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This course is designed and produced by Professor Ka Tat Tsang of the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work in collaboration with the Institute for Life Course and Aging at the University of Toronto. This course aims to inform learners about dementia and dementia care from an SSLD perspective, including, community care, in-home support, and long-term care. This course will cover the continuum of senior services and support across different settings, including, private caregiving, community services, and institutionalized residential care. Course components are designed to equip learners with practical knowledge regarding dementia and dementia care. This course also features top-notch researchers and practitioners who will be sharing their expertise and experience on recent research developments about dementia and other related topics, including, advance care planning, elder abuse, management of behavioural and psychological symptoms associated with dementia, sexuality and intimacy, consent and capacity, legal issues, principles of designed space and aging-in-place, substance use and addiction in older adults with dementia, senior care models, etc. Upon the completion of this course, learners will possess a holistic understanding of the needs and characteristics of older adults living with dementia, and will also be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance their competency in providing care....

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교육 기관: Laurie G

2021년 10월 14일

I took this course to improve my performance as a caregiver to a family member with Huntington's Disease. The content opened my eyes to a system of caregiving based on compassion and holistic service for both the recipient and the caregiver. I feel like my objectives were met and surpassed.

교육 기관: Armstrong A

2021년 10월 24일

Actually, i will definitely recommends this course to friends in long care setting. Bravo!!

교육 기관: Dan S

2021년 9월 16일

Became too much of a politicized Infomercial. A few great moments of value but perhaps too few to regard this as a high quality course. Sorry...just the way I feel.