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Cybersecurity Gateway II Gateway II Course Description Gateway II provides the student with a full understanding of the fundamental tenants of networking and covers the general concepts involved in maintaining a secure network computing environment. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to fully examine, describe general networking fundamentals and implement basic networking configuration techniques. Gateway II Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: • Examine cybersecurity landscape environments, attack threat vectors, exposure, vulnerabilities, and risk factors. • Accurately explain common use of cloud, virtualization, storage, backup, and recovery procedures. • Apply the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, design, implement, troubleshoot, and maintain network infrastructure environments....

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교육 기관: Bianca K

Feb 26, 2019

(Repeat Review) My main gripe about courses 2 to 5 in this specialization is the amount of reading materials, the material could be organised better. It would flow better if the NDG lab exercises were all just groups together at the end, instead of spreading them out week to week. The readings do not have that much correlation to the readings that you do. Otherwise the information and exercises were interesting enough.

교육 기관: Jafed E

Jul 06, 2019

I enjoy the lectures. The professor has a good speaking and teaching style which keeps me interested. Lots of concrete math examples which make it easier to understand. Very good slides which are well formulated and easy to understand

교육 기관: Ronnie L P S

May 16, 2019

Highly recommended course

교육 기관: William S

Feb 10, 2019

The only problem is there are no peers out there willing to grade my assignment.

교육 기관: Francis P A B

Jan 26, 2019

I learned everything I needed to be a Security Analyst

교육 기관: Ibrahim B

Jan 01, 2019

exciting course

교육 기관: Muhammad i

Dec 12, 2018

Very well.amazing