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In this course, we'll look at the object oriented patterns available in PHP. You'll learn how to connect to a MySQL using the Portable Data Objects (PDO) library and issue SQL commands in the the PHP language. We'll also look at how PHP uses cookies and manages session data. You'll learn how PHP avoids double posting data, how flash messages are implemented, and how to use a session to log in users in web applications. We'll then build the first 'complete' application that has multiple screens to Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) our data. This brings all the previous concepts together and will form the basis for all later web applications. It is assumed that learners have already taken the Building Web Applications course in this specialization....

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2018년 6월 29일

Awesome course, I think anyone who wants to do web app stuff should try this. Although it would a little difficult to go through the autograder, but believe me, It's worth it. Dedication is the key.


2020년 11월 27일

The course was very instructive, all the details were explained two or three times in a single video and the course instructor was very charismatic and fun to listen to! Thanks for the course!

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Building Database Applications in PHP의 218개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Simon H

2019년 8월 23일

Very happy that I took this course. Provides a good structural base to start building applications. Principles are described and explained in plain language . Fun assignments and nice way of building applications on previous assignments.

교육 기관: chinmai a

2021년 5월 28일

B​est Course ever. The previous course called "Building Web Applications in PHP" motivated to take up this course and this course is on a completely different level. Now I have confidence that I can build database applications in PHP.

교육 기관: Peter Z

2020년 7월 20일

Dr.Chuck is my favorite teacher and the lessons are easy to learn. The whole course nicely used all the tools I learned before and now I was able to use it and use my knowledge to successfully complete the course. I recommend it.

교육 기관: Michael S

2020년 11월 29일

This course has put many parts together making it the best part in the specialization.

Dr Chuck did a great job making it easy to understand and apply every part.

Every piece of information included was very helpful and practical.

교육 기관: Yap K Y

2020년 7월 26일

It state this course for beginners , but actually it for beginners to become expert in the future. I love how the professor teaching me. Very good. and the assignment prepare by them are very mind blowing. thanks alot!!

교육 기관: Alice L

2018년 5월 3일

I learned so much about good structure and security in this course! Dr. Chuck is a fantastic instructor, very personable and I've always enjoyed his lectures. I highly recommend Web Applications for Everyone.

교육 기관: Javier M

2018년 11월 11일

It is a very good course, but at times a bit difficult, since it includes all types of languages such as HTTP, CSS, PHP and SQL. Thank for the TA's invaluable help to get over the most difficult hurdles.

교육 기관: Cristian F M

2021년 6월 21일

Un curso muy completo, una dificultad más elevada, requirió de bastante retroalimentación de los cursos previos. Estoy muy satisfecho por todo lo que aprendí y sobretodo por lo que voy a llevar a cabo.

교육 기관: Avnish

2018년 6월 30일

Awesome course, I think anyone who wants to do web app stuff should try this. Although it would a little difficult to go through the autograder, but believe me, It's worth it. Dedication is the key.

교육 기관: Debasmita M

2021년 12월 7일

All we need is an introductory course. And this specialization is just perfect. I absolutely enjoyed this course. And our instructor Dr. Chuck is awesome. Thanks for this amazing course.

교육 기관: Shihab S

2020년 10월 5일

Help a lot to learn the SESSION, COOKIE, GET, POST. Finally I had earn all the error code meaning. The 302 return code was new to me and I enjoyed the course very much.

교육 기관: Sarvjeet S

2020년 7월 1일

I'm so Delightful for taking this course, another great course from Dr Chuck. Not to forget the graduation ceremony was lit again. Highly recommend it. Good luck :)

교육 기관: Hiroki U

2020년 9월 1일

Excellent course for understanding how Web application works.

Explanations were so clear, and it helped me understand about the topics like session,cookie, ...etc .

교육 기관: Asad J

2018년 8월 28일

One of the best PHP contents I have ever seen. I practiced and learnt a lot. This course gives nudges in the rightful directions. Still have a long way to go.

교육 기관: Fabio B S D R M

2018년 7월 4일

Very Good Course, Got completely stuck in week 4 for the first time in a long period of courses in coursera and had to work hard to complete the assignment.

교육 기관: Achraf A

2018년 1월 11일

Excellent course! I recommend it to anyone who want's to learn PHP.

Thank you very much, Charles Severance & the University of Michigan for this course!

교육 기관: Tautvydas K

2020년 10월 26일

It's so nice to keep learning PHP while the teacher is soooo great! All material is explained in a clear way and really convenient to understand it

교육 기관: Carl B

2018년 5월 14일

Well structured course. Really liked the idea of working on one big project but learning new things to improve it. Really good tutorial videos.

교육 기관: Juan M

2020년 6월 24일

Awesome, I love how Dr. Severance explains and I think this boosted my knowledge and feel more confident of creating better web applications.

교육 기관: Tom B

2021년 4월 1일

Dr. Chuck rocks! An excellent introduction and that ramps up and provides an opportunity to learn critical skills for business programming.

교육 기관: Abhishek S

2020년 7월 12일

Can't appreciate Dr.chuck enough for raising my interest in this field even though i am from a completely different branch in Engineering.

교육 기관: Daisy D

2018년 3월 19일

A very important course for backend web development. Thanks to the professor and teaching staff for making this course so much fun . :)

교육 기관: Rainer S

2021년 9월 13일

T​his course explains the neccessary foundation and forces the student to work out the details. So we the learn effect is very high.

교육 기관: jonathan j

2020년 11월 17일

Thank you Dr. Chuck its a very concise lectures on database applications in PHP.That's a really fun graduation.Thank you very much

교육 기관: Fahim R

2020년 5월 8일

This course become very helpful to me. Now I've clear concept about PHP sessions and about CRUD application. Highly recommended.