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This course will teach you the "magic" of getting deep learning to work well. Rather than the deep learning process being a black box, you will understand what drives performance, and be able to more systematically get good results. You will also learn TensorFlow. After 3 weeks, you will: - Understand industry best-practices for building deep learning applications. - Be able to effectively use the common neural network "tricks", including initialization, L2 and dropout regularization, Batch normalization, gradient checking, - Be able to implement and apply a variety of optimization algorithms, such as mini-batch gradient descent, Momentum, RMSprop and Adam, and check for their convergence. - Understand new best-practices for the deep learning era of how to set up train/dev/test sets and analyze bias/variance - Be able to implement a neural network in TensorFlow. This is the second course of the Deep Learning Specialization....

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Dec 24, 2017

Exceptional Course, the Hyper parameters explanations are excellent every tip and advice provided help me so much to build better models, I also really liked the introduction of Tensor Flow\n\nThanks.


Apr 06, 2018

Fantastic course! For the first time, I now have a better intuition for optimizing and tuning hyperparameters used for deep neural networks.I got motivated to learn more after completing this course.

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Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization의 4,179개 리뷰 중 226~250

교육 기관: 唐章源

Mar 27, 2019


교육 기관: HEF

Mar 27, 2019

This course taught me a lot of things that I cannot usually find in a school curriculum, yet the content are extremely useful in helping me to accelerate my algorithms. This course is super important in handling deep learning projects, I think.

교육 기관: Abhinay P

Mar 27, 2019

This is one the best courses. The use of Hyperparameters and tuning is best explained.

교육 기관: KEMAL S

Mar 27, 2019

These courses gives a new aspect of life. I gained lots of valuable information.

교육 기관: Ravikant C

Mar 28, 2019

I really enjoyed doing this assignment. A perfect combination of hands-on and concept discussion.

교육 기관: Lucifer Z

Mar 28, 2019


교육 기관: RAJ S

Mar 28, 2019

I cant stop myself to watch the next course

교육 기관: Sergio L M

Mar 28, 2019


교육 기관: Celia C

Mar 27, 2019

Hope the tensorflow homework can be more clearly instructed. And hope there were more tensorflow part of homework

교육 기관: Pieter J V V V

Mar 28, 2019

Very clear explanations, well guided exercises.

교육 기관: Sherif M

Mar 29, 2019

Great as always especially the notebooks appear more mature now and are educational by themselves.

Great job by Andrew and team!

교육 기관: Gabriel

Mar 29, 2019

another fantastic entry

교육 기관: Matthew J B

Mar 29, 2019


교육 기관: Muhammad H B K

Mar 30, 2019

Was an amazing course. There are few mistakes in final exercise of week 3.

교육 기관: Federico A G C

Mar 30, 2019

Fantastic in every way!

교육 기관: ChenTianyi

Mar 31, 2019


교육 기관: Raksha Y

Mar 31, 2019


교육 기관: Lydia N

Mar 30, 2019

Learning can be so much fun!!! I like to read the book Deep Learning by Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio for additional support :-)

교육 기관: yasser s

Mar 30, 2019

Thank you! Very helpful!

교육 기관: zhou

Mar 31, 2019


교육 기관: Haoqiu W

Mar 31, 2019

nice teacher

교육 기관: Raza F

Mar 31, 2019

Best Course for learning hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization

교육 기관: Bassel G

Mar 31, 2019

Thank you Coursera I am thankful to you Andrew and all team members of this course.

교육 기관: Aishwarya R

Mar 19, 2019 courses are worth the time and effort

교육 기관: Sagar K

Mar 19, 2019

Liked the content of this course. I would have liked optional videos about the mathematics behind the optimization algorithms. Appreciate the focus on building the optimization algorithms from ground up before learning a framework.