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일리노이대학교 어버너-섐페인캠퍼스의 Object-Oriented Data Structures in C++ 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course teaches learners how to write a program in the C++ language, including how to set up a development environment for writing and debugging C++ code and how to implement data structures as C++ classes. It is the first course in the Accelerated CS Fundamentals specialization, and subsequent courses in this specialization will be using C++ as the language for implementing the data structures covered in class....

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2020년 1월 12일

Honestly, this is a great crash course in OOP for C++ (though the ideas can be applied to any language). Previous experience with C++ is almost a necessity, the lessons can be complicated for novices.

2020년 3월 22일

I enjoyed this course so much! Explanations were very clear and now i feel like i can navigate c++ code much easier! It has made me eager to keep exploring this awesome language and data structures!

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Object-Oriented Data Structures in C++의 450개 리뷰 중 101~125

교육 기관: Pramod J

2020년 9월 20일

This course provided one of the best primers on C++ I've ever experienced. I learned more about pointers, references, and memory management from this course than from any previous course or book. Thank you!

교육 기관: Chris S

2019년 9월 9일

The instructor is clearly passionate about the subject and is able to explain key concepts in a clear and concise manner. I would highly recommend this course for learning the basics of object-oriented C++.

교육 기관: Nguyen N T A

2020년 1월 26일

Course materials are sufficiently detailed yet understandable, and provide a good introduction to OOP. Help provided in the discussion forums to familiarize students with C++ is also timely and responsive.

교육 기관: Jonathan M

2020년 3월 26일

Very detailed introduction to C++. Pace is quick but appropriate for someone with prior experience programming. Exercises and quizzes did a good job of reinforcing the concepts presented in the videos.

교육 기관: Molderez

2020년 7월 17일

Excellent : in my case, it is the right level to start again with C++. All C++ content is backed up by simple examples that are clearly explained and there is a continuity in their presentation.

교육 기관: Hong Z

2021년 1월 3일

The instructor did an excellent job on introducing the C++ programming language and OOP concept. The project was fun and inspirational. Hope there are more coding assignments like this!

교육 기관: Lorenzo B

2020년 12월 29일

Very useful introductory C++ course. I had prior programming knowledge in Python and C, and few months after the end of the course I managed to solve C++ coding tests during interviews.

교육 기관: Douglas L

2020년 2월 19일

This is one of the best crash courses in OOP you can possibly take. Note it does help move things along easier if you have some fundamental background in programming beforehand.

교육 기관: Matias A

2020년 3월 27일

Amazing course! I have been working on C++ for a couple of years and yet learned so much.

And prof. Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider is phenomenal, makes everything easy to understand.

교육 기관: Mahdi E

2019년 8월 29일

There are an infinite number of courses, books, videos, web pages, etc., but , professor Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider of C ++ and David Beazley of Python are best int the world.


교육 기관: Suhas S V

2020년 7월 16일

Top-notch! Great instructor and course structure. A must-take course for people who already have exposure to C and C++. Although, the final project is a bit too complicated.

교육 기관: ghee l o

2020년 12월 9일

I can understand instructor step by step explanation. I hope he takes his time to craft more advanced C++ topics and I would pay a subscription for it once I find money.

교육 기관: Shehan K

2020년 10월 31일

The course provides a simplified yet concise insight into the mechanics of a computer program, especially the memory aspects. The assignments were equally challenging.

교육 기관: Shweta S

2020년 5월 28일

It was very helpful, Especially week 4 where we were taught Towers of Hanoi problem. Very well organized and Calculatively Executed! Would surely recommend This Course

교육 기관: Harshvardhan M P

2020년 8월 14일

Courses is nice but they lock my course and i have reset my deadline but nothing happens now I'm trying to restet my deadline something even wrong problem is coming

교육 기관: Manish S

2020년 4월 8일

It was fun and super easy to follow and complete the assignments and earn this certificate. Well designed course even for a person just getting started. Thank you.

교육 기관: Joshua D

2020년 4월 30일

A very clear and concise introduction to classes and memory allocation in C++. Prerequisite knowledge about programming concepts and syntax in C++ is useful here.

교육 기관: Steven M

2020년 12월 10일

Good introduction to the fundamentals of C++ and very basic data structures. Definitely a beginner's course, does not cover any particularly complicated material

교육 기관: Avshesh K

2020년 5월 16일

Very good course to learn basics of object oriented programming and to brush up the knowledge of data structure and concept related to memory allocation in C++.

교육 기관: Arun I

2020년 6월 22일

Loved the course. The pace of the course was ideal and exercises/problems were good allowing application of the concepts. Prof. Wade is a very good instructor.

교육 기관: Wenyi L

2020년 12월 17일

The course's speed is really fast. Condense the basics of C++ in 4 weeks. A great course for beginners to learn C++ and for others to refresh their memories!

교육 기관: Shantanu M

2019년 11월 9일

The questions itself will make up for the amount of effort you have to put in this course, the instructor is superb and you will have lots of fun doing this

교육 기관: Raghav T

2020년 5월 15일

Does require a basic working knowledge in C++, but the course does all that it is supposed to. If you're on the fence about joining it, I'd say you join it!

교육 기관: Adam G

2020년 5월 16일

Great course covering a lot of ground and tricky topics (I have 5+ years of Java and JavaScript experience and found this pretty helpful). Would recommend!

교육 기관: Christian

2020년 4월 8일

Good challenge, learned a lot. I come from a Python background and found this course really enlightening. I am going to continue with the next two courses.