I have never known so much things like that about networking. And I am pleased to continue courses in this specialization.