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Differential Equations for Engineers, 홍콩과학기술대학

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About this Course

This is a course is about differential equations, and covers material that all engineers should know. We will learn how to solve first-order equations, and how to solve second-order equations with constant coefficients and also look at some fundamental engineering applications. We will learn about the Laplace transform and series solution methods. Finally, we will learn about systems of linear differential equations, including the very important normal modes problem, and how to solve a partial differential equation using separation of variables. This solution method requires first learning about Fourier series. After each video, there are problems to solve and I have tried to choose problems that exemplify the main idea of the lecture. I try to give enough problems for students to solidify their understanding of the material, but not so many that students feel overwhelmed. I do encourage students to attempt the given problems, but if they get stuck, full solutions can be found in the lecture notes for the course. Lecture notes may be downloaded at

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대학: YH

Apr 03, 2019

Thank you Prof. Chasnov. The lectures are really impressive and explain derivations throughly. I cannot enjoy more on a math course than this one.

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대학: 舒佩文

May 15, 2019

excellent! this is a very introduction to differential equations, and every point is divided properly so it is easy to follow and the instructor is very patient to illustrate all the material, by the way , the handout could be printed, extremely convenient.

대학: ilho kook

Apr 11, 2019

This is well organized course. Very helpful! Thanks.

대학: Daksh More

Apr 10, 2019



Apr 09, 2019

good course

대학: Samanyu Raju K

Apr 07, 2019

This a very helpful course. Very well designed. It is very helpful to have the instructor actively responding to queries. Learned a lot and in detail about the differential equations and its applications.

대학: udit suraj singh

Apr 07, 2019

this course helped me a lot.

대학: Devang Binyala

Apr 06, 2019



Apr 03, 2019

Was amazing learning something new in this course under our beloved professor.


Apr 03, 2019

so good ,it helped me develope my mathematical skills

대학: Medapati Sri Sai Madhava Reddy

Apr 03, 2019

the course was very helpful to my career of learning