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DeFi and the Future of Finance is a set of four courses that focus on decentralized finance. The second course is called DeFi Primitives. It is recommended that you take the first course, DeFi Infrastructure, before this course. In this course, we talk about transaction mechanics and introduce both fungible and non-fungible tokens – or NFTs. The course explores the important issue of custody (holding private keys). The course then explores supply adjustment which includes the minting and burning of tokens. The mechanics of bonding curves are introduced. The course then explores the role of direct as well as indirect incentives in the DeFi system. We then analyze swaps or decentralized exchange. We begin by contrasting DEX with centralized exchange (e.g., Coinbase or Binance). The course details the mechanics of Automated Market Makers and provides a number of detailed examples. There is a discussion of impermanent loss as well as (legal) front-running. We end the course by exploring both collateralized and flash loans....

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2022년 5월 26일

Great content and explanation by Prof. Harvey! Love how he explain the terms using simple and understandable analogies that is applicable.


2021년 12월 29일

Course is very insightful. It broadens the scope of understanding the mechanisms involved from minute to complex transactions.

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Primitives의 43개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: tousina m

2021년 12월 30일

Course is very insightful. It broadens the scope of understanding the mechanisms involved from minute to complex transactions.

교육 기관: Earl J L

2021년 11월 21일

Well taught!! I Suggest this to people who wants to start and know more about DeFi nd Crypto.

교육 기관: Mike M

2021년 12월 23일

Excellent course! Highly recommended. I took this course as part of the four course specialization. Professor Harvey does an excellent job explaining many nuances to DeFi.

He uses a combination of powerpoint, visuals, analogies and case studies to make the content understandable. The professor teaches with clarity, and passion yet treats the subject fairly offering alternative points of view about the opportunities and risks of DeFi as compared to the current financial system.

I have been introduced to the cryptocurrency and DeFi space a little over 6 months ago. Since that time, I have "fallen down the rabbit hole" so to speak and cannot learn enough about it. These courses provide a strong foundation to explore further for personal investing, and or a career in the space.

Unlike the other courses I took on Coursera related to blockchain and cryptocurriencies (which were also pretty good), these courses felt much more up to date than the others. Being up to date in this space is essential because one year is like 10 years of another field in terms of innovation and how fast the landscape changes.

Specific to this course, it was helpful to learn the history and context of where the DeFi space had its origins and to understand where it is headed. I would recommend this course for those looking to get a better understanding of the key innovations that really caused DeFi to explode in 2020 and beyond.

교육 기관: Sahir H

2022년 1월 11일

The course has good mix of technical and finance content which is actually what I was looking out for. The instructor has explained the concepts really well with appropriate examples. This made easier to grasp some of the tricky concepts in DeFi. Overall it was interesting and enjoyable course, kept me hooked throughout.

교육 기관: Stephen M

2021년 11월 25일

This is an in-depth course on the mechanics of DeFi and its underlying protocols. This is a fantastic course that helps one understand the changing dynamics of the financial system architecture. I highly recommend the course and this entire specialization to the changemakers of tomorrow.

교육 기관: Murray S

2021년 12월 19일

Fantastic course. Professor Cam Harvey DeFi series on Coursera is essential learning for anyone wishing to know more about DeFi. Great range of topics and very useful examples. Best learning I have seen in this space.

교육 기관: Keith M

2021년 11월 29일

Amazing Class! I have learned so much and still have a lot more to learn but I am convinced we are looking at the next revolution. in 30 years people will be talking about this time like the internet in the 90s.

교육 기관: Mr K D K

2021년 12월 20일

Cam is fantastic communicator, he is a master of explaining conceptual elements, but he has a breadth of technical and financial acumen that means he will go deeper into topics and apply them to the real world.

교육 기관: ARVIND K S

2022년 1월 31일

DeFi Primitives gives an excellent idea of the exciting new world we are heading to in decentralized finance. Also highlights the need to contain energy costs and carbon emissions as we go along.

교육 기관: Sai A

2022년 6월 8일

I highly recommend this course for beginners, who are starting their career in blockchain, web3.0, or Defi or entrepreneurs, consultants, and managers. This course opens up the doors to endless possibilities of solutions in the emerging world that Defi is going to solve. Prof. Cambell has explained all the important concepts in the most effective and intriguing way.

교육 기관: Manuel E

2022년 3월 17일

me parecio bastante interesante y facil de asimilar como funcionan los DeX, Smart contracts, y las flash loan. tambien estuvo bastante comprensible la forma en que se explica como se ejecutan los algoritmos para crear el Hash tanto en Bitcoin como en ethereum

교육 기관: Yusuf J

2022년 3월 15일

This was one of the best and most relevant courses I have taken so far. In-depth enough to esatblish a strong foundfation of essential knowledge and accessible enough to facilitate a working grasp of the basics and some advanced topics.

교육 기관: Teo L F

2022년 5월 27일

Great content and explanation by Prof. Harvey! Love how he explain the terms using simple and understandable analogies that is applicable.

교육 기관: Yasaman D

2022년 4월 8일

Amazing! Lots of very useful information. Every second of this course provided interesting and education content.

교육 기관: Michael W

2021년 11월 15일

Excellent course in preparation for the Flare Finance platform to be released soon.

교육 기관: Hanz L

2021년 12월 21일

really good explanations now I'm ready to get involved with the third one.

교육 기관: Fatemeh N

2021년 11월 24일

It was very useful for me who did not have basic information in this area

교육 기관: Hao H N

2022년 1월 18일

It's a great course for beginner to the DeFi era! Thank you professor!

교육 기관: Tim H

2022년 6월 25일

This is an excellent course on DeFi and it's inter workings!

교육 기관: Anna O

2022년 6월 7일

Lots of useful information simply explained and structured.

교육 기관: Lon A

2021년 10월 28일

Professor Harvey does a great job explaining the topic.

교육 기관: Daniel G M

2022년 5월 23일

Ótimo curso introdutório às finanças descentralizadas.

교육 기관: Alejandro R

2022년 1월 25일

F​anstastic introductory course - right level of depth

교육 기관: Max Z

2022년 6월 29일

Best foundational block chain course so far!

교육 기관: randy c

2022년 1월 31일

explained in a very easy to learn fashion