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IBM의 Cybersecurity Compliance Framework & System Administration 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course gives you the background needed to understand the key cybersecurity compliance and industry standards. This knowledge will be important for you to learn no matter what cybersecurity role you would like to acquire or have within an organization. You will learn the basic commands for user and server administration as it relates to security. You will need this skill to be able to understand vulnerabilities within your organizations operating systems. You will learn the concepts of endpoint security and patch management. Both of these topics are important to keep systems current to avoid cybersecurity incidents against an organization. Finally you will learn in depth skills around cryptography and encryption to understand how these concepts affect software within a company. This course is intended for anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of Security Frameworks, Compliance, endpoint management, encryption or cryptography or as the third course in a series of courses to gain the skill as a Jr Cybersecurity analyst....

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Apr 25, 2020

Very solid course. Quick overview about almost everything you need to know at the beginning. A lot of useful links with additional material to study. Thanks a lot for sharing the knowledge, indeed!


Jul 05, 2020

I would recommend since this is a very useful lesson to those who wants to works in as a NOC or SOC. It is essential to get to knows all of the fundamentals and their behaviours.

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Cybersecurity Compliance Framework & System Administration의 98개 리뷰 중 51~75

교육 기관: Kouassi K J M

Apr 26, 2020

Meilleur cours

교육 기관: Nazmul A J

Jun 14, 2020


교육 기관: Edinson G S

Jul 08, 2020

Muy completo

교육 기관: KRISHNA S

May 30, 2020

good course

교육 기관: Dr. D S

Apr 24, 2020

Nice course

교육 기관: Gheorghe C

May 13, 2020


교육 기관: Yussuf O R

May 10, 2020


교육 기관: Gencay S

Jun 07, 2020


교육 기관: Sharmin A M

Jun 24, 2020



Jun 19, 2020


교육 기관: MD. A A M

Jun 12, 2020


교육 기관: Gurpreet S B

May 08, 2020


교육 기관: Abhishek s

Jun 27, 2020

Course is great only Presentation is not good. This courses uses slides with audio which is not intaractive. also you should add some virtual labs to the course like the courses offered by google.

교육 기관: SHEILA S

Jun 09, 2020

A good course for those who are starting their career in cybersecurity and to fill-in the gaps for those who are already in cybersecurity.

교육 기관: Floran L

May 21, 2020

Some screenshots have very poor quality so it's hard to read them. Rest of the course is very good

교육 기관: Jerry N F

Apr 08, 2020

Labs would be great to gain some hands-on experience. Great course overall. Thank you!

교육 기관: Ali K

Nov 09, 2019

Improve video and audio quality. Can be hard to understand and see visuals in videos

교육 기관: Sudhanshu

Apr 24, 2020

lots of spelling mistake in quiz and not upto mark as per IBM standard

교육 기관: aderito c

Feb 25, 2020

Interesting, I wish there is more hands on, practice on these courses.

교육 기관: David F T M

Feb 28, 2020

Always could be better with practical exercises

교육 기관: Nicolas B G

Jun 19, 2020

Improve some quality in sound and images

교육 기관: Supratim C

May 15, 2020

Good course. Covered all the basics

교육 기관: Vítězslav K

May 07, 2020

Sound quality could be better

교육 기관: MITESH A

Jun 20, 2020

no hands on experience