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This course is designed to provide a full overview of computer networking. We’ll cover everything from the fundamentals of modern networking technologies and protocols to an overview of the cloud to practical applications and network troubleshooting. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: ● describe computer networks in terms of a five-layer model ● understand all of the standard protocols involved with TCP/IP communications ● grasp powerful network troubleshooting tools and techniques ● learn network services like DNS and DHCP that help make computer networks run ● understand cloud computing, everything as a service, and cloud storage...

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2021년 2월 23일

This course was amazing and helped me understand so much more about networking, things I never thought I would know or understand. Very fulfilling and I can't wait to use this knowledge going forward.


2021년 6월 21일

This course was more intensive than the first one, but felt a little more hands-on. I am excited to see how the next course goes. I do feel I learned quite a bit in this course and it was challenging.

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The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking의 8,801개 리뷰 중 101~125

교육 기관: Romaine A M G

2020년 9월 19일

About 40 percent was hard for me because of work and the questions where kinda hard if you don't remember every single thing! But my favorite part was the cloud and IPV6 if I have a chance I would have gotten it done faster in a few weeks, not two months. I did the first course in like 3 days!

교육 기관: Daniel P

2021년 5월 25일

The course had a lot of good material, but could have had a little better support for memorization. It is phenomenal how much you can learn though.

교육 기관: Carlos A

2021년 6월 18일

T​he course would've been better if it started with the last 2 subjects since they were much more easier than the first 3


2021년 5월 24일

a bit too much concept less practical

교육 기관: Douglass A

2021년 5월 25일

I do feel that this material was hyper-compressed, so for that reason I give it three stars. However, this course does a really good job of getting you up to speed quickly. I would like to get it 3.5 stars if I can, but the rating system won't allow me too. So, while I would like to give it 3.5 stars; I can't. So, this leaves me with giving it three stars. I can't exactly round up four stars, because I do feel at certain points many concepts were quickly glossed over. I'm under the impression that you need to do a lot more reading to do IT, so I'm expecting to do a lot more reading, right after I'm done taking these six courses.

For those taking this course, don't feel discouraged if you can't pass these six courses. This really isn't the end of your path in IT, if this really is for you. Go to a club or do some meetup groups that chat about these concepts, because IT really can be for everybody. IT is tough, the only reason I'm taking it is because my specific life situation that I'm in. I do think this was meant to be taken as a college course, but whatever, you get what you paid for. Don't be discouraged by the grade you get either, because as long as you pass that's all that matters. Most important of all, have fun. Plus, I bet in the end most if not all of us are going to be completely useless on how to do troubleshooting in a corporate setting anyways. Just keep going man.

교육 기관: Dylan P

2021년 4월 20일

I have mixed opinions about this course.

I will start with the good. As someone with previous technical experience, some of the shorter videos were great refreshers. Overall, by the end of the course, I was more confident in my networking knowledge that had become rusty over the years. I had even learned some new concepts I had never considered before.

The bad. Some of the explanations, examples, and supplemental reading are poor. Upon reviewing the course, I realised that basic definitions and simple analogies are often lacking or missing altogether and this interrupts the flow of the course. I found myself constantly referring to external sources to clarify topics due to the lack of clarity. I could only imagine how frustrating this would be to someone trying to learn IT for the first time!

Despite these criticisms, the course does cover the essential networking topics and is worth completing. I would recommend finding a good resource, such as a book (I used Networking for Dummies as a reference guide) or a website with better explanations. Which is a real shame because with some revision, this could be one of the best introduction to networking courses on the Internet.

교육 기관: Luke P

2021년 9월 27일

The teacher was friendly and there was a lot of information to learn, but a little forewarning for new IT learners: you will absolutely need outside sources to fully understand what's being discussed here. One issue I had with this course is that I took notes while watching the videos, and I thought I could manage with writing key terms and things that sounded important. As it turned out, the quizzes mostly asked questions that were briefly mentioned or said in passing. Almost nothing I noted ended up helping me for the first half of the course. For the second half, I practically wrote down every single word the instructor said, which was probably a lot more than necessary. That's what ended up helping me through the course, though. People with more experience may have an easier time understanding this course, and it's taught well, but beginners will need a lot of extra help to get through it.

교육 기관: Avi L

2018년 7월 30일

I love the energy and personality of the instructor, but the material was almost entirely learn by rote. There were minimal interactive exercises requiring the application of skills. The tests were taken verbatim from the lecture content, and it's obvious the instructor is reading off a prompt the whole time. The only assignment that isn't a rote test is a paper that just requires describing the same material you were just tested on over again. This course would really benefit from a little more improvisation and visual demonstration in the lecture videos and from more interactive material in the course content. I don't feel like I'm quite as strong in networking as I will be in operating systems after finishing the lab-oriented Power User course that requires a lot of practical work.

교육 기관: Anna L

2021년 5월 21일

The instructor teaching the course was great but I wish there were more visualizations during the videos to better learn all of the terms thrown at you. It would be better to see how everything is applied and with more hands on activities. There was quite a few times that I had to go on to youtube to better understand the concepts taught during this course because it wasn't easy to digest for beginners.

교육 기관: Janice B

2021년 5월 12일

The material is presented in a very digestible way; however, it is very, very difficult material which requires too much ancillary information in order to fully grasp the concepts, which are not thoroughly fleshed out,

교육 기관: William J

2021년 5월 9일

I wasn't really a fan of the instructor, and the course really could have used a lot more interactive activities. I ended up using google to learn most of the material.

교육 기관: Isis C

2021년 6월 4일

This sucked. Please allow copy & paste function during the quizzes. IT is about being efficient and using tools, then please for the love of God, LET ME USE SHORTCUTS. Networking takes time to understand, I get it, but at least give us some downloadable pdfs with the diagrams and models from the video instead of making me SCREENSHOT every second to have models to reference. Victor, my man, thanks for teaching the course, but it needs some WORK to help students understand. This would have been hard at university, CC or online. The least they could do is PROVIDE US WITH PRACTICE EXAMPLES FOR THE GRADED ASSIGNMENTS that way we are well equipped. Rant over. Thank you coursera.

교육 기관: Brandon M

2021년 4월 8일

In my opinion this material was far too in depth, beyond that which is required for Tiers 1-3 Support Techs, I guess that's why the course is titled "specialist". The routing paths and subnets quiz had me stumped for 4 weeks. I solved it using Dijkstra's Algorithm. it was really quite easy once I had figured it out.

교육 기관: Alonzo G

2020년 10월 16일

The course doesn't provide enough applications for real life. It "tells" a lot more than it "shows." I really wish I learned more practical information from the Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking course.

교육 기관: Nguyen T P

2020년 3월 5일

This course has a problem with Wireless Channel Quiz of Week 5 learning. I tried a lot of time with 5 success scenario for the quiz but it still grade me 0 point, I asked customer service for support but they are not happy to help me and very unaccountable. For anyone who want to learn this course, you can learn but for this quiz "Wireless Channel" is very frustrating. This could be the first and last time I use this coursera platform because of terrible customer service.

교육 기관: Kron A

2020년 6월 25일

In the second part of the course, I could not send the answers to the quiz, I cleaned the cache and cookies in the Chrome browser. I tried running the task from the Tor browser. All the technical support tips that were written on their forum did not help, there is no way to contact technical support on Coursera. Do not pay for this, the problems are not solved, contact directly there is not provided with other courses on Coursera such a problem was not.

교육 기관: Luis D

2018년 3월 3일

Not having fun repeatedly trying to finish their Layers test which keeps marking me as wrong. There's no way anybody can fail that test since they give you the answers. Yet changing computers and browsers has no effect on the results. I keep getting failed at that one exam.

Wasted a hour already today with this.

교육 기관: Milly M

2022년 6월 30일

There is a bug in the quiz IPv6 that will automatically fail you and Coursera isn't doing anything to help us besides forwarding us back to a Discussion Forum that is full of peers having the same issue and no solution. Or they write automated messages saying they are going to look into it.

교육 기관: brian b

2020년 6월 21일

This course is ridiculous: there is a flaw with the course that prevents me from moving forward, yet I am not able to get any technical assistance whatsoever. Its all about generating income nothing else. There is no mentor, no customer service number. Unbelivable

교육 기관: Muhammad A

2022년 6월 29일

IPv6 Compression Quiz is bugged, I have typed all the right answers and whenever I submit it, the grade I get is 0%. This the most stupid quiz and its hilarious that an IT support program have technical issues . oh and Support is dead with no one to fix this.

교육 기관: Colleen S

2022년 6월 30일

I literally can't complete the course because of a SERIOUS bug in "IPv6 Compression" and the tech support in the forums does not seem to help whatsoever. extremely frustrating

교육 기관: Aaron G

2022년 6월 28일

The IPv6 compression assessment does not allow anyone to pass and Coursera/Google do not seem to have any fix or path forward.

교육 기관: Evan A

2021년 5월 4일

The course should have explained better on the IPV6. Should not have to watch an video elsewhere to understand the material.

교육 기관: Alvir D

2021년 6월 16일

this was probably the most stressful unit yet. when you think you have the right answer, it gives you an error

교육 기관: Gabriel M

2022년 6월 27일

Last quiz on this section (I​pv6 Compression quiz) is bugged, wont allow me to continue and complete