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메릴랜드 대학교 칼리지파크 캠퍼스의 Framework for Data Collection and Analysis 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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Este curso te proporcionará una visión general de los productos de datos existentes y una buena comprensión del panorama de recopilación de datos. Con la ayuda de varios ejemplos, aprenderás cómo identificar qué fuentes de datos probablemente coincidan con tu pregunta de investigación, cómo convertir tu pregunta de investigación en piezas medibles y cómo pensar en un plan de análisis. Además, este curso te proporcionará un marco general que no solo te permitirá comprender cada paso requerido para una recopilación y un análisis de datos exitosos, sino que también te ayudará a identificar los errores asociados con diferentes fuentes de datos. Aprenderás algunas métricas para cuantificar cada error potencial y, por lo tanto, tendrás herramientas disponibles para describir la calidad de una fuente de datos. Finalmente, presentaremos diferentes esfuerzos de recopilación de datos a gran escala realizados por agencias gubernamentales y del sector privado, y revisaremos los conceptos aprendidos a través de estos ejemplos. Este curso es adecuado tanto para principiantes como para aquellos que conocen una fuente de datos en particular, pero no otras, y buscan un marco general para evaluar productos de datos....

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2018년 3월 6일

Very clear and organised structure\n\nClear examples to support learning objectives\n\nAttractive use of voice\n\nOne point for improvement: Do not film while the lecturer is still refinding breath


2020년 10월 30일

Useful to build basic knowledge which helps you choosing a better mode and linking the objectives of research with the tools (how).\n\nThanks to the instructor and Coursera.

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Framework for Data Collection and Analysis의 146개 리뷰 중 126~146

교육 기관: Madhusudanan S

2016년 5월 10일

Gives a basic overview of data collection processes.

교육 기관: Solomon L

2019년 4월 18일

The instructor is not audible enough.

교육 기관: Saifur R

2020년 6월 9일

I did not find it very interesting

교육 기관: Debaswini D

2022년 2월 3일

Quizzes are poorly set.

교육 기관: Monica N A

2020년 12월 22일

the materials in this course in week 1, 2, and 3 were useful, however, week 4 was not interesting for me and the examples of the surveys shouldn't be tested in the Quiz (Why do we need to memorize every survey's characteristics?)

Also, the instructor was very slow, that i had to speed up the video to 1.50 - her tone of voice and presentation skills are very poor.

교육 기관: Matt H

2020년 6월 29일

The journal articles are boring and difficult to follow due to the scant instruction and background given in the lectures. I would certainly prefer more grounding in the basics via text book chapters or more detailed lecture instruction. The journal articles are only meaningful once a stronger foundation of basics has been established.

교육 기관: Md. N H

2019년 9월 1일

The instructions were so slow and the delivery was nothing like continuous. It was difficult to keep track of the lecture and keep listening. I had a hard time listening through the lectures and complete it.

교육 기관: Roger

2020년 7월 1일

The curriculum focus to much on survey and provides to little information of existing sources e.g. OECD, World Bank, etc. Additionally, it felt like a 4 week promotion for the indepth courses.

교육 기관: Laxdip P

2016년 10월 28일

The course content was good but teaching method was too poor to understand. First time little disappointment by

교육 기관: Pieter v d H

2020년 2월 20일

Content OK, didactics poor.

교육 기관: sana k

2018년 1월 19일

Couldn't stay interested

교육 기관: Hong I C

2018년 10월 9일

Although I'm willing to sit through the entire specialization (the rest of the courses are taught by different professors), I am confident to argue that the first course was terrible.

The sloppiness of the presentation and course structure ruined most of the modules covered in the course, except for the first one. The rest needs some retouching and reconfiguring. Overall, the course was like listening to mumbo-jumbo and listing of a bunch of loosely-related materials.

The instructor needs to be the cohesive force that unites the scattered information. Otherwise, none of the contents stick in the learner's memory.

Besides, the tests were horrible. Didn't really test on any useful information. It was a test for the sake of testing.

교육 기관: Morgan S

2017년 3월 3일

This course is extremely hard to follow, not because of the content but because of the delivery. Presentation, "visuals", word choice, speed, all very poor. I'm in week 3 and EVERY video has been just as difficult to follow.

Quizzes are hard to understand and ask you about things that weren't of any actual value to the course, and/or weren't even covered. Also, because multiple answers are required for each question, you are basically answering a 4 part question that is only worth 1 point. Get one part wrong and you miss the whole 1 point.

교육 기관: Nehleen A

2017년 12월 8일

Extremely boring. I initially wanted to go for the 7 course certification but now I don't think that I will even finish this class, let alone go for the certification. A bad move for UMD and UMICH to make this class to be the first one to be taken for the certification. Most people will not consider this is worth their time especially when there are so many more interesting and freeclasses are available through Coursera, EDX and Udacity,

교육 기관: Jessica R B

2020년 3월 18일

The emphasis on all the specifics of these surveys is not useful. People are taking this course with various goals in mind, knowing the specifics of random surveys is not one of them.

교육 기관: Divya K

2016년 8월 28일

AWFUL monotonous way of talking. I have such a great interest in this topic, but listening to her makes me want to rip my eyeballs out.

교육 기관: Samuel F

2020년 7월 12일

This class provided very little useful information. The lectures were not clear.

교육 기관: Afroz k

2022년 5월 17일

Not recommended for the beginners

교육 기관: Erika E

2020년 12월 13일

not not at all

교육 기관: Raja R G K

2020년 9월 19일

not good

교육 기관: Nazeer A

2020년 7월 29일

Very Bad