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This course is the seventh course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. In this course, you’ll learn about the programming language known as R. You’ll find out how to use RStudio, the environment that allows you to work with R. This course will also cover the software applications and tools that are unique to R, such as R packages. You’ll discover how R lets you clean, organize, analyze, visualize, and report data in new and more powerful ways. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Examine the benefits of using the R programming language. - Discover how to use RStudio to apply R to your analysis. - Explore the fundamental concepts associated with programming in R. - Explore the contents and components of R packages including the Tidyverse package. - Gain an understanding of dataframes and their use in R. - Discover the options for generating visualizations in R. - Learn about R Markdown for documenting R programming....

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2022년 2월 28일

Excellent course with lucid explaination. The way instructor covers the course makes you fall in love with R. All the topics are covered beautifully. Thank coursera and Google for this awesome course.


2022년 2월 13일

Carrie's enthusiam for R was contagious. She provides clear and easy to understand explanations, and she is pleasant to listen to. It was easy to follow up. I am myself an R enthusiast now. Thank you!

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Data Analysis with R Programming의 950개 리뷰 중 801~825

교육 기관: Mary H

2022년 6월 20일


교육 기관: Harshal S

2022년 6월 15일


교육 기관: Baltazar A I

2022년 4월 26일

교육 기관: babita n

2022년 1월 12일


교육 기관: Muhamad M R

2022년 1월 1일


교육 기관: DHRUV D

2021년 9월 5일

교육 기관: Sumon S

2021년 5월 28일

교육 기관: Barb C

2021년 10월 18일

Need more focus on data cleaning, and more hands-on training for better understanding. This course is great but would be better if it included more environments where you need to find and finish the code. Doing this would allow the user to research and apply their fundamental understanding to the code chunk and help with the implementation of the code chunk. Learn and understand the code chunk based on their perspective and learning style. In addition, providing an environment to start and finish a project based on the knowledge acquired after the course challenge; will encourage the student to create, implement, and produce a project based on the information learned. In retrospect of a mini capstone.

교육 기관: Rochelle

2021년 6월 3일

this was a challenging course! I really appreciated that the instructor spoke in a clear deliberate manner. The encouragement was also helpful. I felt like I could keep pushing on when I saw that others (even experienced R users) get error messages as well.

downside: I ran out out project hours in Rstudio halfway through week 4 and had to sign up using another email. That meant that all the work I had saved on the original account I could not access so that made it tricky when the instructor would tell us to open a file that we previously saved, but I couldn't get to it!

교육 기관: Mihai L

2021년 12월 14일

This course is very good for a beginner like me, however there are still missing a lot. Also this is a nice source of information for future more advanced study. The one problem which is annoying is that at each practice video they remind you to download pack and install pack. You do not need to do that every time. A remind to just load pack should be more than enough and the rest of time present more active practice. So I think there is too much repetitive information instead of giving you new information. But at all it is a good course.

교육 기관: Shedrach A

2021년 8월 21일

Although, I was familiar with R following several courses I have taken prior. However, the R Programming course from Google bettered my understanding about R as it begun with the basics which are the foundation to build my skills in R. Now I know why I write certain codes and functions within a syntax. Also, I now see that I could apply R Markdown to my everyday stuff such as making presentations, building reporting templates, building CVs and creating dashboards. This is an awesome experience for me!!!

교육 기관: Sherrell S

2022년 3월 28일

I was very skeptical of this program when I started. I am so happy I did this. I have learned a new skillset. I learned a lot more then I thought I would and I hope to move on and be one of the sucesful people who completed this course.

It was a bit rough with the last part. The sublamental reading was a bit confusing, but I think this is a great program to get your feet wet in the feild of data anylatics.

교육 기관: John N M

2021년 12월 28일

W​hile the majority of the course covered a lot of information I did come away with feeling as though not all topics were covered with as much depth as possible. Virtual learning can be difficult to craft but depth of topic needs to be insured when this approach is the only option. Perhaps more proof of work is a solution that should be added to this course. I did feel it was lacking in that regard.

교육 기관: Harsh K

2022년 7월 13일

It was a good introductory course. I think, to truly benefit, one needs to have some level of education in statistics. Its easy to create scatterplots and trendlines with ggplot, but how can knowing that without knowing what linear regression is or what loess smoothing is, really helpful. This isn't a stats course, but I think more reading material should have been provided.

교육 기관: sanji l

2022년 1월 30일

This course, similar to the other courses I have done as part of the Data Analytics Certificate series provides an overview of R programming, data analytics process and visualization. I come away with insights I did not have before around all of the above, and especially using R programming. It is a lot to take in, which I hope to consolidate as time and opportunity allow.

교육 기관: Anna M

2021년 7월 8일

As programming can be complex, I wished we had more hands-on activities focused on importing and filtering data. These two were covered the least yet without them, it is hard to proceed to the next step. Mistakes can be easily made, barring you from proceeding to the next step. More opportunities to practice would be greatly appreciated to help us commit steps to memory.

교육 기관: Khalid G E

2022년 8월 15일

Dispite that I have background in R, but this course provide information in easy steps, straighth forwards, to the point with sufficient required info for R without loading too much uncessary knowledge for biggeners. I believe thr R Markdown to be revisited to be enhanced and to renove duplcaite materials. In general, it is a wounderful course.

교육 기관: Sandra D P P

2022년 2월 20일

Unfortunatelly I can't give five stars because the course it is not updated. In the community messages there are a lot of " yes we have to updated" but months passed and still not updated. This is not serious, we are making an effort (personal and economic) to deal with it. It's a pity. The rest very good and the trainer very good too.

교육 기관: James Y

2021년 12월 17일

Especially given that many of the earlier units utilized R Markdown files, I feel like the lessons on R Markdown should have been earlier in the course, and not saved until last. Otherwise, I feel like this course did an excellent job of providing a foundation in R Programming, and the resources provided were fantastic.

교육 기관: VYSAKH R N

2021년 6월 27일

This course Data Analysis with R Programming was excellent and gave an overall idea for a beginner and the classes and tutorials were awesome. It would be better if some projects are also covered in the course work that focuses on cleaning of null values and manipulation of outliers.

교육 기관: Samantha E

2021년 11월 30일

Tough class, and you learn a lot. The way the class was organized required a good amount of study and practice and this worked well. I feel like I can work with R and find what I need to continue to grow my skills. This was a tough course and felt great to complete it!

교육 기관: warren w

2022년 2월 26일

I think this course covers a lot of ground and the tools that are in high demand in data analytics. However, I feel I only have a surface-level understanding of the tools. I think I'll feel a bit more confident as a candidate after I complete the capstone project.

교육 기관: Faith O

2022년 8월 9일

​I really loved this course and the tutor. Before i started off i didnt know what writing code looks like. Now i see myself writing codes on R. The course is very resourceful and contains every detail you need to start exploring R all by yourself.

교육 기관: Gabrielle E M

2022년 5월 19일

C​ourse had a lot of information and good links to outside sources for more readings, but it was difficult due to having issues with the website's embeded R, had to go to RStudio to figure out how to solve many questions.

교육 기관: Muhammad S A A P

2021년 5월 25일

Great course. But one note though, it is so annoying that the presenter wrote a code carelessly without adhering to the style guide of writing a code. It is hard to understand the code if you write it like a punk rebel.