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In this course, we'll look at the object oriented patterns available in PHP. You'll learn how to connect to a MySQL using the Portable Data Objects (PDO) library and issue SQL commands in the the PHP language. We'll also look at how PHP uses cookies and manages session data. You'll learn how PHP avoids double posting data, how flash messages are implemented, and how to use a session to log in users in web applications. We'll then build the first 'complete' application that has multiple screens to Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) our data. This brings all the previous concepts together and will form the basis for all later web applications. It is assumed that learners have already taken the Building Web Applications course in this specialization....

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2018년 6월 29일

Awesome course, I think anyone who wants to do web app stuff should try this. Although it would a little difficult to go through the autograder, but believe me, It's worth it. Dedication is the key.


2020년 11월 27일

The course was very instructive, all the details were explained two or three times in a single video and the course instructor was very charismatic and fun to listen to! Thanks for the course!

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Building Database Applications in PHP의 217개 리뷰 중 51~75

교육 기관: Matthijs O

2020년 12월 6일

Compared to the preceding courses in the specialization this one costed me much more effort. Very interesting material however.

교육 기관: Corey W

2020년 1월 7일

This course really helped me fill in all the gaps that being a self taught developer left. Can't wait to continue with others.

교육 기관: Shubham N

2019년 9월 3일

Best Course For Database using PHP and you will learn a lot using assignments. Thank You sir, For this informative Course.

교육 기관: Juan M R

2018년 7월 4일

This course will show you how to work on database in php from a basic way of thinking.And basic means the real god base.

교육 기관: James K

2020년 9월 7일

Learned a lot, very practical course covering the basics of PHP, lots more to learn but this is a great place to start.

교육 기관: Anit A

2018년 7월 6일

This course is very nice as it helps to understand the basic of building the functional logic of any web application!!

교육 기관: david r

2019년 7월 29일

i think if we tought of how create a class object would make this course best.

but overal fantastic and well presented

교육 기관: Krzysztof W

2018년 11월 16일

More challenging than the previous two but really rewarding. Now I can design and maintain basic CRUD applications.

교육 기관: Ravi S R C

2020년 7월 3일

This is an excellent course. Experienced lectures, far good and easy to understand.

Once again , Dr.Chuck ROCKS!!!!

교육 기관: Rafael C

2020년 9월 5일

Probably the best one from the specialization, Dr. Chuck really know when and how to bring everything together.

교육 기관: Jeroen N

2019년 7월 14일

Another highly educational class by the University of Michigan, presented by the entertaing Charles Severance!

교육 기관: Manuel C

2019년 4월 7일

It was a really fun course to learn and it was exactly what I was looking for! Would recommend it to a friend!

교육 기관: Juan D V P

2020년 12월 27일

Curso muy completo sobre construción de aplicaciones web con PHP, se tocan temas con MVC, CRUD, GETs y POSTs

교육 기관: Wouter S

2020년 6월 25일

Really insightful and I enjoyed the excersices. The autograder takes some work, but made it work in the end.

교육 기관: Zakria H

2019년 9월 13일

i thing it is a very useful course to learn binding PHP with database and make the important validation and

교육 기관: GoLyrical

2018년 7월 5일

This makes my evrything super easy.Thank you to Dr.Chuck for very good explaiantion.I am glad to having you

교육 기관: RAKSHIT G L

2018년 3월 19일

This course was AMAZING! It literally got me interested in web development and PHP! Thank you Dr. Chuck! :)

교육 기관: Kevin S

2021년 11월 23일

This class has really helped me in my understanding of PHP and MySql. Dr. Chuck is an amazing instructor.

교육 기관: Daniel A O C

2019년 1월 29일

Very happy. This course teaches you exactly what it says, and the complex concepts are easily explained.

교육 기관: henry h

2018년 2월 11일

I really enjoyed this class. I not only learned more PHP, but I learned about databases and mySQL.

교육 기관: Elias Z D

2020년 10월 8일

Really Wonderfull and usefull course, I learned a lot on using PHP and join it with SQL database.

교육 기관: Muhammad W U Z

2018년 11월 8일

Excellent Course.

Complete PHP information / guidelines were provided including security measures.

교육 기관: Brandon A

2018년 8월 29일

Very thorough an worth the time to invest in. The last assignment for CRUD brings it together.

교육 기관: Alexis R

2020년 9월 12일

Extremely well done and comprehensive course on how to make websites interact with databases.

교육 기관: Tahsin M

2020년 8월 24일

After completing 3 long courses finally I feel that I know a lot of stuffs about PHP and web.